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  1. The sad thing is the spleen may be the cause for a person’s adrenal fatigue! Though it only seems to be widely accepted in Chinese medicine, the spleen clears out infection and virus. In “traditional” medicine it’s recognized as cleaning out old blood cells. Yes, you can live without your spleen, but you can also live with only one kidney. That doesn’t mean either is the ideal.

    Personally, after contracting Lyme Disease many years ago, my health began to decline, finally appearing as adrenal/thyroid problems. It wasn’t until I sought an acupuncturist that I understood my spleen ALSO needs attention. So while I’m not saying this is the case for everyone, I am saying it’s just ironic that the spleen, just like the adrenals, gets overlooked when it’s quite possible it’s a missing piece in the same puzzle. This is why—as you are so proficient at, Lauren— looking at the WHOLE body is so important in healing, not just focusing on one malfunction.

    Sorry for the long spiel! Can you tell I have a lot of non-crunchy people in my life?! =P I’m starved for a good discussion. =)

    • Western medicine completely overlooks the spleen but it is so integral in Chinese medicine, which I find very interesting. I agree – we can live without some organs (like an appendix or gallbladder) but it is far from ideal. I really don’t know much about Chinese medicine, but I want to learn more about it!

      Ha ha, if you long to discuss spleens and adrenal glands and Chinese medicine, you’re in the right place 🙂

      • After reading countless resources on adrenal fatigue and recovery, this is the first time I have seen the spleen mentioned. I am getting an “ASI” TEST done tomorrow morning, I heard that is the best test to find out if you have adrenal gland fatigue, but what do you think? I am totally convinced that I have severe adrenal gland fatigue, and that I have had it for a long time. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I stumbled upon adrenal gland fatigue as the problem for all of my symptoms.. I am in the beginning process of changing my diet and taking supplements.

        • We all get to choose what diet path works for us, but, if you are interested in seeing the effects of meat, versus plant-based, notice the general health of people on different diets. People who eat a “healthy” plant-based diet (mostly organic, low carb/sugar/processed) may get insignificant illnesses (cold/flu), but on average, have fewer significant health problems, which is proof that old myths about a plant-based diet (not enough protein, fatigue, etc.) are just that–myths (there are Olympians and competitive weight lifters who compete against the world’s best athletes who are on a plant-based diet). If you have access to people in health care, specifically, surgeons, the net effect of dietary choices, becomes clear. My father-in-law just had a 9-hour surgery for pancreatic cancer. HIs doctor, a leading pancreatic cancer specialist said the cancer was caused by years of eating meat. Eating a meat-based diet (lean or otherwise) simply introduces variables (hormones, overuse of antibiotics in raising animals, toxins which reside in fat tissue), that do not exist in plants. Again, we all get to choose what diet we follow. The proof for me is reading about numerous health conditions linked to an animal-based diet, and how a plant-based diet is restorative. Whatever diet is recommended to reduce inflammation in general (which underlies most disease), and to restore natural immune functioning in cancer patients is the one I’m interested in, and that’s not a meat/dairy based diet. It’s plant based.

      • Hi Lauren,

        I have questions. I have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, insulin resistance, hypothyroidism and hypoglycemia. My menstrual cycle is a nightmare. I am 35 lbs over weight. and can not loose a pound.
        I gain if i look at starchy food(which im worried is something i contributed to myself by avoiding it so severly) and live my life with my diet under constant scrutiny. Food is the enemy and i am beyond sick of it . I do bootcamp five nights a week, pilates two mornings a week and bikram yoga three days a week. AND I do Not loose even a pound but my body is quite tone even being over weight. I realize you said no exercise but I am scared to death to gain because i gain 5 pounds in a shot and Never Ever Loose without extreme measures. it took me three years to loose 30 lbs after spending 10 hours a week and watching constantly in the gym only to gain it back. the quickest weight loss i saw was on Ideal protein diet. i lost 12 pounds in 12 weeks eating only protein and veggies. it was the hardest easiest weight loss i ever had.
        I recently went to a holistic doctor that gave me 25 pills twice a day. I can not tell you how sick I felt every time i had to consume all of them. Needless to say this didn’t last the two months he recommended. I am thinking to go back to the ideal protein diet to loose the weight but worry the ketosis is unhealthy and that i will further do damage by consuming virtually no carbs. And i am sure this still wont balance my hormones. Is this good idea?
        I have read to give up caffeine and alcohol which i am willing to do. And I can incorporate the suggested supplements but will this balance the hormones permanently?. Your thoughts and suggestions PLEASE.

        • Lauren, The best test for adrenal status is the 4 part cortisol saliva test. ZRT Labs has these online. Once you have your results, you can design your healing plan. I can’t get copy and paste to work here but if you will go to the Stop The Thyroid Madness website and look for the article ” How adrenals can wreak havoc” you will find the latest and best info available.

        • Jennine,
          Adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism can themselves cause weight gain. Seeking to treat them will help in the long run with your overall well-being. I would ask is your long term health more important or your short term body weight?

          With adrenal fatigue extreme exercise, such as you mentioned, only further depletes your body and prevents healing.

          Lastly, taking supplements at the care and guidance of a holistic doctor is one of the best things you can do to get your health back on track. Lauren’s blog advice is really great, but a holistic doctor is a personal health coach who can help address you individual circumstances and needs.

        • I am SO glad to come across this site! and this comment! I have known about my stressed adrenal glands for a few years but supplement & diet treatment didn’t seem to help much and then I was pregnant and concerned to continue the supplements. I recently did an extensive saliva test that again confirmed my adrenal fatigue and then discovered I have very low levels of testosterone, along with almost constant cortisol boosting day & night, and a heightened melatonin level in the afternoon.

          I have also been doing the Ideal Protein diet and have had results but VERY expensive and slow. I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle and I don’t know what advice should scream the loudest?? I’m stressed about sticking to a healthy eating plan, but then I’m not supposed to eat no carb for the adrenals. I also had a kidney stone in December and the doctor told me to stay away from leafy greens (which I haven’t been following that advice). It really is a vicious cycle and I don’t know what to focus on fixing which is causing more stress, making things worse, rather than making any progress.

          My current supplements are: Super B complex, B5B6, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Phosphatidylserine, Adrenevive, Ive been taking them for 4 months now and haven’t noticed much difference besides forking out LOTS of money…

          Any thoughts of tips to my dilemma battle would be greatly appreciated.

        • Hi Lauren, I realise this is an old post, but I will comment anyway. I have been exactly where you are. It’s with certainty I would say you have high Reverse T3 ( RT3). I suggest you request this test and go from there. If your levels come back high, and you need to undertake T3 only therapy, make sure you take some kind of adrenal support for at least a month before you commence on the t3 only. Ortho adapt adrenal glandular from iherb is fantastic. Do some research and look into thyroid hormone resistance and high Reverse T3, and also failure of T4 to convert to T3.

      • I have Lyme disease, and my adrenals are practically dead! Of course, I can’t prove which came first, but Lyme is a constant attack on the immune system, so the adrenals will suffer from it. Hope you are on the road to healing!

    • I could not disagree more with the article comment that states “…it is impossible to achieve optimal adrenal health being a vegan.” Diet is an important component of adrenal functioning, but it is one of several components. At the end of the day, the pros and cons of any diet can be justified scientifically and empirically.

    • I enjoyed reading your blog I believe I have adrenal fatigue for years I have been a victim of abuse then I had to endure the pain the pain of taking care of my deceased family. I have a diagnosis of lupus but I am so tired everyday my quality of life suffers. I read all of the criteria for adrenal fatigue I fit them all. It seems I don’t have any energy until late in the day I try hard to keep a routine my diet could use improvement. Your article was helpful I hope my md maybe will be receptive to this diagnosis. Thank you

    • I am excited to read your post. My story is very similar with Lyme disease in my recent past, which caused adrenal fatigue at the time and now, a few years later, pretty intense hypothyroidism and hypoglycemia. As I’m figuring out what route to go for treatment I’ve been considering acupuncture. Have you found this helpful?

