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    • Yes, certainly. Pecans would be a lovely substitute, and almonds would work as well. Just soak the nuts overnight and proceed with the recipe. I would recommend using a heaping half cup of nuts because the sunflower seeds are more condensed in the measuring cup–if that makes sense. I hope you enjoy!

    • I love this recipe because I don’t have to soak and sprout the seeds… that takes forever! It is so convenient to just throw the soaked seeds right into the batter. You get all the benefits of sprouting the seeds, without the hassle of dehydrating them. I hope you enjoy the recipe!

    • It’s debatable that stevia is allowed on GAPS, but I can understand if you don’t want to eat it. I’ve been researching stevia recently, and I just decided to give it up. Unfortunately, honey would throw off the moisture content in this recipe. I’m experimenting with a honey-sweetened version of this recipe and hopefully it will be up soon!

      • This is the information from the GAPS question and answer section:

        A bit of fresh stevia herb is OK, as any edible herbs. But I don’t recommend processed stevia used as a sweetener. We simply don’t know enough about it yet.

        This is why I get confussed on recipes with Stevia. I love your blog and your recipes.

        • Thank you for your comments and kind words!

          I was thinking of that exact section from the GAPS faq page, too! Since Dr. Natasha doesn’t say it is illegal due to the carbohydrate structure, I think it comes down to personal choice whether to include it on the diet. Dr. Elaine Gottschall, who popularized the specific carbohydrate diet, basically says the same thing about stevia–it is not illegal, but she doesn’t recommend it because the molecules are actually similar to steroid molecules. Isn’t that interesting?

          It seems like people have set opinions on their sweeteners. I tried offering both honey and stevia sweetened things here. For example, I recently gave a recipe for stevia-sweetened coconut flour muffins because I had requests for sugar free things. But then other people want only honey-sweetened things. It’s impossible to please everyone, I guess. But I really appreciate your input, and I am leaning towards not posting stevia recipes anymore.

    • When I set up my Pinterest account, it gave me a Pin It button to put on my browser toolbar. Do you have that? I am looking into setting up a Pin It button for each picture, so that when you mouse over an image a Pin It button will pop up. I hope it will be up soon, and I’m sorry for any inconvenience! I’ve just pinned this recipe to my Empowered Sustenance board, so you can repin it from there in the meantime.

  1. Could this be crumbled “raw” on top of pie filling and baked along with the pie instead of separately? Will it get done enough that way? Just wondering, as I like to make apple crumb pie with a pecan flour crust. Thanks!

    • My concern would be that the juices from the apples might make it soggy. So I’m not sure… Maybe you could just bake this while your pie is cooking (at whatever oven temp.), giving it a stir every so often to make sure it doesn’t get over done? But if you do decide just to put it on top, I’d be interested to hear how it works 🙂

  2. Hello Lauren – I made this last night as a topping for blueberry/banana crumble and it worked perfectly (even without stevia). I just cooked the fruit first and added the topping in the last 20 mins. Yummy crunchy deliciousness – thanks so much for sharing! X

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