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  1. Hi Lauren, this article is very interesting…quick question: can I still correct my cycle while on the Mirena? I know the M has had some bad press, but it has truly improved my periods, and I’ve had no bad side effects except being out of cycle sometimes. Thanks!

    • Well, like any hormone treatment, Mirena does throw off the body’s ability to regulate hormones. I don’t know if you will be able to correct your cycle with this while on Mirena but I would say give it a try, since it can only help and can’t hurt. Good luck!

    • Hi Tiffany,
      I am definitely no expert, but I have an encouraging story for you!! (Also thank you so much Lauren for this article- I’ve been celebrating syncing moon cycles with my family and friends for a while now and its so awesome, everyone thinks its great).

      OK my story: I have a mirena, which I have to say I totally dig. Its easy, simple, effective and definitely makes my periods better. My first mirena resulted in no menstration for several years actually. I think I had had no full periods for three years before my partner and I decided to do a long distance bike trip. We biked and camped in our tent for three months, with very little unnatural light, and no contact with electronics really to speak of. I got my first period almost immediately (within the first few days of our trip- starting on Oct 14/15 2012) and then I got my period exactly every 28 days for the next 6 month, even after we came home and lived in a regular house.

      I have only recently been paying attention to the moon, but after retroactively checking the moon cycle calendar, I now realize that my periods started the day of each new moon!!! So there you are- it was totally possible for me with the Mirena. My experience was very full on- next to no natural light, no electronics in the day etc, but my body was very responsive as soon as we left on this trip.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Hi Lauren,
    I too noticed that my period was more regular and in sync with the moon this month-moon goddesses unite! I haven’t been doing lunaception though. I do have one question–why use an artificial light to simulate the light of the moon in a dark room? Why not just open the curtains for the three nights around the full moon? I just don’t understand why one wouldn’t use the natural light from the very cycle we are trying to get in touch with. I do understand sleeping in the dark the rest of the time though.

    Personally, I love the full moon (it makes me want to go outside and howl at it haha) and I love the nights when the light streams through my windows.

    • Yes, you can absolutely open the drapes! I actually prefer to do that. I say “night light” but I just mean bringing some light into the room. But, if you have a ton of street lights outside your window, then I would suggest opening the drapes only partly.

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. This is fascinating! I can’t wait to try this! It makes perfect sense too, our bodies being connected to nature. It’s one of those intuitive things you can’t really explain but know to be true. Awesome!!

  4. I laughed so hard when I read the first few paragraphs of this post because I can SO relate! Even my husband thinks I’m crazy when I start talking about the moon (but I think he likes it). 😛 I agree with Mariah that on the nights of the full moon it is much more pleasant to open up the curtains and let the moonlight in, but sometimes (like the full moon a few days ago) there is too much cloud cover or the time of year is wrong for the moon to actually shine in my bedroom window. At those times I would make use of artificial light instead. Thanks for sharing this. I haven’t been specifically trying this technique to line up my cycles with the moon, but I have been doing a lot of moon staring whenever possible!

  5. I LOVE this!!! Thank you so much for really interesting post, Lauren! I have always been deeply affected by the moon’s phases, and I have struggled with hormone and fertility related problems (endometriosis) for some years which I now have under control through diet, and I have noticed that as my cycles have become more regular my ovulation has naturally (nearly!) aligned with the full moon. I will definitely learn more about this and start to use this technique! Hubby will think I’ve gone completely mad!

  6. How interesting and timely – I was JUST thinking about this the other day! In Barbara Kingsolver’s book “Prodigal Summer” the character Deanna (the forest ranger) mentions this, so I was at least aware of the idea.

    I work at a daycare and trust me, the full-moon effect is TRUE. Aaand… my cycle is just the opposite of what it should be per the moon cycle, which means I can be extra grumpy when the kids are extra bad/silly/weird/however the full moon affects them… so I was thinking “I wonder if there is a way to change my cycle to the correct way to help reduce my stress during this time?” and yay! there is! I’ll be trying it. 🙂

    • Oh my goodness, I was brought to searching the internet for “ovulating at full moon” because of this book.

      This book is currently my favorite book, it is so beautiful and speaks to me on so many levels 🙂 I’m glad it has brought me here

  7. Very interesting! I was in cycle with the moon all summer… but I sort of fell off… and I think it really does make a difference.
    By the way, do you think you might ever publish Quit PMS in book form? I am one of those people refusing to buy a kindle… and I really don’t like reading books on the computer. Though my husband has suggested to me… a couple of times now… that I read this book! 😉

  8. Hi. Could you give some more information about this part of your post: “In all early societies, before industrialism and processed foods disrupted traditional cultures, all women ovulated at the full moon and menstruated at the new moon.” I’m very interested in early societies, but from what I’ve seen from my research so far is that women were *frequently* in sync with the moon and/or with each other, though not always, and it was not considered in any way a bad indication of health when they weren’t in sync. If you have any reliable historical sources about “ALL early societies… ALL women” or, even just one early society like that, I would love to see the actual history and evidence there.