  2. Thanks for this post! I’d been looking forward to it for quite some time! My doctor diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue a month or so ago, and while it was good to have some clarity for my issues, it’s been really tough being tired, not sleeping, hardly digesting, etc. My doctor gave me “Phytisone” which is a vitamin and herbal supplement for the adrenals. It’s supposed to be safe for pregnant women (I am pregnant). What do you know about Phytisone, if anything?

    • I’m glad you found the post helpful! I’ve not used Phytisone and I’m not familiar with it, but that’s a good reminder for everyone to check with their doctor before using any of the supplements here if you are breastfeeding or pregnant. In general, the supplements I discuss here are not problematic for pregnancy, but check anyway. The Gaia supplement contains tulsi, which may have a contraceptive effect, but only in high doses and this has only been observed in animal studies.

    • I don’t think adrenal fatigue is a fraud (or else I wouldn’t have written the post :)), although there are many different faces to the issue and different causes. This post explains how to address the roots of stress management and hormone health, so it provides wellness support from the root of the issue.

      • I agree completely with you. Adrenal fatigue is not a fraud. This was a great article.

        I had what was considered a severe case to almost the point of complete failure. I gained some serious weight (it’s been tough taking it off), had the sleeping issues, allergies, cravings for sugar & salt, and several other problems. Went to see specialists, to no avail. My naturopathic doctor put me on bovine (yes) adrenaline pellets and a dhea compound. After taking these for 4 years my gland has “jumpstarted” itself and working fine now. I go in for a test about once a year to check it to make sure it’s still running correctly.
        I am not a doctor, but I have recommended friends have theirs checked when some symptoms could be and one of them was grateful as she had it.
        I am glad I am healthy and pay attention to the signs from here on.

        • Glad I found this post-period! I had Lyme about 10 yrs ago and never been quite the same.. To top things off, my Pacreas went haywire 3 years ago, followed 6 months later by a severe Staph Pneumonia! Hospitalized both times! I am now in the depths of hell–with no end in sight. I keep having low-grade low Cortisol levels, and severe Vit. D deficiency. I’m on my own as the docs keep blowing me off. Can you give me a hint as to where to find both supplements?

  3. Thank you for this article. This is different than other articles I have read about Adrenal Fatigue and it was very helpful. I would love to know more about what supportive meals for the adrenal would look like. I know you mentioned paleo, but you also said not to do low carb. Could you give an example of what that would look like? I know diet plays a big role in recovery.

  4. Without testing, I know I have adrenal fatigue. I’ve heard that one symptom is waking up too early and being unable to fall asleep. I’m in grad school and make a huge, 99% successful effort to be in bed at least 9 hrs a night, with lights out for at least 8 hrs (with pleasure reading and journaling in between). I have textbook perfect sleep hygiene. However, I still wake up after only 6 hours and can’t fall back to sleep. I’m exhausted all the time so I definitely need more. Obviously I need more sleep for healing, but it’s hard to heal when sleep-deprived! Any suggestions for overcoming this vicious cycle? I eat about 25-30% carbs (65% fat and the rest protein), most of which are in the form of a large serving of sweet potato with dinner (drowning in coconut oil with salt). I also take Gaia’s Sleep Thru and Adrenal Health.

  5. I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, along with a vitamin D deficiency, anemia and something to do with my blood sugar about a year ago. I went through a weight loss after having my second child due to stress of medical issues of my first child. I am a non-eater during intense stress. While I am a healthier weight now I do notice the midsection is holding onto the weight. I have been trying to exercise (run at least 3x per week) and after reading your article I am thinking I should just walk on the treadmill. I am curious if you think that the supplement relora helps with the weight as well as helping to cope with stress, since my stress isn’t going away anytime soon. I am working hard at trying to help to manage my anxiety during these periods. I am taking supplements and incorporating more nutrient dense foods into my diet but it isn’t always easy to do the later. I felt like I was getting better but notice over the last few months that I feel like the fatigue is back almost to where I was last year.

    • PBR
      I ended up with AF a couple of years after my second child was born. I lost a lot of weight at first but 2 years later suddenly gained a lot of midsection weight and grew out of all my pants within 3 months which has never happened before. If I went for a jog, the next day was so exhausted I could barely walk. I forced myself to be sedentary. There were several other things such as waking up at 3:15 every night and not getting back to sleep. I had all the symptoms and severely. The naturopath I saw explained the midsection weight as classic ‘cortisol weight’ and that it would go away once the cortisol levels were back to normal. I was breastfeeding so had to use mainly homeopathics. I finally started to see some relief after trying the candida diet but will now try paleo as its more suitable to my lifestyle. It took 2 years to start to feel back to normal. I agree about protein. I grazed on protein all day and started and ended my day with it. The wacky blood sugar seemed to cause most of my problems, especially mood and depression and that is one simple thing that really helped. And yes, cal/mag at night for insomnia. I could go on and on about what helped me but it is wonderful to see this talked about and love this site!

      • Jane, I do hope you make it back here to share the details of your recovery… been dealing with AF for a few years now, doing everything right, and feeling better, but any attempt to shake the 45 lbs I gained in a couple of months only results in my symptoms coming back….looooong battle for me

        tks, Lisa

        • I was diagnosed with AF in 2010 after I finally found a doctor who practiced both Eastern & western medicine together (and yes, he had a medical license) and confirmed the diagnosis with a blood test. I was also extremely stressed at the time, which didn’t help with my recovery.

          I do know about and have tried all the remedies, including bovine adrenal, adrenal-supporting herbs, eating first thing in the morning, eating more protein and salt, reducing stress, sleeping enough, etc. But the biggest challenge for me STILL…even 5 years later, is consistency. I still get on caffeine jags where I’m having coffee everyday until I start to feel bad and then I go back to tea. I’ve been on a no booze/no sugar diet for the past 2 weeks and am going for a full month of neither, and MAYBE limited quantities after.

          Last week I did 4 strenuous bootcamp classes and noticed I had several crashes after. The past 2 days I’ve felt terrible (fatigued, light-headed) and had problems sleeping. I’m not sure what to do other than keep trying and dial in that consistency!

          • Hi Heidi,

            I’ve been on the exact same boat as you’re. And you’re right, consistency is key. No coffee, no booze is a must and keep eating healthy and often, and one thing that kills my adrenals is going low carb, once i dialed it all in, I start to feel better, in couple weeks, and don’t forget to incorporate a healthy exercise routine once you start to feel better!

  6. This is such a great post and I definitely agree- not enough is taught or talked about when it comes to these glands. My step-dad passed away nearly two years ago because of issues with his adrenal glands. Thank you for posting, what’s really odd and has me thinking now is that about a year before he passed away he thought he came down with desert fever after a long road trip through Arizona, the symptoms seem oddly familiar to adrenal fatigue. I’m starting to think maybe those were the warning signs maybe….it’s not good to think like that, but I do appreciate the insight- I had no idea there was such a thing as adrenal fatigue!

  7. Thank you, Lauren, for sharing this information. I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue about 3 years ago, my symptoms have dramatically improved, but some days I feel extremely worn out. I am going to try Himalayan Salt Sole, and eating more protein for breakfast. How many grams of protein do you try to eat in a day? Since my diagnosis with Adrenal Fatigue I have struggled with weight loss. Any suggestions?

  8. I am recovering from Adrenal Fatigue and a Leaky Gut from too many c-sections. To heal my naturopath recommended the GAPS diet and then following a Whole 30 diet permanently. I haven’t been turning off the electronics and getting enough time outside in the sunlight. Also, I did not realize that the one cup of coffee I was having in the morning was a problem. I am healing. This article highlights a lot of great information for people.

    • Hey, it sounds like Magnesium needs to be incorporated into your life as well. Magnesium is by far the most important mineral in the body. After oxygen, water, and basic food, magnesium may be the most important element needed by our bodies; vitally important, yet hardly known. Learn more by visiting this site: Also, with the leaky gut issue – it would help greatly to take a probioitic supplement, specifically Lactobacillus Acidophilus to create a healthy gut flora and promote your intestinal health!

