Banana Bread Macaroons (Paleo, Egg Free)

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banana bread macaroons

Paleo Macaroons, without eggs!

Banana bread is one of my other favorite fall/winter flavors. When I was little, my mom made her homemade banana bread at least a few time every month. My sister and I always got the most important role in the preparation: mashing the bananas with a fork. When the bread was done, we could never wait for it to cool to a reasonable temperature before digging in.

Banana bread macaroons  (grain/dairy/nut/egg free)

I think this recipe will make almost everyone happy, since it is grain, dairy, nut, AND egg free. It packs well in a lunchbox if it is in a container with firm sides (not a plastic baggie).

This recipe is inspired by Jenni’s brilliant pumpkin macaroon recipe at The Urban Poser. Jenni deserves all the credit for creating the base for this egg-free macaroon, which have been adapted for numerous flavors. Jenni has a chocolate macaroon version at Against All Grain and a vanilla version (it contains almond flour). Heather at Mommypotamus has a lemon version (which also contains almond flour). There are so many options, you will never get bored!

Banana Bread Macaroons

Yield: Makes about 24 cookies.



  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Mix everything together.
  2. Form into tablespoon-size balls and place on a parchment paper lined baking sheet. Bake for 18-20 minutes, until golden brown. Let cool COMPLETELY until removing from the baking sheet, otherwise they will crumble.
  3. Note: I like storing these in the freezer and eating them from straight from the freezer. But my mom prefers them at room temperature. Find what you prefer!

banana bread macaroons

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  1. Danielle F says

    Thank you! Not a lot of egg free baked goods out there. Your blog is by far my favorite – relevant, up-to-date, and healthful.

  2. says

    Gorgeous recipe, Lauren. I always save a few bananas for baking. Love the flavor.

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday and amazing new year. Here’s to good health, good food, and good vibes.


  3. Elizabeth says

    We were hunkered down for an ice storm, and I wanted to make something good to eat in case we lost our electricity. I made a big pot of soup, and then I decided we needed “something extra,” so I tried this recipe. The result: scrumptious, chewy, melt-in your-mouth deliciousness. Thanks for cheering up a dreary weekend!

    If you put up the soft serve recipe with canned pumpkin and frozen bananas, it has fast turned into a favorite around here.

  4. Caitlin says

    Looks delicious! Any substitute for the shredded coconut? I love the flavor of coconut/coconut flour, but don’t like the texture of shredded. I’d love to make these if there could be something else in its place?

  5. says

    Hi Lauren,

    I’m making this recipe for friends and family this year! So excited about it.

    Wishing you an amazing holiday and happy New Year!


  6. shannon says

    Hi! I literally JUST made these…SO DELICIOUS! And love that it is so easy, Thank you!
    Quick question…maybe its because I am still a beginner at baking, but how do I prevent the bottoms from burning?

    • says

      I’m not sure why the bottoms burned, but perhaps the cookie sheet was too close to the bottom of the oven? Maybe move the rack to the center or upper third of the oven. Otherwise, your oven may run hot and you could lower the temp by 25-50 degrees.

  7. Sher says

    OMG!!! These are amazing!!! I’ve made them several times now and the last time I add cacao powder….oh yes…..takes me right to my happy place;) I did what you said….popped them into the freezer….oh my….so good like that!!! These are my new go to for healthy snacks;)
    Thank you so much for sharing!! Love your website and all your great information;)
    I hope Your Christmas was Merry and Your New Year is Bright!!

  8. Isabelle says

    This is so good! I was truly missing banana bread but with this, I have found this great taste! And it is so easy to make! Thank you for the great recipes.

  9. Rachel says

    Super excited to try the banana macaroons and flat bread!! My husband and I have started on a new journey and lifestyle with healthier eats!

  10. Davina says

    I used to make something similar with peanut butter, coconut and honey. Now I’m allergic to nuts. I’m so thankful you’ve introduced me to this alternative. Many thanks!!!

  11. JuJu says

    Hey girlllllll… Just browsing this site and your story really inspired me! I shared it with my father and now we’re on a little health kick + making these yummy macaroons. Thanks so much for sharing all of this!

  12. says

    I cannot rave enough about these macaroons! I followed the recipe to a T and they turned out absolutely perfect. Best Paleo cookie using coconut by far! I’m sharing this recipe on my website because these cookies have me doing backflips. I took it another step for the hubby and dipped the bottoms in a little organic chocolate too. Thank you so much for your website. I spend a lot of time here :)

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