    • Ashley, I’m really glad you wrote this, I had the same thought at that comment about ‘all women’ and that this is how we ‘are meant to be’. You really clearly voiced my own thoughts about that, I agree with you, from my own research also. I am uncomfortable with this tendency to label what is normal or natural, and thereby risk devaluing other women’s lived experiences. It’s also troubling to see ‘traditional cultures’ homoginised in the way they are in this post. I strongly support women to connect to nature and the moon and embrace good menstrual health.
      This is my interesting experience, and it relates to the earths hemispheres – in Australia, where I live, I bleed on the full moon like clockwork. When I travelled and lived in the northern hemisphere for 6 months, my cycle flipped to menstruating on the new moon, for the whole 6 months I was there, and switched back on my return to Australia.
      Thanks for your thoughtful post, it really cheered me up. 🙂

      • That’s fascinating about the effect of the hemispheres, Megan. Thanks for mentioning! Moon cycles may have an effect on menstrual cycles, but I too doubt there’s any 100% guarantee, even in our understanding of it. For instance, the moon affects the tide, but the currents certainly move in various directions.

  9. this is so interesting. recently i had noticed that my cycles have been pushing further into the month…and one month i was nearly a week later (not prego). looking at the calendar now i see that i am only 4 days off of the moon cycle so perhaps my body was doing this naturally! very interesting read.

  10. So happy to read this, reassures me that we are connected with nature, and of course with the moon, another example is that there are a lot more births in full moon than in any other days of the moon cycle!!

  11. Cool! Every time I have been off birth control I cycle with the new moon, even when I started my period at 13. I find it very comforting to know that I can look at the sky and be ready, haha!

  12. Great article, this info is blowing my mind! I was on the pill for 12 years and had very irregular periods after getting off it. I also took melatonin to help me sleep, which I have recently stopped taking. I have been trying to get pregnant for a while with no success, and my cycles are still somewhat irregular. Every month I think it is back to normal but then ends up being a week late, and then again the next month another week late. Well I just looked up the full moon cycle and it appears that my cycle was syncing with the cycle of the moon! I now ovulate on the full moon every month it appears! How cool and exciting! In the last year I have been changing my diet and cutting out all chemicals and preservatives, so my cycle syncing with the moon by itself makes sense. Now I just need to read your book to figure out how to get rid of my excruciating cramps that come every month on the day I begin my period. I have never suffered from cramps before but in the last year I notice they get worse every month. Any suggestions for this? I am looking into your book….

    • I read her Quit PMS book last month and for the first time in 16 years, I am menstruating without pain! I have always had horrendous pain where I would be literally doubled over. Thought it was my genetics because my mother had the same issue and horribly jealous of all my friends who didn’t have any pain with their periods. I thought that they were lucky with their genetics. Her book tells you what the problem is, what is causing that problem, and how to get your body back on track. Let me just say, birth control pills make it worse! I am so glad to have read her book and grateful to her for writing it.

    • that’s a really interesting question Jan. I’m living in Germany so our full moon will be a different day to America and likewise in each country but if each country’s females aligned their cycle with the moon, would each country produce babies all at the same time and have babies being born on certain days? You could almost predict when each country would have a spurt of babies being born! I’ve read that alot of people feel they are connected to mother nature but it does sound a bit more like Native Indian beliefs / witches and old celtic tradtion than actual science. Like Lauren said it is an area still needing research. we know the moon influences the tide but as to how far women’s cycles are regulated is still debatable I think. I found that being in a room full of women who all had their period brought me on two weeks earlier, many have also experienced that so regardless of the moon I think women can also influence each other’s cycles. I’m not sure how that would fit around the moon theory though and who is stronger to influence more-the moon or a room full of menstruating women lol.

      • my mom used to tell me it’s just usual for women living together to mentruate at the same time. Haven’t tryed it . Pregnancies can differ in lenght, so babies wouldn’t have to be born all together 🙂

      • There’s also the not-so-minor detail of how even in the best of conditions, there is only a 25% chance of pregnancy each cycle, and then there is risk of loss after that. So, no. Even if they all had sex on the same day (improbable,) they would not all give birth on the same day.

      • I think the idea of the moon’s effects on menstrual cycles is fascinating, but far from being well understood or defined.

        As for period syncing, I’ve experienced it. I grew up in a household with 5 females. While there was overlapping and perhaps syncing we were unaware of, it wasn’t defined enough to bank on. Later, living in close quarters with another female relative we at one point were synced within hours of each other. (I like to think of her as The Harbinger…)

        However, as far as giving birth goes, that’s even more of a crapshoot. Even if (big BIG if) every woman ovulated within 1-2 days of each other every month, and there were no external factors affecting hormones (like stress, health, chemicals), you still have to take into account that most women don’t go into labor exactly at 39 or 40 weeks, either! And I suspect the same was true of women in traditional, ancient societies.

      • My mom had all three of us at the same time a year apart. So my birthday is the same date as my sister a year later, and then my brother is 3 days off from our birth date but was actually due on the same date. Not sure how this works out with what you all are talking about – same pregnancies, dates, etc., but thought it was worth a mention. 🙂

  13. Pycnogenol helps tremendously with preventing PMS cramps. Should be taken on a regular basis though. About 50-100mg day. I never had bad cramps but it helps with breast tenderness and from what I’ve read cramps as well.