  9. Hi Lauren!

    You’re posts are so clear and organized. You put information in a way that I can understand very easily. It is a pleasure to read them. I’m fourteen years old and I love to read about health blogs. I can’t believe how non-skeptical I am about the posts. I believe everything because Mother Nature wasn’t meant to be mistreated this way.
    It is quite difficult sharing this information with people I know and my family. It’s so unconventional and unique. (exactly why I love it because what people advertise just don’t work. I knew there was something behind it!)
    My Dad suspects even to the extent that people who blog these kinds of posts might be selling crack!
    What person who spends time blogging about health would not get the message about health!
    Thank you, you’re posts are blessings to me,


      • Lauren G,
        Thank you SO much for this post! I have every last one of these symptoms, yet all the docs just send me home with more massive doses of Vit. D, which hasn’t helped much. It started with the Lyme looking back, but has gotten progressively worse over the years. To add to my woes–Severe attack of Pancreatitis, followed by a nasty bout of Staph Pneumonia! Add in the IBS, terrible bouts of diarrhea….and all while on pain meds for my back ( broken in 5 places, about the same time). After the severe illnesses all my teeth decided to either break or ” dissolve”, within about 6 months! I desperately need help. My Cortisol is on the low end, but gets ignored. And my Vit D is almost non-existent! I KNOW something is wrong, but the doctors are useless. Any suggestions on supplements would be much appreciated.. I thought to start with DHEA and the bovine adrenal pellets with Magnesium. Try and change my diet too, but I am almost bedridden at this point. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated at this point. I have reached my ” wits end”! Hope to hear from you, or anyone with thoughts on what’s causing this.
        Thank you,

        • You poor dear! I recommend that you ask around and find a reputable naturopathic doctor in your area. With such a complicated situation, it would be difficult for just anyone to make recommendations on treatment for you (((hugs)))

  10. Hey, great post Lauren,

    I found out about Adrenal Fatigue about a year ago from a Naturopathic doctor. I didn’t actually believe the doctor when she told me, and instead thought she was overlooking a hormone imbalance or food sensitivity. Later on I realized she was right.

    I saw the biggest improvement just by making sure to eat every 2-3 hours throughout the day. It was also important to try and combined a healthy fat, protein and carbohydrate at every meal. I spend a lot of time on my day off cooking small meals for the whole week but its worth it to, see how much better I feel everyday.

    I also realized how much my sleep was telling me about how well I was taking care of myself. When I can’t fall asleep, or wake up 2-3 hours before my alarm goes off then I know I need to take a look at what I’m doing wrong. The two things that have helped me the most are Natural Calm (magnesium supplement) before bed, and a cup of hot Tulsi tea. These two things help relax me, and if I’m also eating right and not letting the stress of the day take over my mind, then I sleep sound.

    This is my first post ever, and I read a lot of health blogs. This is off topic but Lauren your blog helped me discover that commercial milk substitutes were causing my constant stomach problems. Thank you so much!!


  11. Thank you for the information!! I am starting to realize this may be my problem. However – and maybe this is part of it – I keep gaining weight it seems. I have been considering joining a gym again and finding (somehow) a time to go. I agree that cardio just makes me swell and get hungry, but I considered a weight program…

    What about yoga? Would that be adrenal-friendly?

    • Michelle, I use yoga as a way to relax while also exercising. It’s helpful on days you didn’t get enough exercise (by that I mean the fact that the majority of us work in front of computers and spend too much time sitting). Although you shouldn’t overexert yourself, a sedentary lifestyle also inhibits proper sleep.

      Also, thyroid and adrenals go hand in hand (I’m dealing with that myself!) So your weight problem may be related to that.

      Good luck with yoga! I’ve come to love it. =)

    • Raviana Kundalini yoga- especially the fat free dvd with the “love your glands” segment at the end is perfect for adrenal fatigue and a lot of other things too. They are awesome and doable fun yoga exercises. Much better than regular hold poses yoga. Check it out on Google or I think they may have some clips on youtube

  12. I read somewhere that chocolate stresses the adrenal glands and it should be avoided to heal adrenal fatigue. Do you know if this is true? Is it okay to eat chocolate with adrenal fatigue? (I mean organic homemade paleo chocolates.) Thank you. 🙂

  13. I’ve true many supplements during the recovery process of my own adrenal fatigue. I am very interested in trying essential oils, but I am very sensitive to scents. Can you tell me which oils are in the Adrenal Balance blend you use?

  14. A great article about a very serious condition – one that most certainly needs to be recognized by the medical community. I am curious what your cortisol levels were like? There are different treatments that seem to work for different stages of adrenal fatigue and while diet and lifestyle are definitely key components some people may need a bit more support – particularly if you are near adrenal exhaustion and find that you have all low cortisol levels throughout the day. What are your thoughts and feelings on this?

  15. I stumbled on the idea of adrenal fatigue being one of my issues last year, when it was taking me an hour to fall asleep, and I was waking up at least three times a night and waking up exhausted. I also couldn’t get through the day without a two hour nap in the afternoon and craved sugar like crazy. I did the eye test (using a flash light in a dark room and seeing how your pupils respond…mine couldn’t stay contracted for more than three seconds before dilating again), as well as the blood pressure test, and decided to try healing my adrenals as best I could.

    I cut out caffeine and sugar completely for three months, went to bed every night at the same time, put a dimmer on my laptop to minimize blue light, took some soothing herbs before bed, ate within half an hour of getting up, and included more saturated fats in my diet. Within two weeks I was sleeping through the night, only waking up once to go to the bathroom occasionally and no longer needed my naps. Gradually my energy increased, the fine wrinkles that covered my finger tips faded (i’m only 32 and my fingers looked like they belonged to an 80 year old). 6 months later, anxiety is no longer an issue, apathy is fading, I sleep wonderfully and wake refreshed (most of the time lol), and I no longer crave sugar all day long.
    I am still working on balancing my hormones, healing my gut, and revving up my liver’s detoxing ability, but I feel so much better!

  16. great post!! there was a time we thought we survived from adrenal fatigue, so we eased up with our workouts and changed up our eats some. Feeling much better. We know there are others that really suffer from it, so thanks for sharing these tips!

  17. The thing that frustrates me with all the articles and advice on adrenal fatigue recovery is the recommendation to sleep. I want nothing more in the world than to sleep. I go to bed by 9pm every night hoping for sleep. I fall asleep, and an hour later I’m up so to speak. My brain is on and if I open my eyes I get to watch the clock tick. Sleep is something that eludes someone with adrenal fatigue. No matter what I try – supplements, chiropractic, acupuncture, diet – I haven’t slept through the night since I was 18 (17 years ago).

    • I’m 50 and adrenal fatigue has made peri-menopause a nightmare including chronic insomnia. After trying to do all the right things for a year now with limited success, a couple of weeks ago I increased my DHEA from an occasional 10mg to 30mg daily (in one dose around noon), and low and behold, I’m sleeping thru the night again, and my hot flashes have decreased substantially. My doctor always advises me not to take more than 10mg, but I think sometimes you have to listen to your body.

    • I know how difficult it can be to get to sleep and stay there. One thing that works for me is relaxing vs. fighting it. I used to lay in bed and insist that I sleep. Now I get up and move to a new spot, read a little, and sleep there. It that won’t work, I move again.

      One thing – one being – that consistently helps me relax and sleep in my pitbull “Happi”. I’ve heard that pibbles are very good therapy dogs. I don’t know what it is about him – I have four other dogs and they don’t do it for me – but his solid warmth is the best sleep remedy I’ve ever found.

      Maybe you can rescue one of his friends and he/she can rescue you too.

      Good luck.

    • I was there… try downloading some binaural beats, if they work for you, purchase sleephones (or the less expensive run phones) to wear to bed… when I have a hard time falling asleep, I listen, sometimes I don’t feel like I slept through the night but I wake up rested… you can download free binaural beats on the sleepphones websight …must be listened to 2with stereo headphones because the sound for each ear is unique in what it does to your brainwaves to help u reach a sleep state

      • Best thing I’ve ever heard for rest and relaxation ( and ultimately, sleep) is music by Josh Groban. I have no idea why, but it works every time! I even tried it going into surgery on my mini iPod, and it worked like a charm. Of course it helps if you like his stuff, but that voice is incredibly soothing, lol.

