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  1. So cool! I just ordered my first round of MM products. I am in my twenties and have premature graying on the crown of my head, so I want to try the MM henna 🙂 I am concerned about the gray turning the henna bright orange. Do you think that adding the amla to the henna would tone that down? Thank you for all you do to put together such an amazing blog! I tell people about it every chance I get 🙂

  2. Hi Lauren! Love your website & now my teen daughter is hooked too! I finally got her to try MM, after I had been using it for 6+ months, by sharing your articles. She is so pleased with her “new hair”. I have a great amla powder supplement I’ve been using, however, it also contains spirulina. Do you think I could try the above treatment recommendation with this added ingredient? I know spirulina had many benefits but not sure of the typical affects it might have. I’ll probably order MM’s but also looking for a way to use what I have. Thank you!

  3. Dear Lauren,

    Its so lovely that you’re taken control of your healthy by such natural means!
    It’s thematic throughout your articles how potentially damaging grains are.
    Despite the positive health benefits you’ve experienced on the GAPS diet is this perhaps more so because American wheat products are far more loaded with GM ingredients, a myriad of chemicals and high fructose corn syrup?

    The composition of grains has been altered and has lost some its nutritional value since the 50’s, but I often consume a rye bread with only 4 ingredients, including the sunflower seeds and I’ve never experienced any gastrointestinal upset.. Are some just more fortunate to be able to tolerate grain based foods?
    Sorry for the load of questions but for a time I went off breads and pastas and a notable decrease in blood sugar and cognitive function was the most salient result of this. Additionally I even got pimples which miraculously disappear when I return to eating three-four ingredient wheat products (without any of the chemicals like palm oil, canola oil and other chemicals often present in bread)

    Hope you have a nice arvo

    Warm Regards,

    Claire xx

  4. I am a little disappointed. I had tried MM before and did not like the red. I read this article and another and decided to try again. I ordered several packages of brown henna to make the shipping worth it and got some amla powder as well. I followed the instructions to a T. My hair seemed redder than when I didn’t use the amla. No one had commented when I did it before, but this time many people noticed that I had dyed my hair RED. And it still looks red and it’s been a month. So now I have a bunch of henna that I’m afraid to use. It seems the promises of henna without red are maybe unrealistic.

    • My husband and I have dark brown hair with increasing amounts of white and gray. We have had to experiment to get the color just right but we love henna and the volume and shine it adds.

      My husband’s hair was particularly stubborn. The white hairs would be way too red although the dark hairs were fine. We now use the MM black color (his natural color before gray) as a two-step process for him. First, 3 hours of henna, rinse and dry, then 3 hours of indigo. It takes beautifully and there’s NO red.

      My natural color (before gray) is dark brown. I use MM light brown color as a one-step process. I mix the light brown henna, let it sit for 8 hours to release the color, then add light brown indigo and apply the whole mix for 3 hours as a one-step process. The result is beautiful shiny dark-brown hair. I have two stubborn patches of wiry white hair just above my ears. Those end up reddish unless I apply a little extra indigo. I generally use a dab or two of my husbands dark mix. It works perfectly. My eyebrows are salt-and-pepper and very hard to dye. I use my husband’s black mix for those, too. The result is very natural and the glossy, soft hair looks nothing like any chemical dye job over gray hair.

      Don’t give up on henna. Like cooking a favorite recipe, it takes a little time and effort. But the results are so worth it.

  5. Hi Lauren, I live in Europe and I have tried several organic Henna brands from German companies, brands which had even received a prize for their purity. However I have been feeling unwell each time I have used the henna powder on my hair, usual reactions involved swelling, itching and a general feeling of malaise. I have read that henna is always loaded with heavy metals, that’s why it may cause adverse reactions in sensitive people.
    Have the MM products you recommend been tested for purity and heavy metals? Thank you

  6. Hi. I had my first grey hair at 16. At 25 I started with permanent color. At 48 I decided to go all natural. It took a while. And I love my silver hair. I have bi racial hair. Mostly white in the front and salt and pepper in the back. I wanted to know if I use neutral amla will it change my hair color. I love the color but need a treatment. Thanks

  7. Hi, I love having discovered, finally a truly pure, Animal friendly, toxin and chemical free product. I love using the Henna and Indigo along with Amla as I have natural curly long dark brown hair. I dyed my hair about 3 weeks ago, turned out fabulous by the way, had only a wee bit of Amla to mix… now I wanted to give it a more conditioning, curl boost and want to use the Amla alone. I have read the articles on it, but do I apply it on dry hair just as I do with the other products….? It didn’t state whether or not hair needs to be dry or damp. Plus, I do mine in the bathroom sink very carefully with a non drip pasty consistency and I have everything ready and there isn’t any mess…..just taking my time and wearing an old T-shirt just in case a drop may go awry. Oh, do I use warm water to mix it with…..and do I let the Amla sit for a bit before using it? Thanks so very much.

  8. i m eating amla powder since one year and still I m suffering from hair fall…and now since one month I m applying amla ,henna,shikakahi,or ritha powder on together my scalp…nothing hpn till now what to do….

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