  14. Informative post! I’ve read about this sort of thing before and find it fascinating. I was first introduced to this concept when I read The Red Tent – if you haven’t read this book, you should pick up a copy. It will be right up your alley. I have always been sensitive to light and sleep with room darkening blinds and curtains, and an eye mask. Recently, I started trying to eliminate all of the little electronic lights in my room – cellphone lights, unplugged my clock, etc. Would you know it, my cycle, which has been wacky with still breastfeeding number 2, is suddenly settled into a 28 day cycle, and that I am only two days off of the lunar calendar? So, my question is: does just eliminating lights at night do the trick or do you have to include a night light during the full moon stage? And if you do have a nightlight, can it be a red light, because otherwise, I probably won’t sleep much those three days. (BTW, as a parenting tip, I learned when my daughter was little that the only color night light that would not cause night wakings was a red night light. A regular night light just kept her wide awake in the middle of the night. We switched to red and voila – sleeping through the night, every night.).

  15. I’m knew there was something to this. I’ve noticed my cycle and the moons cycle linking up together many times. I just never understood it. My husband can call me and remind me what phase the moon is in and everything seems to make better sense for me. I’m going to start reading everything I can get my hands on about this. Thank you for writing about this. Totally Awesome!

  16. This is a great article.
    I am interested very much in this practice. My partner is and has been on The Pill since we have been together (5 years). As an organic food worker, daily working in a non-gmo/organic/healthy natural living environment teaches me these things by proxy, and also allows me the clarity to see the negative effects of artificial hormone modification, yet I struggle to convince my partner to take the leap off The Pill and into self-control.

    Is there anything I can do to stop watching my partner restrict herself? Or is this something that women need to come to on their own?

    • I am actually going to do an entire post on how (and why) to transition off The Pill. It has numerous health consequences and I believe it is so important to understand these problems when using any type of hormonal birth control. I believe my post, which will be up this month, will be very helpful for your partner!

  17. my husband and I have been trying to conceive for two years. for the most part I have regular cycles but I did stumble across an article that explained that women ovulate at particular times of the month due to their astrological sign and I mentioned it to my naturopath and she heard the same info at a seminar but that most woman actually ovulate twice per month. I don’t care how many times I ovulate I just wish I could get pregnant.

  18. How can you pull this off when working nights? 3 12 hr shifts a week.
    I have a sphincter of oddi dysfunction and am treating it by balancing hormones naturally. Are you familiar with sphincter of oddi or the affects of estrogen on it? It is seemingly so disconnected. But it seems to be working. Looking for all the help I can get. Thanks

    • I’m sorry to say that it is virtually impossible to balance hormones when working night shifts. This may be hard to hear, but if you are having hormonal problems and you are determined to get these issues straightened out, the only way to do it is to stop working nights.

  19. Hi,

    I stumbled across your blog the other day while looking into honey cleansing and I fell in love. I have been making the transition to live a healthier life by riding myself of everyday products that contain harmful chemicals and replacing them with all natural products.

    After reading this post I am curious to know your thoughts on birth control being that the set your hormones out of whack. I myself am on the NuvaRing and would like to hear your insight on birth control.

  20. How cool! My mom works in research and she sees that the effects of the full moon are real. Her mice have no exposure to the outside world, no environmental cues as to time of year or in the lunar cycle. Yet she sees differences in them around the full moon.

    I’ll be curious to see where my cycles fall once my hormones regulate from being off the pill, and I am definitely interested in trying this!

  21. Hi, I’ve never commented on your blog before but I keep coming across it when sourcing recipes. I’m as crazy about honey as you are (yay!). There’s one aspect of this that confuses me. I’ve read that it’s disorienting to wake up in a dark room, that it affects the bodies bio-rhythms. If I manage to block out all the light from the street lamps with heavy curtains, will this be an issue?

  22. If we’re trying to shift ovulation to align with the moon, is it beneficial to just jump in with night lighting during the full moon and over time the ovulation will shift itself? Or start by night lighting artificially at the time suggested in the excerpt (when ovulation already occurs) and then use timing to slowly shift it toward the moon? If we are using NFP would the second be more predictable and safer? If we go option B and slowly shift over time would we do it by drawing out the length of the cycle or by trying to cut the cycle shorter and shorter?

    • I’m not quite sure what you mean, but if you are starting Lunaception, just start night lighting during the 3 days around the full moon and make it completely dark the other days. Yes, overtime ovulation will shift itself, but usually it needs to be supported by a balanced diet.

  23. I have to say I’m a little bit confused because sometimes it’s 28 days from one full moon to the next and sometimes it’s 30 and so…does that mean that our “normal setting” is to have slightly irregular periods?

  24. Does the book deal with (hypothalamic) amenorrhea?

    Do you plan on discussing it ever? Everyone always talks about PCOS…but rarely do I find people writing about another condition which often occurs (HA). Furthermore, I have found that there are often misdiagnoses with these two – women are told they have PCOS…and it turns out that what they truly have is HA.


  25. Thank you for this post. Do you have any suggestions for someone who is cycling exactly opposite — bleeding at the Full Moon and ovulating at the New Moon? That’s where I am right now, and I’m wondering if I should do the night lighting now (at the Full Moon) even thought I’m about to bleed.

    Many thanks!

    • I’d like to know about this, too. I started my period today (2 days away from the full moon). I always sleep in the dark. Should I start with the night light even tho I’m still bleeding then? Or should I wait to see if my cycle ever gets closer to a proper moon phase? (It used to be very irregular, but I’ve been eating better and it’s usually 28+/- days.) It’s very confusing.