  18. Hey Lauren,
    I’ve been struggling with adrenal fatigue for several years after a very emotionally abusive job and then consequent stress of unemployment/starting my own biz. It’s been a long road and the growing fatigue hasn’t had my full attention until now. I’ve been a vegetarian for 23 years for moral reasons. I’ve now had 3 Naturpaths tell me to eat meat- the last one recommended Paleo. I’m really struggling with that and haven’t been able to bring myself to do it.

    How did you become such an expert so fast? Did you consult with a lot of alternative practitioners? I’m amazed at what you’ve done in a year and a 1/2. not only from health and knowledge perspective, but from growing your audience. i would love some insight on how to do that.

    • Tana,

      I used to be vegetarian as well, until I realized my body struggled without meat. Like you, I had a moral dilemma with meat. What I finally realized is that it’s not that humans should abstain from meat but really take a moment to thank the life that was given so that yours can continue. Plenty of animals eat meat, if not all. Even herbivores ingest a bug or two in their munching! So, personally, I found that saying a small thank you prayer before a meal to thank the animal for giving their life so that I can live has helped me overcome the feeling of guilt. If you’re concerned about the way they are raised, seek grass-fed pastured animals. If you’re really, really concerned, get involved in changing the regulations on factory farming.

      The best thing you can do for the environment is to take care of yourself first. Eating clean foods and boycotting chemical-laden products is not only beneficial for you but for the habitats we’re invading with trash, pesticides, factory farming, etc.

      • Naturopaths also often believe in the blood type diet which is just about the most ridiculous thing ever…and not at all grounded in science. See a dietitican as they have a much more solid background and training and any decent health care professional would encourage a balanced diet consisting of mostly plants and whole foods.. Not animal products which have been shown time and time again to be the largest single strain on our health system because of the large number of diseases they cause.

  19. I am wondering why you didn’t mention the Saliva Cortisol test to help diagnose adrenal fatigue. This can show you whether your cortisol levels are too high, or too low. For me, my cortisol levels spiked during the night, which made it impossible to sleep well. My naturopathic doctor treated me with different recommendations than if I had low cortisol… so that is one thing to keep in mind when getting diagnosed.


  20. HI Lauren,

    I recently discovered your website in the midst of my own very similar healing journey and I can’t tell you how helpful all your information has been. Your website is very professional and aesthetically pleasing. Your articles are also very informative and helpful. I like how you site your sources and provide links to your favorite products and related articles.

    I am suffering from adrenal fatigue, I have been for quite awhile but only have recognized it as such in the last 6 months. I have changed my diet from vegan to primal, started supplementing with herbs and vitamins, regularly consulting my TCM/ 5 element Lic AC, taken up a yoga practice, etc, etc, etc. My number one problem is chronic insomnia, I pretty much never sleep and haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in almost 2 years! And I know its such a viscous cycle because we need sleep to heal the adrenals. Sometimes I feel like no matter what I do, nothing works.

    One thing I have started lately is rebounding exercise, which I very much enjoy. Then I got to reading this article and you mention NO excerise for awhile. I am wondering if rebounding is included?

    Thanks for all the great advice,
    be well.

  21. Hey Lauren,

    I have been on a similar journey of naturally healing my adrenal . I’ve really enjoyed reading the advice as I have stumbled upon a lot of the things you’ve mentioned (even before I knew it was adrenal fatigue) and it’s nice to relate to someone else’s story.

    Personally, I have noticed a relationship between my adrenal fatigue and my own compulsive nature around doing things, and working. It was hard for me to realize, took me 5 years of major stress to notice, that I was sacrificing my health and rest for activities and work accomplishments. I’m wondering if you (or others) have come across this concept, or noted similar behaviour based drivers that resulted in their adrenal fatigue?

    **Hoping to heal the whole me**

    • Hi Jenna! I agree – my hunch is that some personality types are more prone to adrenal fatigue. Type-A, driven, perfectionistic people – in my experience – seem to be more susceptible because emotional stress plays a huge role. I call myself a recovering type-A 🙂 I couldn’t become healthy without mindfully releasing myself from my perfectionistic attitude.

    • hi lauren,

      this is in response to jenna who was wondering about ones nature and being compulsive.i know that for me i have worked hard for many years,which it was a have to work to survive type of thing.i know that our lives can play a role on us for sure and now i am resting more, taking all kinds of vitamins,teas,and anything else my naturopathic doctor tells me.i am glad to see and hear others are where i am at.Some of my family seem to think i am lying about my condition and think i dont want to work.This is not familiar to them of adrenals so they have alot of misconceptions.So Thankyou to all who respond with comments of what they do for themselves it is a help for us all.

  22. This is wonderful and good timing for me. My homeopath has just started me on some supplements for adrenals and I am trying out the paleo diet and going to do a whole30 during Lent this year… It looks like I should incorporate some of these above ideas as well. Thank you.

  23. Please help me subscribe or know how to return to this blog again .iam 65 diagnosed with adrenal fatigue 15 years ago and have been struggling and trying helpful suggestions but have never heard about salt, Camus Camus magnesium calm until now .im not computer literat but just received an iPad from my adult children and do receive emails now. Please email me how to get back to this blog or I’m afraid I’ll never run across it again and I really need this info……I’m so exhausted I can barely take care of myself. Thank you so much. Annie

    • hope you get this notification Annie…. search for a doctor by going to the website for the institute of functional Medicine, you should be able to find a medical doctor who practices functional Medicine, (an MD, DO).. that’s your best bet to begin treatment and testing

  24. Hi Lauren,

    thanks for this post! I like the fact that it is very specific and also realistic! I wouldn’t expect anything else from your posts, but there are a lot of unrealistic and quick fix posts online that give damaging guidelines. I have been following such a diet and lifestyle that you described for some time now and they benefit my health so much. I also have AF. I think it is crazy how much food influences every single process in our body! In my case, even the tiniest piece of chocolate or a tiny bit of alcohol hurts my adrenals.. So I had to cut these things out completely.

    I am wondering though, what is your opinion about treating AF with homeopathy? I have been researching quite a lot about this, because I want to make sure it is safe before I try it. My thoughts are, that if the adrenals are unable to produce sufficient amounts of hormones by themselves, then won’t homeopathic remedies deplete the glands even more, by telling them to secrete those hormones? I hope that makes sense 🙂


  25. Hi Lauren,

    Thanks so much for this article! I’ve been struggling since I moved overseas a year ago, possibly because my family aren’t here to help me out etc… (no support network). I’m going to try some of the things you suggested, but I also wanted to add that listening to your body is such an important thing! I can’t go more than a few days without exercising, or I feel very stiff, but I’ve found out it’s okay to do light cardio as long as I STOP when I feel I need to. So normally I can’t last for more than 10-15 minutes, depending on how intense I’m going, but I’ve noticed I’ll be getting better and then suddenly I’ll push myself too far and whoops, that’s it! It takes me at least a week to feel even remotely “normal”.

    Also, yin yoga or restorative yoga is amazing! I never feel that relaxed by myself.

    I’m going to try and incorporate more liver into my diet – great as it’s quite cheap – but I’ve heard that it’s not good to eat too much, what do you think? Thanks in advance!

    • I think the fact of not having a support system around you can be a constant stressor when you’re trying to heal yourself. I’ve personally found this to be true and am now in the process of trying to resolve this… I am discovering I just can’t do it alone.

      Great post here and some additional tips I see I need to incorporate into my daily healing process. I was to a point where hardly anything was functioning properly in my body – adrenals, liver, thyroid, digestion…..all from a barrage of stressors over a 6 yr. period – starting with the loss of my husband.

      Thanks Lisa and keep up the good work… your posts!

  26. I find it highly suspicious that the Adrenal Balance essential oil does not list the ingredients and instead purports that it is a proprietary blend. I’ve become very conditioned to not use anything in or on my body which I can’t see the ingredients. I have had much success with Young Living’s En-R-Gee blend which contains Rosemary, juniper, lemongrass, nutmeg, Idaho balsam fir, clove, and black pepper. I was wondering what Adrenal Balance contains to compare the ingredients to the blend I use.

