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    • Yes, I agree. It’s not healthy to be completely obsessive about eating only pristinely-prepared food. (Well, in some cases– like periods of healing –that may be necessary.) But if you are healthy and follow a real food diet, then it is beneficial to occasionally break the rules!

  1. When making the waffles, are the egg whites supposed to be beaten until stiff before added to the mixture? I read the instructions above several times to see if I missed that step. I was just wondering, because I have another grain-free recipe for muffins that calls for separating the eggs and then beating the egg whites to provide a lighter texture that is very similar to muffins made from regular wheat flour. I thought that might be the case with these waffles, too.

  2. Just wondering if this recipe could be used for pancakes instead of waffles. I don’t have a waffle iron and don’t want to invest in one, but I’d love to try this recipe. If it can be used for pancakes, would I still need to whip the egg whites? And are any other changes needed?

  3. Hi Carole,

    I haven’t made these myself as pancakes, but I have read to alter a waffle recipe into a pancake recipe or the other way around…Waffles typically use more oil than pancakes need (to give the crisp outer layer) so maybe only just 1 -2 TBSP oil

    I might still whisk the egg white to give it a bit of a lighter inside. I did find this recipe to be more dense than my other one with starch…

    I would recommend, making the pancakes small and thin so they cook through the middle and on a low temp.


  4. Regarding the waffle maker, we had the same issue. I have two children who are extremely sensitive to toxins, but they love waffles. I didn’t want any non-stick anything in the house, even for “treats”. I purchased a cast iron waffle set, the kind many use for camping. It took a little work to learn the best rhythm for making the waffles, but they have a FAR superior crunchy outer crust! The iron is actually easier to clean and smaller to store. I double or even triple batches so that when I do decide to make waffles I freeze most of them to pop in the toaster for later. Seriously, don’t shy away from cast iron, its EASY and gives a wonderful crust! Plus added iron versus toxic chemicals.

  5. Hi Lauren!
    I notice quite a few of your recipes use maple syrup…I was wondering about your diet, you seem to be on GAPS? Have you chosen to make an exeption for maple syrup? I am just interested in your insights on this food 🙂 Thanks sweetie xo

  6. These are wonderful. I’ve already made two batches. I wasn’t a big wheat waffle fan (they were like eating fluff) when I ‘could’ eat wheat. These are light but they have substance. I also like your ultimate coconut flour pancakes along will many of your other recipes! Fabulous. Thank you

  7. I want to make these and eat them now! But I dont have sunflower seed flour in the house..and I am not sure I hv seen it in stores..where do you get yours from? Im gonna try them with almond flour for the moment..ill let you know how they come out.

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