  26. Love, love, love this post. I have actually read this book before and think it’s great. I have horrible hormone imbalances and am hoping Lunaception will help me. I just bought black out curtains and have been sleeping with them for a month now. I’ve noticed so far that I sleep much better, but no luck with regulating my cycle yet…
    Have you ever heard of Naprotechnology? I think it’s something that you would be really interested in because it is a form of fertility and gynecological health science that pairs cycle charting with reproductive health monitoring and maintenance. Their success rates in overcoming fertility issues have blown conventional medicine out of the water. I’m currently in the process of getting my hormones tested through a NaPro doctor and am so excited to see what changes my body will go through after the treatment. I’m hoping this paired with Lunaception and the GAPS diet will be my ticket to vibrant health! Thanks so much for your blog, Lauren! I consider you as one of my go-tos for health advice!


  27. This always fascinates me because unknowingly I experienced it and saw it work for about 15 other woman of various ages and functions.
    About 10 years ago my sister and I hiked the entire Appalachian trail, spending 6.5 months waking with the sun and being in our sleeping bags at sundown.. there wasn’t extreme dark or specific temperatures, just the natural moonlighting and sunlight at the natural times… low and behold.. one day after a few months we were sitting around with about 5 other hiking ladies and we all… all.. found out that we had had 4 day periods starting on the full moon the week prior. each of us off trail had varying lengths of cycles and period lengths..
    This was consistently the case with many other women we met and continued as we left our hike, moved through the seasons even into the following year where I found myself back on the trail.
    Sleeping at dusk, waking at dawn and every full moon my period would start. I became pregnant on the new moon and gave birth on the autumn equinox.. resuming my cycles with the following full moon. as I’ve remained indoors eventually I’ve lost sync with the moon cycle.

  28. Just want to say that there are more than three days in your cycle when having intercourse can get you pregnant. Sperm can live for a long time, like 5 days. So you can get pregnant for 5 days before you ovulate and like 3 days after or something like that. Just in case anyone reading this thinks its safe to have unprotected intercourse on any day of the month but the three lighted days.

  29. LOVE this article! Thanks so much! I absolutely love your blog anyway 🙂 Suggestions please…I just had my second baby 10 months ago and most days are still breastfeeding every 3 hrs around the clock (other days I nurse every 3 hrs during the day from 9 AM-9 PM and one or two times during the night). I have yet to have a cycle but have been on a progesterone only birth control pill. I currently stopped taking a few weeks ago and am looking for good resources to start charting but aren’t sure if that’s possible since I haven’t had a cycle since delivery. I’ve heard two books being mentioned: Honoring Our Cycles, as stated above, and Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Does anyone have any insight on which book would be BEST for my situation? I’m wanting to switch from hormonal birth control to NFP by charting my cycles and sync my cycle wit the moon…is this even possible for me to do right now anyway (while breastfeeding).

  30. Your article is interesting however it was upsetting at the start when you stated that some women “abuse” their bodies with medication. I’ve had a chronic illness (Ulcerative Colitis) for almost 20 years. After trying every natural remedy available I have succumbed to heavy medication daily. Everything else has failed me. My body failed me and my illness abuses me every single day of my life. I do not abuse my body in any way.

  31. I love this idea. I’d like a sky light in my bedroom; seems like it would nicely replicate early societies cycle response. The complete darkness called for makes me wonder if the range of moonlight would make a difference? I’ll let you know when I get one, but I’d be curious why in a very rural area leaving windows open or a skylight uncovered, all the time, wouldn’t be better than a night light?

  32. I started my period yesterday, but it seems less bad now that it aligned with the moon 🙂

    If possible, could you make a post about sleep? I see you mentioning sleep in articles here and there. And I wonder if you would want to make a post that only focuses on certain habits/activities/ food to improve sleep. And especially sleep quality.

    Im battling auto immune disease myself and I find sleep a constant issue. To sleeping less than 4 hours a night for months on end to sleeping up to 20 hours a day for months after. It kind of feels like a crash diet but with sleep, my body cannot seem to heal at all because of this. And I feel you usually have some more helpful tips and tricks to naturally help my body and health issues than any other site Ive visited so far.

  33. I am on day 47 of my cycle (obviously way over due), and I want to try and regulate it by sinking it with the moon. How do I start? I am already under the care of a nauropatheic practicioner for this problem for over a year. I am basically on a paleo diet, having eliminated gluten, dairy and grains.

    When do I start sleeping in total darkness and for how long…?

  34. Hi Lauren,

    That was such an interesting piece, thank you. It did send me into slight upset though since my cycle is exactly the opposite, I ovulate during New Moon, always, bang on. So I purchased black out curtains and all, prepared to put matters right. Before that I did some research that I would like to share. Apparently there are two “legitimate” moon oriented cycle patterns. One is the White Moon, that is what you refer to – ovulation during full moon, onset of menstruation during new moon. The other is Red Moon when ovulation occurs during new moon and menstruation during full moon. I got that wisdom from Miranda Gray’s book, Red Moon. There are some archetype characteristics connected with the two different cycle styles. White Moon is the traditional fertile and family oriented woman, the Red Moon is a bit of a dark horse, a woman who is rather inward oriented for example and using her energies for inner development or something other than procreation. Apparently these cycles can change depending on the life phase as well – from White to Red and vice versa …

    • Anna, this is fascinating! I am in line with the Red Moon as well, as it turns out. Am really looking forward to learning more about this. Thank you for your post and information!