    • I understand your concern, and that is why VBO always discloses ingredients upon request. I know it a bit of an inconvenience, but it protects the research and clinical testing than went into creating the oil blends from the Professional line. As I explain in my post about the oils, Vibrant Blue Oils sources pristine and extremely high quality essential oils. The Professional line of oils were created with a very specific ratio of oils and developed in a clinical setting and then tested for effectiveness over a broad range of people. The blends are proprietary, but ingredients are always disclosed upon request. Simply contact Vibrant Blue Oils and they will send you the ingredient list.

  27. Hi Lauren!

    I was wondering if you have ever heard of adaptegens for this problem? A personal trainer recommend them but I’ve never heard of them and I trust your opinion. If you have heard of them can you share your opinion on how they might help adrenal fatigue?

    Thank you,

  28. Wow! This is exactly what I needed to read tonight. Here it is, almost 11pm and I can’t fall asleep again even though I feel exhausted. The last three years have been emotional turmoil for me. I have spent the last two years having blood tests ran and periodic doctor visits to try and figure out why I almost hit the floor every time I stand up, turn my head or even look up quickly while sitting down. My husband is worried I am going to fall and seriously injure myself one day, but the doctor says per the lab tests “I am fine”. The extreme exhaustion, orthostaic hypotension, and the feeling that life was draining out of me led me to see a local naturopathic doctor. She recommended getting tested for adrenal fatigue, but I wanted to wait since it is a spendy test. Upon reading your blog, I feel as though this is the key to my health. I have a two year old son that wants his mama to be active with, and I am tired of telling him and my husband I can’t because I just don’t feel well.
    Thank you for sharing your journey and your knowledge. I hope I can get better soon.

    • Just FYI, I finally did the cortisol test, the 4x in the day saliva test, and it came back showing that I have severe adrenal fatigue. I am now starting on supplements to restore the adrenals, but it looks like its going to be a long journey. I know that I need to kick the caffeine & sugars, but I am trouble giving them up. Do you know of any way that works other than cold turkey? I am so exhausted that I barely function or make sentences straight. Thank you so much and take care.

      • Oh Reshel. We could be twins. I just met with my practitioner on Friday to review my saliva cortisol tests. As with you, several AF. I showed him the natural energy product I had been using 2-3 times a day (320-480 mg of caffeine a day!!) and he took it from me. I literally almost cried. If my husband hadn’t been sitting there as well, I probably would have. Here it is day 4 with zero caffeine and I have more energy than I have had in I don’t know how long!! My doc gave me a product to help with the transition. Adaptocrine by APEX Energetics .

        Not sure if this is why I haven’t had a breakdown or what. But I CAN tell you that you will never never never heal until you get rid of caffeine. Completely. Not even a little. When you are healthy you can revisit it, but trust me when I say that you CAN do this cold turkey. I fully expected to just shut down, but was shocked that I didn’t. Now, don’t go and over-do with all this energy like I did. I had a serious crash today and had to sleep 3 hours longer than normal just to feel functional. I blame my excess activity over the past few days, which is discouraged when healing AF.

        Oh and regarding the sugars, again. You won’t heal if you keep the sugars in your diet. End of story. I can’t take feeling like I have for the past few years, so giving up sugar (which I rarely ate anyhow) and caffeine and/or any stimulants at all, even my allergy pills, was a much easier decision than accepting this horrible feeling for the rest of my life. You can do it!!!!

        • RJ – WOW! I just happened to stumble upon your post! I was coming back to review some notes since after 6 months of no change. Well I haven’t made any changes to consuming caffeine either.
          I ordered the Adaptocrine by APEX Energetics after reading your post, and I have now taken it for a week. But I still haven’t given up the caffeine. My work may suffer, but I have had it!
          Your post has inspired me to let go so I can get better. Not sure you want to keep in contact with me to inspire each other, but my email is THANK YOU! 🙂

  29. Thanks for the informative article. Lauren, and for encouraging this thread. I ask one question of those who have recovered, or are in recovery. Since I began recovering 3 years ago, I find if I stay up until midnight for one night, I crash, with full fledged symptoms again, for 5 months. Yes, this is a 1 day:150 day ratio. I have to be asleep by 10 PM or so for 5 months to regain my strength again, however, each relapse is less severe than the previous one. My current 5 month penalty is due to end in mid-March, and I’m going to try to be in bed and on my way to sleep for a year by 10 PM, unless there’s an unforeseen situation that doesn’t allow this,which does seem to happen now and then. Has anyone experienced this phenomenon, or know what organ or whatever may be causing this dysfunction?

    Adrenal fatigue in my case has been severe, according to Dr. Wilson’s survey, but now it is moderate. I have had this for 20 years, steadily worsening until 2006, when it went a notch lower and the symptoms were so bad that I almost died. After 3 months in a hospital, psychiatric medications brought me out of it enough to be discharged and begin working again, but I survived with more intensive symptoms for the next 5 years. Nobody in the conventional health care system believed me when I told them I self-diagnosed myself with ‘adrenal fatigue’ via much research in2002. Three years ago, a chiropractor x-rayed my spine for a lower back injury I sustained in hockey 20 years prior when I hit the end boards head first at top skating speed while playing a hockey game. I always had much pain in the lower back, but nowhere else. Unknown to me, the chiropractor discovered my spine was bent in 4 places, one being the cervical one or atlas location (the top vertebrae near the head) and at the thoracic 8 position which is where blood flows from the spine to the adrenal glands. He infomed me that my endocrine system had been greatly compromised for 20 years. The pituitary gland, for example, was having difficulities controlling the adrenal glands, along with other endocrine-related complications due to poor blood flow through the spine subluxations. After 240 chiropractic adjustments in 3 years, along with adrenal desiccate nutrition and the very refined lifestyle (diet, exercise, meditation, sleep hygiene, yoga, etc.) regime I’ve carried out over the past 10 years, I’m finally pulling out of this. However, all doctors and healers I associate with are bewildered by the 1 day:150 day ratio I previously mentioned. Another tip for other sufferers is that regular Reiki helps relieve symptoms for me alot — this is a practice one can learn to do on themselves.

    Thanks. Sorry for being long-winded.

    • I too crash hard if I over do it. I.e.. Too much wine and one really hard exercise session in november after I was told I was pretty well recovered and felt awesome, knocked me out. A return of the tingling in hands. Loud fuzzy noise in head, insomnia, anxiety. Still have noise in head but getting better but it’s been over two months. But I did stay put late new years eve. Geesh this AF really is a big deal. Gentle is the new reality. Which is a good reality though.

    • Thank you Neil for saying that you take five months to recover! So do I and I thought it was crazy! it really is so helpful and validating to hear everyone comment on here how adrenal fatigue has effected them so far. I have been struggling for years and am so fatigued people think I am exaggerating. I wish I was! I feel it will never end! I stayed up too late at a womens retreat recently and now three weeks later I still cannot feel well at all. i cannot do any exercise at all. going to the grocery store is all the exercise i can handle. I have tried all the suggestions and I just won’t heal! thank you for offering this information on this blog for us all!!

  30. Very good article. One essential element for healing the adrenals that I didn’t see was vitamin B5, pantothenic acid. In my research I saw it mentioned several times and Dr. Frank Shallenberger, an expert on adrenal fatigue, said across the board he had found people suffering from adrenal fatigue to be deficient in B5. After reading that I put my daughter and myself on a high-potency B complex along with the other things we were doing and it made a HUGE difference in the way we both feel.

    • the “Bs” were mentioned … indirectly …. LIVER = storehouse …..
      it is common knowledge that 3rd world culture fights over what we discard .. namely organs and peels …
      ( fish livers , citrus rinds , kidneys, “sweetbreads” , even the dandelions in the lawn …)
      am working on “burn-out” … which I believe was triggered by a 3 month stretch of “no sleep” … maybe 2 hrs of 15 min cat naps / day … felt great at the time … “proud ” of it ….
      … 3 years later & ..maybe .. 500 gallons of coffee later … the piper is knocking at the door

  31. Good to hear you have had improvement with your treatments so far after a year. I was diagnosed by my acupuncturist a year ago but was only treating with acupuncture and went to a naturopath 5 months ago who did the adrenal test and found my cortisol very high and DHEA very low.

