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Want radiant skin, healthy joints, and improved digestion? Glow from the inside-out with paleo recipes featuring collagen.

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  1. I’ve been doing almost all of these for about a year now, and my hormones were finally totally under control throughout the summer, but now something’s thrown them off again and I don’t know what! I will try that yoga pose. That might be the only thing on this whole list that I have never tried.

  2. This is a really fantastic summary of all the information I’ve found on hormone imbalance (plus a bit). I’m thrilled to see it all in one place! One more reason why this is my favourite blog

  3. Thanks!
    Right now I’m trying to fix my adrenal fatigue – – – this stage of life it is hard! Going to bed early and avoiding grain/sugar, and not exercising too much isn’t easy in the teenager life.

    • I’m a chiropractor that is following this blog. Look Into Standard Process for adrenal fatigue, sugar handeling issues, and many other health problems that can be naturally treated with supplementation.
      Let me know if you want more info.

      This isn’t a solicitation…I have had patient completely change their lives with this and I tell everyone about it 🙂

      • Thank you! I just started some supplements for adrenal fatigue by Standard Process-Drenamin, looking forward to good results. I am having difficulty with weight gain on thighs-thinking it is an estrogen problem. Any recommendations on supplements.

  4. Thanks for the great post Lauren.

    I’ve been treating my adrenal fatigue (very close to addison’s disease), hypothyroid and estrogen dominance with natural hormones and hydrocortisol. I’ve been on the paleo diet for almost 8 months now. I can feel my body is slowly healing. I’m wondering if diet and lifestyle change is enough for me to go off those pills.

    I read that raw carrot can help with estrogen dominance. Do you think butter is okay or still too much estrogen same as other kind of dairies?


  5. Some other environmental factors to be aware of are estrogens in water supply (drink purified water), make-up and other hygiene products with estrogen mimickers and don’t use some unsafe plastics such as water bottles.

    • Hi I would firstly like to know which kind of water bottle is best to use to drink water daily as I know plastic bottles are not good or is it ok if the bottle is totally washed with soap before using it? Secondly is 20min of jogging everyday good enough for hormonal acne? Lastly how do I get rid of very old blackheads on my face and chest? They are more than 10 months old.

  6. I just started reading your book about balancing hormones. I feel like I’m kind of in a bad place horizontally. And because of family history of breast cancer and my diet really stinks I feel like I need to get into gear with this. Here are some things I’m struggling with. I have hormonal acne and now I’m sure it’s also from my diet. I’m 30 lbs over weight. I’ve got practically every symptom you’ve discussed so far. I felt ike crap all the time until I started THM. I was on a week and then my cravings for sweets got the best of me this past week. But what I’ve read in that book as far as applying the diet for weight loss contradicts some of what you say about the diet for getting hormones back into check. So I know my health at this point is more important than my weight. But if I could still lose weight a little bit thAt would be great. How can I do this and still combine carbs and proteins with healthy fats for the most hormonal benefits?

  7. I read this to my husband as I suffer from hormone imbalance. He said the one about the moon could not be true b/c the world would not survive if all women were on their period at once! haha. Just thought I would share that funny with you. 🙂

  8. I don’t even know where to get started on how awesome this post is. Thank you for putting it all in one spot! I think this is especially helpful for those with PCOS, endometriosis, or diagnosed hormone disruptions (that can come with my AI, Hashimoto’s). Rock on!

  9. Do you think any of these tips will work for balancing hormones in menopause? Or maybe you could do an article for us older ladies. Is there anything to speed up the process???
    Thank you for your writing, your articles are always helpful.

  10. Just found this post via a friend on FB. Love it!
    Question for you: I’d like to try adding lover back into my diet. It’s never been something I’ve eaten, so I have zero experience. I am sure that food would be better than supplementation. I’d like to find some recipes, but everyone that says to eat it doesn’t make recommendations! Any ideas would be welcomed, and if all else fails, supplements win, lol

  11. Great article. My adrenals are shot cortisol very high. Ive not been able to sleep. I use sleep aids and ive been waking at about 1:30 and can’t go back to sleep which I’m guessing is my cortisol. I’m trying to improve it with diet, supplements and exercise. Ive also noticed my skin aging rapidly ( 54 postmenopausal). I’ve been using Callogen would Gelatin be better with these issues? It sounds like they could be related.

  12. I have been following your site now for a while and find it SO useful and informative – thank you. A question re a carrot a day (if it’s not too late to post now?): I’ve been having a carrot a day for a while but have now found a yellow/orange tinge developing on my hands and face (obviously due to the beta carotene). Any suggestions how to reduce this without stopping eating raw carrots? Thank you!

  13. I suffer from severe hormonal acne and have been on “The Pill” for a year now (since I tried everything topical), but I’m wanting to come off without the acne coming back…. Do these steps also have significant effects on hormonal acne specifically?

  14. Regarding liver… I just checked the NHS guidelines and your suggestions are vastly in excess of what is recommended, to the point where it might be considered dangerous. How do you back up your claims?

