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    • I am not a fan of basil but I have found that it works perfectly with this spaghetti squash. A simple tomato basil sauce and a protein like sausage or meatballs is delicious and simple. (Also works instead of rice for my Paleo chili)

  1. I have made spaghetti squash maybe 50 over the last few years. I tried your method today and this was by far the best way I have ever cooked it. The squash turned out perfectly! I couldn’t be happier and won’t cook it any other way now. Thank you.

  2. Just tried this and it came out beautifully. I never loved spaghetti squash until finding this recipe…I’m now hooked and will be adding this into my meal plan a lot more. Thank you so much!

    • I’m in Australia too.
      Never heard or seen Spaghetti squash. .. looks like I’ll be sourcing some seeds and growing my own… unless someone else can identify it for us.
      I’ll image search on Internet.

      • This is a squash of the cucurbita pepo linnaeus species. It is rounded and oblong in shape, measuring as much as 12 inches in length and 6 inches in diameter. When ripe, it is typically light yellow in color and weighs around 5 pounds. It is also variously called vegetable spaghetti, (the more common term for it in the UK), noodle squash, vegetable marrow, squaghetti, and mandarin squash. Also: Orangetti – This is a more recent hybrid of the original spaghetti plant. Orangetti has the same general oblong shape as the original, but a more distinctive orange color. True to its name and origin, though, the meat is also long and stringy like spaghetti when cooked. Not surprisingly, orangetti has a high carotene content. And some say a sweeter flavor. The most popular variety today (though not necessarily the best tasting), is called “hasta la pasta” and is available in seed form from the Burpee Seed Company. more here:

      • Good ole Google will show you where you can find it in Aus. There are a few spots near me in Melbourne which are listed as suppliers but they rarely stock it.Perhaps if a few of us keep asking for it, they might.

  3. Hi Lauren, thabks for sharing this tip! It’s going to be my first time to bake spaghetti squash and I’m lucky to have read your post I’m so excited that I won’t fail because your tips are easy and perfect!

  4. I am about to try this recipe for supper and I know how hard it is to cut Spaghetti Squash…I came up with the idea to use my electric knife that I use for meats. It worked beautiful and I would recommend this method from now on.

  5. Want to make a spaghetti squash recipe for guest ….could I prebake earlier in day….and then reheat when I add to skillet with shrimp scampi sauce closer to serving….was thinking of under cooking a bit so it doesn’t turn out mushy…I like to have as much prep done prior to guest arriving …thx

  6. I tried this, and it just burnt and dried out. It wouldn’t get tender. The second time I tried I put olive oil on the rim and it came out much better. I wonder why Mine was so dry/burnt so much? It didn’t get tender

  7. Just to ask I afore pasta and spaghetti and am wondering about Spaghetti Squash here where I live this does not exist?? Living here on a Canarian Island, please any suggestions or maybe just make a Zucchini one?
    Have been gluten free for a year 3 days ago…Best move ever I am healthier filter and more alert than ever before and I just love cooking and baking.
    Thank you

  8. I was just wondering what to make for dinner tomorrow night…problem solved….the clincher was the cut up carrots….I had just cleaned out my pantry and found a can of pinto beans and one of white was a no–brainer…but I like the idea of the carrots…also the olives…never have used it in chili before, so will be a new experience…

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