    He prescribed DHEA, pantothenic acid, adrenal support supplements. He also had me increase my protien intake as well. But he never discussed my sleep habits or warned against melatonin so this post was very informative for me. I was occasionally taking melatonin when I had a hard time falling asleep. But now I find that just reading a novel helps me sleep easily. I have also been getting really bad restless leg syndrom the last few months that makes for a very unrestful sleep, not sure how to fix that. I find that if I am active during the day it helps but not always.

    AF is such a tough thing to go through, no one really seems to understand. Plus I am planning my wedding which is in a month so I’m even more stressed because of that. Hopefully after the wedding my mind will calm down more and I can heal more easily.
    I suppose I need to set a better schedule for the night time of no electronics after a certain time and always be in bed by 9 and sleep by 10.

    So glad I found your blog!

    • Kayla, not sure if you are still suffering from Restless Legs or not. I have found that taking a magnesium supplement about 1-2 hours before bed not only prevents this, but helps relax me for sleep, and also helps keep the bowels healthy and “active.” 😀 You want to get a supplement that contains several types of magnesium. Some are only good for constipation, some good for antacid properties, some for calming the mind….

  32. Hello,

    I have been undergoing a health nightmare for an entire month – wish I had read this post sooner! Over the past year I have had many classic symptoms of adrenal fatigue, but trying a vegan diet at the first of the year apparently sent me into the ‘crash’ phase. I have been exhausted (almost bedridden), lightheaded and faint, headaches and various body aches, blood pressure zooming up and down. We have been through cardiologists, endocrinologists (who didn’t test my hormones or adrenal function), and primary care doctors. No one seemed to know what was wrong or how to fix it. Last week, I made it to a caring holistic physician who gave me the saliva test and a magnesium/Gaba supplement to help me come off of the Ativan the doctors gave me (which is I am sure, a huge factor in my illness). I still am not sleeping well, but I am feeling much better and plan on implementing some of this great advice. It is still unbelievable to me that no doctors will acknowledge this illness! Thank you for your blog!!

  33. Hi, I noticed that you have replied to other comments from people who have left vegan or vegetarian diets due to adrenal fatigue (and other health issues), and have found some relief. I was vegetarian for almost a decade, and due to the same issues moved to a paleo diet. I did begin feeling better, but could not move past the moral and ethical dilemma. I went back and forth a few times and have decided to stick to a vegetarian diet, but try to incorporate as many traditional, real foods as possible.

    You mentioned that it is POSSIBLE to recover from adrenal fatigue on a vegetarian diet– can you give any specific suggestions for this? Thanks!

  34. Were we twins seperated at birth? I’m getting goosebumps from all our similarities here, Lauren! 🙂 I am definitely going to look into that essential oil, and I may even brave the liver. (Granted. I’ve never eaten it, but my dad’s told me horrifying tales of puking when forced to eat it as a child, etc. 🙂 ) I absolutely love your website. Please keep writing! You have no idea how much you help, encourage, uplift, enlighten, etc. all of us who read your info. It’s given me something to shoot for, a light at the end of this autoimmune disease tunnel. Hopefully, with more research, time, and trial/error, I’ll reach the bright side!

  35. Wow thank you for this post had no clue about this. I was diagnosed with lyme disease in January but haven’t felt any better other than no arthritis or meningitis since treatment. This all seems to be a piece of the puzzle. My only problem is finding energy to clean dishes and making food. Seriously I haven’t had any for months I go nuts for a day or two a month since Christmas. So eating healthier has been on the back burner. I will try to eat better, any ideas for pain though I still get really bad joint pain and bad back spasms so I take ibuprofen for it I am sure there is something else I haven’t found yet since I am new to this natural whole body healing/wellness?

    • My joint pain completely went away when I discovered which foods had been causing the pain. For me, it was beans and legumes. I also eliminated grains and most dairy, and found my inflammation went down dramatically. Good luck to you!

  36. How long until you began to notice improvement in your symptoms? I am dealing with stressed adrenals causing my thyroid to not function well, but have been eating super clean diet for over a month now with no marked improvement. =( It’s frustrating. I want to have energy again and be able to lose some weight.

  37. I find it quite irresponsible that you include a throwaway line about not being able to cure adrenal fatigue with a plant based diet. It’s just about the healthiest thing you can do for your body and I would have thought someone who ‘heals their body through food’ doesn’t advocate that.

    Also if you want to make statements like that, perhaps it would be helpful to explain why rather than saying it can’t be done.

    What does a plant based diet not have? iron, protein, vitamin c, etc are all found often in higher combinations in plants than in animal products that have many unhealthy effects on the human body from heart disease (red meat) to carcinogens (milk and many meats).

    I came here looking for a solution to adrenal fatigue which the title promises, and instead was met with ignorance with no evidence to back up that ignorance.

    • A plant-based – as in a vegan diet – completely lacks vitamin A, which is necessary for hormone synthesis and liver health: It also is too low in fat-soluble vitamins. Those are just two minor points to illustrate the big picture, and I would point you to this post by Dr. Kresser for more details on the nutrients lacking in vegan diets:

      • To give responsible advice you need to look to more than one source, and to those that both support and deny your viewpoint and really it comes down to science. I myself don’t follow a plant based diet but I do understand the science behind it. While it’s true that the preformed active type of vitamin A is found only in animal based foods. Plants are abundant in vitamin A precursors like beta-carotene. In fact, these provitamin A compounds are important enough that the USDA measures vitamin A content of foods as “retinol activity equivalents (RAE),” which includes both preformed vitamin A and the compounds that the body turns into vitamin A. There is no separate RDA or recommendation for animal-derived pre-formed viitamin A.

        You can meet your vitamin A
        requirement for the day by drinking just one-quarter cup of carrot juice or eating a cup of kale or spinach. Other foods that make significant contributions are sweet potatoes and pumpkin. Vitamin A is a nutrient that deserves some attention in vegan diets. This doesn’t mean you can’t get enough; it does mean that it’s a good idea to make sure you eat vitamin A rich foods every day. Just like you should eat vitamin rich foods on ANY diet

    • Thanks so much for addressing this point. When I read that, my heart skipped a beat! I suffer with adrenal insufficiency. My cortisol levels are really low. I’m also a vegan for ethical and health reasons. The thought of removing grains and legumes from my diet and eating animal proteins instead, horrifies me. Am I doomed? Does this mean I won’t be able to recover? Surely there are other options. I would be really keen to hear your thoughts on this some more.

      PS. I don’t drink alcohol or caffeine, and live a very responsible and healthy lifestyle. I easily eat about at least 50 grams of plant based proteins per day. I believe my low cortisol issues are due to stress (ie: willingly losing over 100 lbs with a low fat diet before adopting a healthy plant based one, divorce, moving across the globe, launching a business, excess exercise, among other regular stressors, etc…all within 5 years).

      Since I found out about this issue a few months ago, I’ve been doing my best to improve sleep patterns, rest, anxiety, depression, etc….but I am struggling. I even took a customised herbal tonic for a month but felt overstimulated after a few weeks (even though I had never felt so happy in my life). I was just too jittery to continue.

      One other thing I am wondering is if anyone has experienced hair thinning or hair loss due to poor adrenal function?

      Thank you again.

      • Yep…have always had fine hair, but my hair seriously thinned out when I was at my sickest with AF. It looks a bit better since I have been healing, but I wonder if it will ever really come back!

  38. Hi Lauren,
    Thank you for a great and informative post!
    In wondering what your take is on using white rice and rice crackers in order to gain more glukos and carbs? As the pepole behind Perfect health diet recommend. Is it a safe grain to use?
    You do not recommend nuts and seeds, But would a few tbs of nut or seedbutters be alright? They should be more yang and warming I have read. Thanks!