  15. I stumbled upon this blog because of the post about veganism… But I see there are a lot of interesting articles! This one seems promising, and I’ll definitely implement the carrot! Unfortunately, I suffer from chronic depression and take medication that I truly need… So I’m not sure how that will affect my hormonal balance in the long run… Not to mention I take a very low-dosage pill to combat PMS depression, which I have and it used to be pretty bad. I’m a biology major and a Nature lover, so I try my best to adhere to holistic medicine and natural alternatives to traditional medicine and pharmacology, but experience has shown me that I just need to take certain drugs to function… It’s quite a dilemma!! Is there a post about food good for people suffering from depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder? 🙂

  16. Hi.

    Thank you for writing such an informative post. I am trying some of the things that you have listed and hopefully will do all of them. I am on pills for many years due to hormonal imbalance and planning to get off from them in couple months and eventually have kids. I have been someone who is vegetarian whole my life. Can you suggest how one can make some dietary changes to get off the pill safely and ovulate naturally after coming off from them?

  17. hi there, iv stumbled across your page and it seems very informative.
    i have a question, i havnt had a menstrual cycle for around 4 years now ( i am 23 years old) due to over excercise. do you think if i am to do these things and cut back alot on what i do my hormones will eventually start to balance back out again? the past few weeks now i have been cutting down alot and have found um breaking out on my face which is something that never happends, would this be an indication of it kicking back in?
    i know my body would of been under so much stress with excercise although iv always fuelled my body right it wouldnt of been enough for what i was doing.. do you have any suggestions for me? i would really like to hear
    thanks so much

  18. hi,
    My periods is totally irregular.i had dipo provera injec about 1 1/2yr & then i have stopped it due to my marriage.
    after 2,3 months of marriage,we have tried for a baby & still we couldn`t.My doctor said that my hormone is imbalance & let it to fix it by it self.Up to now we don`t have a clue for a baby & always thinking about it.This month my period started on 3rd Sep & it is still going on.Will it fix naturally by it self? pls help me.

  19. BS on the vegetable oils being bad. Where are your sources? A vegan diet (organic and whole foods as much as possible) is the healthiest, and most ecologically not to mention kindest thing you can do for your body, the planet and animals. Forks over Knives

  20. Hi…thanks so much for a very informative article on Hormone Balance. I was diagnosed with Hormone positive Breast Cancer 2 years ago. I’ve been thorough chemo and had a double mastectomy w/ reconstruction using my own body fat. The doctors put me on Hormone blocker (Arimidex) which was worse than the chemo and I stopped taking it after 5 months…(my dr knows and gives me his blessing). Long story short…..I have put on over 30 lbs since being diagnosed with cancer. I exercise, eat a totally organic diet and I can’t lose a pound. I’m a firm believer that my hormones were out of whack years before I got the cancer. A few years prior I knew somthing was wrong and I went to endocrinologists that found 2 lumps on my thyroid but, told me nothing was wrong. Now 2 years out from breast cancer I feel that if my hormones were in check this would not have happened. I’m completely imbalanced….I produce too much estrogen and slightly elevated progesterone. Do you think working the 15 steps to hormone balance will help me lose the weight and start to sleep again? Any other recommendations for a person like me?????

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  22. Lauren, I am so glad I found your website. Can’t wait to try the many new things I read. I do have a question though. I’ll start with a short history. I am 67 and my problems started back in my early 20’s! Needless to say I had no help from Drs and there wasn’t much info that I was aware of. I have done much research and will say it started with adrenal fatigue followed by hormone and thyroid problems. I did find a chiropractor who wanted to help and ran many tests for me. My blood sugar is on the way to being a problem along with the rest. I am starting with adrenal repair. In reading your info it says that High BS can be hard on the adrenals, then it says for recovery to eat the starchy fruits and veggies. They are high in sugars and contrary to a diet to keep blood sugar in control. How do I balance that out? I gather the fat is important but could you give me examples on how my plate should look? Any other tips would be helpful. Thanks, Terry

  23. I have been off the contraceptive pill for a year now and I have been following a stricter, healthier diet and many suggestions for naturally balancing hormones. However my side effects seem to be worsening rather than improving. I have experienced negative weight loss (from 9st to 7st), my Rosacea and acne are worse with each new month, my cycles are becoming more and more sporadic, my hair is dry and continually thinning and I’m fatigued and just feeling plain awful. So much so I am now considered going back on the pill. I wanted to ask, if I do return on the pill, is there anything I can do to assist with any hormones in the body? Or is there any monthly detox I can do to keep higher levels of oestrogen from becoming overly stored in the body? Thanks for any advice.

  24. Do you have any tips for people who are allergic/intolerant to Dairy and cannot eat butter (in regards to #4)? This restriction has prevented my kids and family from doing more of the Weston Price eating approach in the aspects that rely on healthy raw dairy and grassfed butter, and we do rely on using some vegetable oils in place of that (leaning mostly to coconut oil, but also others). Although we have been able to reduce it, I doubt my family would be able to ditch soy entirely — also true for the vegetable oils. We use products like the soy free Earth Balance and some Daiya things. Just wondering if you had any recommended reading or ways to continue adapting healthily without totally compromising on flavor and taste. Thanks!

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  26. I’ve been told i have excess progestorone, i have been taking everning primrose oil tablets and magnesium supplements for a couple years now i have even tried spearmint tea as it supposidly lowers progestorone levels. On the whole i have a pretty balanced diet aswell. Is there anything you think i should do or stop doing?


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