    • Thank you for posting this Anna – I am exactly the same. I have no PMS, minimal cramping, a super-regular period, and always, always, always ovulate exactly on the New Moon. It’s very precise. And as a creative, spiritual introvert with no spouse or children I fit the Red Moon archetype.

      Have you tried to change your cycle, Anna? I’m really interested in your experiences, as I am anxious about trying to change my cycle when it’s already so stable.

    • I am also in the Red Moon cycle! I’m wondering if I should still night light on the full moon during my period, or when I ovulate on the new moon. I don’t want kids so maybe Red moon is more fitting, but I do want to be healthy and balanced since I just stopped taking birth control. Do you ladies night light?

    • If you want to get pregnant, the yes intercourse during night-light nights. If you are avoiding pregnancy, no intercourse uring night-light nights. Night-light nights are when you (should) be ovulating and therefore fertile.

  35. Hi! Do you recommend anything for people who do night shifts 3 days per week, two weeks per month? My night shifts are sometimes 3 in a row and other times have a day in between. My bedroom is a loft style with just a sky light but despite having all of the windows closed and being north faced, my bedroom is still pretty bright during the day. I use a sleep mask and keep the duvet up around and sometimes over my face. On my nights at home, my husband and I sleep in complete darkness. Any advice?

  36. Hi, I am 44 and fully menopausal. Can I benefit from this practice? I cannot take hormones due to health issues: a blood clot and pulmonary emboli in both lungs and a tumor called Focal Nodular Hyperplasia, which was removed and benign. I have had hormone problems my entire life, though many issues were resolved with the liver resection surgery. My hot flashes fluctuate and some are horrible while others not so much. Any info on this would be appreciated!


  37. Syncing with the moon dates back far beyond the book mentioned. It’s an ancient Ayurvedic practice from a time when menstruation was sacred and women would leave their villages and families to go to blood pits to squat in and give their blood back to mother earth. During this time they practiced sacred rituals. They never cooked or cleaned or tended to families during menstruation due to disrupting the downward energy and flow. It was an extremely sacred time. Ayurveda have practices for syncing with the new moon also. Read books by Maya Tiwari – Womens power to heal.

    The best thing women can so for their cycles is stop using toxic ‘sanitary’ products. The use of the word ‘sanitary’ alone Instills a belief that our period is something dirty and needs to be clean. Our periods are sacred and need to be celebrated, not cleaned or viewed as dirty and hidden away.

    Celebrate the sacred yoni – the giver of life.


  38. This was so interesting to read! Afterwards I checked my period tracker (an app on my phone) and realized that my periods are also synced with the moon, although I don’t do the night light method. We do sleep with the shades open, and we live in the very attic apartment, so the moon shines (or doesn’t shine) directly onto our bedroom. I’ve been off of the pill for almost exactly a year now and my husband and I eat lots of good, organic food and drink full fat, raw milk, so I think diet has also played a big part in making them regular. My moodiness and other PMS symptoms have gotten so much better, especially the last 6 months. Anyway, thanks for exploring this and sharing, it was a good read!

  39. Hi Lauren. What an interesting article! I’m using natural progesterone, and I’m wondering what is the best way to use it when I want to ovulate with full moon. Hope you know more about this. Thank you very much!

  40. Hi there

    Love this post and tried it out. Just came on today 9 th Sept 14 and sync’ed up with the full moon. WOW WOW WOW this actually works. Going to try night lighting next.

    Have high TSH and low DHEA so hoping this will help. Also finally persuaded my Doc to test for hormonal levels. Gave up the pill just over 10 years ago. I knew intuitively that it wasn’t working with my body – Triorndoil – horrid stuff. It just made my periods lighter and didn’t clear up the acne.

    Do you have to night light the whole night? I was thinking of putting a candle in my himalayan lamp then it will burn out after 4 hours. Plus, hubby hates any sort of light coming in and introduced me to Velux blinds. I thought he was nuts when I first met him now I’m the one buying the blackout curtains.

    Thanks again and much love to the sisterhood!

  41. Interesting article! I had a baby last year and since I have been breast feeding it delayed my period. Well, since I got my period back, I notice that I start bleeding on the exact day of the full moon! I did some research on what this means and found lots of cool stuff. Just curious as to the part where you mention every woman bleeds at the new moon and ovulates at the full moon. But it seems like I’m finding lots of stuff that says that you can be opposite (like me) and it’s simply a different expression of the feminine (as opposed to introspective, intuitive, fertile, full moon menstruaters are open, sexual, outward, “medicine woman” etc). Thoughts?

  42. Thank you, Lauren!

    Just one difference: The moon’s cycle is 29 – 1/2 days.

    And, you can go backwards, as Brandi says. If you also go with your bedroom light/dark regimen, instead of with the moon, you can do that, too. You just have to go without the moon’s light.


    • I’m not quite understanding how to adjust this light/dark pattern to fit a Red Moon type menstruation pattern, but it sounds as though you’ve got it figured. Could you possibly explain it to me so I can give it a go? I currently don’t have a pattern of my own to speak of (whereas, in the past, I was very regular), except for that every month I seem to start menstruating a few days earlier than I did the prior month. :-/

  43. This is so cool! I’ve been wanting to sleep in more complete darkness just to get better sleep for school, but this has really increased my interest. I’ve been trying to align myself with the cycles of the moon. My period right now usually starts at the beginning of each month/end of the last one, and for the past two months the moon has been waxing during that time. I either can’t have curtains or I’ll have to pay for them myself, which is a pretty daunting task for a broke student like myself :(. I know in the article you said that the mask is not a suitable substitute, but that’s pretty much all I can do (besides toweling cracks around my doors and turning down my the lighting on my digital clock or covering it up) Will that be “enough” or have the same effect of aligning my cycle with the moon, just maybe at a slower pace?