  39. The Gaia supplement recommended in the post, do you know if that is gluten free? I noticed in the ingredient list that there is wild oats sativa seed? I can’t find anywhere on the bottle of mention of gluten free. Do you know? Also do you recommend this with the adaptogens?
    Thanks, julia

  40. Lauren I follow you on FB and I love your articles (blog/recipes etc) I am on a similar path as you – been through many doctors and naturopaths – finally found someone I feel gets it! I was wondering what your thoughts are on liver purges ? Since starting the liver purges – I have weaned off my thyroid meds and feel my adrenal fatigue improving along with my hormones! Have you had any experience with this?

  41. If you are someone dealing w insulin resistance, (which is a large population) eating low-carb is a must. (Chris Kresser talks about this as well.) Raising carbohydrate intake with starches such as pasta, white potatoes and rice only managed to raise my blood sugar (very detrimental) It did not lower my cortisol or help with adrenal fatigue.

    • It depends on what a “low carb diet” is – everybody seems to have a different definition 🙂 Chris does’t usually recommend a very low carb dietand he warns about a low carb diet with adrenal fatigue and thyroid disorders in his book and website. 20% of calories from carbs (which is considered “low carb” by many) is usually well-tolerated by the general population and those with adrenal fatigue.

  42. Hil..thanks for your article on this..been dealing with this for a while and am always looking to switch up my supplements. I do have some specific issues which I wondered if you could talk about… I too have the flight or fight thing non stop.. I have CRPS and chronic pain… having over 11 surgeries..pretty much one or two every couple of years. I also have Hashimotos and had an early hysterectomy for endometriosis. It take BHRT. SO…I got the adrenal stuff you recommended… anything else you might recommend? When I placed the order, jody recommended the pineal blend….I’m open to suggestions. I’m wiped out most of the time, and my body is EXTREMLEY sensitive. I try very hard to limit my use of pain meds… but the pain is kinda what keeps me stressed! thanks so much!

  43. You recommend not going low carb when dealing with adrenal fatigue. What advice would you give to somebody who was initially experiencing classic reactive hypoglycaemic symptoms then cut all carbs to get off the blood sugar roller coaster. Now when I try to slowly increase carbs up to around 80g a day I end up feeling overly energised with no ability to focus or concentrate at all. At this level of carbs the typically cravings start emerging again and it’s not long before I’m back in that arena of feeling like I MUST eat every couple of hours. I’d love to hear your advice on wether I should some how persist in trying to increase carbs to the 20% of daily calorie level. If symptoms emerge, is persistence all that’s required? Should carbs be added in smaller amounts to each meal, or would it be more effect to have a low carb breakfast/lunch and high carb dinner? Thanks for taking the time on the article!

  44. How Long Should Protocol Be Followed Strictly To Give Recovery A Good Chance. If I Knew How Long To Stick It Out, I Know It Would Help My Resolve. What Am I Looking For To Know Im Healthy Again?

  45. Wow, second time in one week my guardian Angels have directed me to read about salt intake., I have never had a taste for salt in my food. Cook with very little to none. I for sure have major daily stress, bad diet, super tired, can’t sleep enough. Work and no play for years. This totally sounds like me. I would love to email this to myself, I do not see the option. But thank you for the post.

  46. Hi, I’m pretty sure I have Adrenal Fatigue and have two concerns. Coffee and Zumba have been frequent, enjoyable habits in my life. Is it okay to even swap coffee out for tea? I drink Yerba Mate and Tulsi Green Tea after my one cup of coffee whrn I first wake up. I’ve tried to give up caffeine, and It’s been a nightmare, but I am willing to continue working at it, if my health is on the line. As for Zumba, I can quit for a month….but it is one of my passions. Before I gained all this weight and started having issues, I was planning on becoming an instructor. What do you think would be a safe amount of cardio for someone who is recovered? Thanks!

  47. Wow I have enjoyed ready your blogs Lauren and great news with your studies so good to have a passion…. I had meningitis 22 years ago work seriously hard on a 5 year recovery plan but life has delt me a short stick and I have had constant external stress in my life until 2 years ago when I visited Sedona and found my voice!! no I want a better quality of life!! So I have been working of my recovery but over looking my caffeine addiction double expresso to keep me going…… Your blog and everybody’s comments have given me support to be aware and better knowledge. I have a clinical aromatherapy and nutrition background but sometimes you tell other people and overlook yourself…… So I will be eating liver well taking the tablets and addressing my life style as yes i went away for the weekend stayed up late and have spent the whole week at my knees… Hense I found your blg online. Good luck everyone

  48. Great information here from you and the pack! I’m going to order some of the Tulsi Tea. Where I live, Virginia, the summer heat and traffic jams just knock me out. I’ll try this next time I have to “hit the road” in place of the Coca Cola which I know is baaaaaad but effective in keeping me alert.

    There is so much to handle and heal with Adrenal Fatigue. It’s been ten years since I uncovered it in myself. Dr. Wilson’s book was such a big help. Recently the book Grain Brain got my attention and inspired a new gluten-free way to live. That change – no wheat – has been huge. I have my evening energy back and my anxiety and difficulty focusing are greatly diminished. I really think that was the final information I’ve been needing.

    Thanks so much for the topic and this waterhole of input. Life is too short to feel sick and tired. Best to all.

  49. Thanks for your wonderful website, it’s both helpful and inspiring.

    You recommend eating starchy vegetables, what would you recommend in the context of a GAPs/SCD diet? I’ve been eating that way for about 6 months, although only did the full GAPs intro about 2 months ago. To be honest I am keen to get more starch and especially resistant (sweet potatoes, plantain/green bananas, even white potatoes and white rice) into my diet, however I am dealing with a gut infection/parasite situation and am mindful it may not be a good idea to jump the gun. Would really value your thoughts on this.

  50. What do you think about Apex Adaptocrine and their other thyroid supplement for trying to heal and deal with adrenal fatigue as well as Hashi’s/Hypo? I was considering ordering them, but would love your input on this.

  51. Hi Lauren – I’ve got adrenal fatigue and I have implemented all of the steps you outlined above, with the exception of AF-specific supplements. My question is: do you have any recommendations for those of us with insomnia and the inability to stay asleep/go back to sleep once waking up in the middle of the night? Typically I’ll sleep for a few hours (no more than 5 or 6), wake up, toss and turn, and then maybe go back to sleep again. Sometimes I’ll wake up 2-3 times a night. It’s so frustrating! Any tips you have would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    • rebounding…
      blue blocker orange glasses from sundown to bedtime
      when you do wake up, get out of bed, go to the couch and try again there
      don’t drink water before bed, and get that Himalayan salt in your diet to prevent you from waking up to have to pee…I sprinkle it in water that way, I’m replacing lost electrolytes while flushing toxins
      binaural beats and sleepphones (download the beats on the sleepphones site)
      lastly, were eye mask if your room is not pitch black

  52. I had a question about the Biotics Cytozyme AD and the Gaia Herbal Adrenal Health pills. I read up on both and they sounded like they did similar things. You recommend taking both though, right? Could you explain a little? I just wanted your opinion before I order them. Thank you.

    • I also have a question about Biotics Cytozyme AD. Is there a limited amount of time you take it for? I have been taking it for about 2 weeks just one pill a day in the morning. I forgot to take it all weekend and now I don’t feel so great. I have a slight headache and just feel tired. I had been doing great.

  53. How can you be tested to see if you have adrenal fatigue? Is it the saliva test? I have been suffering from many of the symptoms you have described for the last four months and have been told by my practitioner that I have adrenal fatigue. I still get really tired and exhausted and was really pleased to read your advice.

    Its so reassuring that others understand what you are going through.



  54. Thank-you so much for such a compact, well-informed post. I was tested for adrenal fatigue August/13 and still in the process of healing my sleep. This is a long haul recovery and I needed this post to renew my motivation. Ty!!

  55. I have celiac, am borderline diabetic, and have a lot of allergies. I suspect adrenal fatigue too, as I have almost every symptom. However, some of the treatment such as drinking less water and not exercising will make my other conditions worse – I’ve been specifically told that I am at serious risk with the diabetes if I do not get more active. So, how do I do what I have to do when the two diseases are at conflict? Thanks!