  44. Hi Lauren. I cannot thank you enough for writing this article! I have recently become extremely interested in health and nutrition, and all things natural! I’m 20 and have been on The Dreaded Pill for about 4 years. I always had a regular cycle before I went on The Pill, but have had no period at all since coming off 6 months ago! This is so frustrating for me and hate that I can’t even be in sync with my own body! It’s completely imbalanced my hormones. I am definitely going to try doing this technique, and hope it works! I’m also taking Agnus Castus and Evening Primrose Oil supplements as suggested by a homeopath – is that something you would recommend?

  45. I would love to try this as the Skyla IUD I have gives me irregular periods. I can not take birth control pills, the patch, the ring or pretty well anything else, so Skyla works great for me. That being said, I enjoy sleeping in dark but have a lot of trouble sleeping with night lights, the blinds open, or the hallway light on, etc..

    . Is there anything that may help with this? Could I still use a sleep mask for those 3 nights, or should I just suffer through it and hope I adjust? It causes me to wake more often and have a hard time falling asleep. It’s possibly from working 3rd shift for many years (no longer thankfully!), but if the sun is not shining I cannot sleep well with light in the room.

    Thank you so much for all of the work you put into sharing your knowledge with us. 🙂 Your efforts are appreciated!

  46. I found this information very interesting. The only thing is I am the complete opposite I ovulate with the new moon and menstruate with the full moon. I am very regular and have been since i can remember (my mother always told me my cycles aligned with the moon she was very irregular) ,I don’t take birth control and I also follow a mostly paleo diet. Should I still try to align my cycle with ovulation during the full moon and menstruation during the new moon? Thanks for all of the info you have provided.

  47. Very interesting to see younger women ‘switching on’ to the power of the Moon. Way back in this thread, there was a very grumpy demand for scientific evidence for all this. Well, way back in the early seventies a well-respected biologist Lyall Watson wrote about this info in his books, one of which was “Supernature”. There was a lot of interest/ research gathered at that time, and other authoritative books were published – try an antiquarian bookshop to track them down. A final word, ask anyone who has lived on the land for a few decades – farmers etc – they can confirm the basic ideas being put forward here! 😉

  48. I haven’t had a period for 10 months. Doctors have no answer. I have no medical reason as to why it stopped it just did. I am going to try this out and see if it puts me back on track!

  49. I am 27 and have had PCOS and chronic fatigue since 16. I am on a strict paleo diet and have been off birth control for 3 years. Have tried using natural progesterone for the past 2 years since I was having massive hair loss, depression, low energy which seemed to really help and gave me periods but then stopped 10 months ago. I will try lunaception but just curious… I have trouble waking up in the morning due to low cortisol levels (saliva tested) if the room is completely pitch black, won’t it be more difficult to wake up in the morning? Do you suggested a timed light to wake up to for people with this issue? Any other suggestions/ supplements for PCOS? Thank you so much!!!

  50. I read this article about three months ago when I was researching and came across your adrenal fatigue article. I am very keen to regulate my periods and balancing your hormones. My cycle for the last two years since coming off the pill has been anywhere from 20 days to 43 days with no pattern or regularity. After 3 months of night lighting on the full moon I have had 2 cycles at spot on 27 days and the dates for ovulation and my period are moving closer to the new and full moon! Thank you for sharing this information, I never thought that I would have regular cycles agsin and had given up hope after doctors told me to go on the pill to make them regular. So glad I ignored that piece of advice!

  51. Hi Lauren!
    Thank you so much for an interesting post.
    I think I am ovolauting the same time as the full moon. Yaaay haha! I am feeling much more frisky, strong, adventours but at the same time vunerable. Is this the way to feel? I feel as if I can do anything but have to be very suspicous about it. Is this right? I have had thoughts in this time that I will get robbed or men even trying to rape me. Why is that? What should I do more know? How can you use the moon’s power in the best way?
    Thank you!!!

  52. I love your post, so fascinating to me. I have a question. I’m getting married in October 2015, and according to my cycle calendar I’ll be starting my period two days into our Honeymoon. Coincidentally, my projected cycle for October is in exact sync with the moon cycle.

    Can I shift my cycle AWAY from the moon cycle in the few months before my Honeymoon? I know it seems counterintuitive, but just curious if I can or you would recommend that. I currently have a non-hormonal IUD and have been off of hormonal birth control for four months. Since then, I’ve had fairly irregular cycles, between 28-35 days.

    Thanks for your help!

  53. I noticed ab 6 months ago that my period comes with the full moon. All the research I have done says that you should ovulate with the full moon and menstruate with the new moon. Will lunaception work even though my body is backwards?

      • Charlotte!!! Does that mean I am a witch or that a witch has possessed my body? I dont understand by your statement? Was it meant to be fun, funny, or just mean? Because it is a serious question to me.

        • As to the problem of so many women being “backward” in their ovulation cycles, may I suggest that it is possibly due to a dietary trace mineral deficiency. There are at least 60 trace minerals necessary for optimal health, but most Americans only receive 9 to 12 of them in their store bought food supplies; especially from packaged foods. I suggest that those women search the internet for liquid “trace mineral supplements”; try them for 2-3 months minimum; and then report back to Lauren.
          Love your website Lauren.
          Bill James

    • Don’t worry Amy, it is totally fine to menstruate with the full moon. Completely healthy and common for women to be on this “opposite” cycle. Look up the “Red Moon Cycle”. There is some literature that says it was thought a long time ago that ovulating during the full moon was for the woman to wanted to be mothers and ovulation during the new moon was more for creative types that wanted to put their energy into helping others rather than being a mother, like medicine women a.k.a. witches. But they were wrong for saying that, of course we are not witches! And you don’t need supplements either!! I’m just not sure about how we should night light (I am also on the red moon cycle) but I want to try night lighting during full moon/periods. Don’t think of yourself as backwards 😉 there’s is not enough info out there about this!

  54. Hi i know this is quite an old article so I don’t know if you are still answering questions but..

    There is literally no way i can block out the light in my room, I have old fashioned bay windows which can’t have black out blinds and even heavy curtains don’t stop the street light outside my window

    Is there anything I can do? I know in the article you say face masks are okay for travelling but would this not work if I used one instead? I REALLY want to try it but I’ve fallen at the first hurdle!

    Please reply 😀

  55. I’m 28 years old and I’ve had irregular cycles my whole life, always too long. When I was in high school they could be anywhere from 1-4 cycles in a year. After high school it was more like 4-6 cycles a year. Doctors just wanted me to take the pill but I knew that would not fix the problem and if any thing cause new issues. After university I had the time and money to work with a naturopath and she had me using some supplements and we tried some different changes to my diet and we managed to get down to 33 days fairly regularly so I weaned off the supplements and my cycle went back to the old ways. I had no desire to take supplements forever and always. Last August I learned about sleeping in the dark and eating grain free and dairy free. I’ve always been pretty good about avoiding processed foods and refined sugars. I made these two changes at the same time when I was starting a new cycle. Sure enough, my next cycle started exactly 28 days later. I was surprised! I was not expecting my cycle to be affected, but I was very happy with the result. That was August of last year, now it’s February and my cycle has been 100 normal every time!!

  56. Interesting article..I would like to know more about menapausal women or who are entering that time of season
    I am 48 and been through much the past few years of extreme emotional stress and health issues from it. I am not sure I am in or have menapause so i would be willing to try and maybe even get pregnant again.
    Any suggestions for us older mamas?


  57. I also have the opposite, bleeding during the full moon. But I notice that during the week of the full moon is when my husband wants more sex, not that he gets it because I’m bleeding. Then for me it’s the week of the new moon when I am so ready for him. I would really like to get in sync with my husband! Has anyone else found this to be the case? My naturopath, when we were asking about one of our teenaged sons mood swings, told me that men have a hormonal cycle each month just like women. My husband is obviously in sync with the moon.

  58. How does this work if you are like me and you are really scared of the dark? My cycle varies from 30-38 days each month. I also do not like strong sunlight very much and I keep my curtains drawn during the day if I am indoors.

  59. How long might it take for the feminine cycle to regulate using these methods?

    I’m having two periods a month, at the moment, and I’ve never been this irregular before :/

    I’m 29, and I’ve started this method of moon syncing quite by accident about a 1.5 months ago; however, as I’ve just had my period align with the new moon for the first time, I plan to keep up with it and shine a light on full-moon nights (which I have not been doing).

    I’m trying to decide if this newfound irregularity is part of normal adjustment, or if it is stress/exercise induced–I think with stress I would lose my cycle, not gain an extra! I’ve lost sense of when I’m ovulating, and feel a little vulnerable (I think I am now, but I JUST had my new-moon cycle, so that seems unlikely, or weird. Before that, I’m pretty sure I skipped ovulation entirely).

    So far I can find very little about the particulars of women’s personal experiences during the adjustment period. Most people seem to start with irregular cycles that quickly adjust. Did ovulation go from regular to widely irregular for anyone else?

    I’m expecting this to take 2-3 more cycles to establish; does that seem about right?

    (Great website, btw. I’m glad to have discovered you!).

  60. just checked out your site just to be sure Im right. as Im a man with mainly one thing in life worth living for: women, and helping women thats all.
    hope the world becomes a better place for women in general. why hate what I was born to love?

    Have a nice day and a life filled whith happyniess. (hope my spelling is not to bad. sorry Im from sweden)

    Buddhist 🙂

  61. I would like to know more about the hormones in regards to the moon.

    I had been for over 2 years following bleeding with the new moon, I recently became pregnant and no longer have the baby and my first period since came on the full moon, as did (now) my second period.

    When I followed the new moon, I would go very introspective and quiet, some cramping before and for my last two menstrual cycles, they have come on quite nicely, with no need to nest and no loss of energy,

    I will continue to navigate which feeds my body more. Lately, I think should I not shed with the moon? The energy is so high during full moon, it has felt like my body in turn has more energy to move my uterine walls into bleeding which allows for less cramping.

    Food for thought.


  62. I have a question. I ovulate on new moon and have my period on full moon. whenever I eat healthy and sleep in the dark , then the opposite happens. My question is Right now (bleeding on full moon) I have other problems like very heavy flow, large clots, headaches and sometimes stomach pains. Is there correlation between the heavy flow and full moon bleeding? If I go back to bleeding in new moon would the flow decrease?

  63. This is really fascinating, but I have to admit you’ll have to add me to the list of skeptics. It is true that women who live together tend to begin to cycle together — that’s a result of pheromones, I believe. But I wonder if you have any EVIDENCE that “in all early societies, before industrialism and processed foods disrupted traditional cultures, all women ovulated at the full moon and menstruated at the new moon.”

    An obvious consequence of that would be that all women menstruated at exactly the same time and, as a result, everyone KNEW when all the women were menstruating. In none of my reading in ancient historical accounts have I ever come across anything that would remotely suggest this is the case.

    And taken in this context, if we DID assume that to be absolute truth, the recommendation for pregnant women to sleep in complete darkness ALL the time for the entirety of their pregnancies is rather absurd, because it would be UNnatural.

    (It is, however, interesting to note that I almost always cycle every 28-30 days, like clockwork, and all four of my babies have been born within the first six days of a calendar month. My body has obviously found SOME sort of consistency.)

    More babies are born at the full moon, as well. (Anyone who works in obstetrics will tell you they’re busier at that time of the month than any other.) So, yes, the moon definitely exerts an influence. But I suspect it’s in more of an indirect manner — altering the atmospheric pressure, for instance — than a direct influence on hormones.

  64. Hi Lauren

    This is really interesting, thanks for the great post! I am currently dealing with imbalanced hormones and acne, blurgh it’s awful! My last cycle was 11 weeks or something ridiculous. This cycle, after following the suggestions in your post, I had a 30 day cycle and my period started on the new moon! Too early to tell from one cycle if it was just a coincidence, but I’ll certainly keep trying : )


  65. It was so interesting to learn what I had noticed in my own cycles is actually the way it is supposed to be! I have a 28-29 day cycle when all is going well and usually ovulate around the full moon (based on cervical mucus) and my period starts around the time of the new moon. I had wondered if there was something to that and I love finding out that it is so! I have fallen off that pattern at times, but when I am eating well and getting good sleep my body seems to naturally go back to ovulation at the full moon and menses at the new moon. This is great for helping my body get back to that should it get thrown off again in future! Thanks for sharing!

  66. Awesome article! I just want to point out that there are people who are not women who get periods and it would be so supportive to the transgender community to make an effort to be inclusive! Love your blog.

  67. I currently have a 28 day cycle and I am using progesterone on days 12-26. My cycle is out of sync with the moon. I think this would be a good way to strengthen my hormones and do away with progesterone. In the meantime, would I just use a night light during the full moon? I am not sure how I would use progesterone because my cycle might be shifting…how would I know what days to use progesterone? I am a little confused on what do…

  68. Lauren I totally love every single blog you write! You have helped me so much especially with adrenals and thyroid issues. I just purchased your Quit PMS book. I can’t wait to dive in and get my hormones on track.

  69. Hi, I’m not sure you’ll answer, but I want to know what do you think about medical conditions like hyperplasia and fibrodemoniosis, I was diagnosed about 3 week ago through a biopsia. I’ve been menstruating for around 3 months 🙁 My doctor says I have to clean myself (I had no had seen period for around 5months) but I’m going crazy :/ I’m looking after my feelings to see if it’s an emotional respond to something else, but I just don’t know anymore.

    PD: Spanish speaker, sorry for the mistakes xD

  70. Interesting post. With both of my kids, I noticed that the cycles I conceived them in (1st child took 6 months, 2nd child took 1 year) I had ovulated exactly the day after the full moon! And in the other months we had been trying, ovulation was farther away from the full moon!

    But what are you supposed to do if your cycles are the opposite (or close to)? So, if you ovulate closer to the new moon and start your cycle around the full moon? The instructions you gave for resetting your cycle seemed to go off of your ovulation signs (fertile CM), but if that isn’t near the full moon naturally, how does it reset it to the moon? Does that make sense?

    We are hoping to start trying to conceive again after the new year, but looking ahead, if my cycle remains the same as now, I will be ovulating completely opposite times as the full moon :/


  71. Hi Lauren,

    What would you suggest doing if you are still waking in the night to feed or soothe your baby? I have a small lab in her room that goes real dim, to medium dim, to bright.(3 settings). I am a moon lover (in fact I named my baby girl Dixie Luna:D ) and I SO want to do this as I have been struggling with hormone imbalances for4-5 years now.


  72. I am also a red moon person,so it will be interesting to see if the lights on around the full moon make a difference. I have always thought that the moon cycle had an effect on my menstrual cycle. Very interesting! I really enjoyed reading about this.Thank You!🌜🌚🌛

  73. I personally have problem with hormonal inbalance and staph infection. Please I dont know how you could help me. I have taken several medication, each time i go back for check up it is the same state as previous. I have been having discharge from my breast for more than a year now . please I need your assistance.


  74. Great article and used your post to get my cycles more on track. I was wondering- when/if someone becomes pregnant, when they are approaching their due date, would they allow the moonlight back in their room to encourage labor?

    Thank you!

  75. I just started moon lighting according to this article.. slept in total darkness for 2 months first yesterday had light and tonight is full moon and i just started! How do i flip my cycle around? Do i just stay on the path?

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