  56. Hello! Great article 🙂 I have been suffering from adrenal fatigue caused by anxiety disorder for over 3 years now. I am a breastfeeding Mom of three kids under 5. I have been ready and determined to get rid of this problem since it started. I am following the Paleo diet, and eating moderate amounts of carbs as well. I started taking the Desiccated Liver, and I have ordered the Biotics Cytozyme AD and I’m going to start taking a low dose daily. I read some information online about adrenal glandular not being the best to take long term. How would you know when your adrenals have started to function normally on their own? How long will you continue to take them?

  57. Hi Lauren,
    I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue about nine months ago. My homeopathic doctor also diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. I have been taking a very low dose of hydrocortisone ( Cortef) and Natur Throid One Grain for my thyroid. I am starting to feel better but I still wake up every morning with lower back pain ( not muscular) and i have a lot of pain in my body after I eat ( lower and upper back wrapping around the sides). I am wondering if anyone else experiences this? I have totally changed my diet and am eating very healthy now. My low blood pressure is much better now as is my heart palpitations. My biggest problem is it makes me very sick when I eat really healthy things – kale and spinach salad, GF muffin ( homemade) with lots of carrots, apples, coconut and raisins. I would love to hear your thoughts.


  58. Hi Lauren,

    I keep hearing about this Adrenal Fatigue Cocktail – a mix of Orange Juice + Salt + Cream of Tartar. What are your views on this? I eat well and exercise daily, and can’t lose weight – I was told by a nutritionist to drink this mix twice a day, however, I have an aversion to salty drinks or salty sweets (I don’t even like swimming in salt water!), but I have no problem seasoning my meals with salt…


  59. Thanks for this article Lisa, it is incredible articulate and well laud out.
    After reading it I’ve finally decided to lay off the exercise for a month. Though I’ve already quit all cardio a while ago, I’m still heavy lifting every other day and seeing almost no improvements., on the contraring my sleep is disrupted even more now and I can’t recover for days. Though I’m a bit nervous about incorporating more starching carbs a per your recommendations while sidelining the lifting.

  60. Adrenal Fatigue and Veganism
    Is there such thing as a healthy whole foods vegan diet for adrenal fatigue? In my limited research, it seems most adrenal fatigue diets are high in meat and dairy products. Veganism is generally discouraged. There has to be a way to modify it for vegans? I refuse to consume animal products for ethical, environmental and general health reasons.
    I generally eat a high raw, whole foods diet consisting mostly of green smoothies, veggie sandwiches/wraps, salads, stir fry veggies, brown rice, beans, and some whole grain bread. After eating fruit (sugar in general), I feel weak all over (unless there is sufficient fiber to slow the sugar uptake). I can’t process a lot of fat because I don’t have a gall bladder, so I don’t eat a lot of nuts. I prefer raw fruits and veggies, and tend to avoid processed foods and soy products. Do any of you have adrenal fatigue? What is the best whole food vegan diet for people with my condition? Thanks!

  61. You mentioned that most vitamin C is ascorbic acid derived from gmo corn. I looked at the acerola powder and it contains maltodextrin. Is maltodextrin derived from gmo corn too?

  62. Great article!! I love Chris Kresser and his advice for adrenal fatigue! … I just took adrenal health by Gaia Herbs. My eye has been twitching for about 3 days straight now, and I’ve felt extremely exhausted lately. About 15 minutes after taking the adrenal health supplement my eye stopped twitching! .. I clearly have adrenal fatigue. I need to cut my workouts down! 🙂 Thanks for all this great advice! Very helpful!

  63. I suffered from AF nearly to the point of total failure. I have had 8 surgeries including 4 spinal surgeries so I suffer from chronic pain. My team of endocrinologist gave me insight on many factors that suppressed my adrenals. One major factor was the use of narcotics, since I was on a fairly strong regiment of pain killers they were a key part of my AF. Team that up with a poor diet and no exercise whatsoever and I was a recipe for disaster. Since I have stopped the narcotics and drastically changed my diet and now exercise, my adrenals are slowly showing signs of life and improvement. I found it interesting in regards to the supplementation. I had no clue about the Vitamin C. I do eat low glycemic carbs, high protein (Whey Isolate as it metabolizes the best) and lots of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (fresh not heated). I eat more wild fish. I have found that cutting red meats and pork has been a huge help and Soda, absolutely no soda or drinks with refined sugar, unless I am working out with weights, then I drink some Gatorade. I have made serious changes in just 2 months. I will look into the Paleo diet and the other supplements. Thanks for the information.

  64. Nice article. These suggestions for dietary intervention and supplementation are very important for overall adrenal support and recovery. Also, one thing to keep in mind as well is cortisol and DHEA assessment through salivary hormone testing. One of the benefits of adrenal testing is to determine where in the day cortisol is high, low, or normal. Once this has been established more targeted supplementation can be implemented to address the abnormal cortisol. Licorice root for example is helpful for increasing the half-life of cortisol to improve a specific low cortisol value.

    • Indeed. Several years back I had a saliva panel done and I had stage 6 adrenal exhaustion, marked by my tanked cortisol and abnormally high DHEA. It would have been a poor choice for me to supplement with DHEA. I was working with an acupuncturist/functional medicine doc at the time, and his recommendations were almost identical to the ones here. The areas advice listed here he didn’t cover I happened to discover on my own. 🙂

  65. I just recently found out (although I knew even before being officially told) that I have adrenal fatigue. I also have an underactive thyroid, heavy metals in my body, and inflammation–all those goodies that like to hold hands with each other. This post is by far the most comprehensive and easy-to-follow article I’ve read since I began researching these topics. I’ve been an on-and-off vegan several times, and even during the “off” times I didn’t eat much meat. I’ve always been a grain lover. Thinking about how badly I exacerbated my adrenal fatigue makes me cringe! I’m still eating grains today, even though I know I shouldn’t. Yikes. After reading this, I’m definitely going to start taking my diet more seriously.

    I also have a history of disorderly eating and pushing myself with cardio exercise. Combined with my chronic anxiety and OCD, I’m not at all surprised that I’ve fatigued my adrenals over the years. I believe they’ve been fatigued for quite a while now. Like you, my dizziness upon standing was one of my major symptoms. Since including more animal products in my diet again, the dizziness has gone down a lot, but I know I have a long road to recovery ahead of me. You’ve inspired me to take necessary actions to get healthy again. Thank you for all of your advice! I’m determined to heal myself naturally. I guess this means no more rice, beans, and vegetables as a meal. (Today’s lunch…oops.)

    By the way, I’ve also had post-pill amenorrhea since last September. Do you have any advice regarding this? I know it all ties in. I would be thrilled to get my period back! (Never thought I’d say that sentence.)

  66. This is awesome! I get lost in reading all the adrenal fatigue remedies and trying to figure out where to start. This is so super organized and helpful! Do you also add a multivitamin or do you find it’s not necessary with the other things you’re doing? If you do, any recommendations?

  67. Clear article.Thanks to Lauren.
    Last 3 years,i am suffering from poor sleeping patterns which started after my GM crash diet in which i lost 10kilos in 10 days.Thats the biggest wrong thing i did in my life.I am pretty sure,if i get a deep sleep like bfore,thats the solution for all of my problems.But,how ? i read many articles,nothing worked.This artcile seema to be more informative.I have the following query,pls suggest me.
    Actualy,i am getting severe insomnia if i lose weight thru some intense exercise or dieting*not eating properly).So,i avoided dieting totally.But,if i do run in the traedmill for continuos 10mts at 9 or 10km speed,the third day i am having some weight loss and gaining muscles (really),meantime i am getting sleeping problem also along with that.
    If i continue this 10mts workout,do my insomnia will go off ?since i am gaining muscles –>high testosterone–>weight loss,many factors or i should avoid this (Note:i am doing only for 10 mts only,no other workout).
    Please suggest me.

  68. Hi. I have read “Your Personal Paleo Code” and “Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress syndrome”. They were both great books; however, I was disappointed to see that James Wilson still advocates a lot of grain consumption. He constantly points out in his book that each meal should consist of a starch (he mostly mentions some kind of grain), protein, and fat. What do you think about this? I am struggling with trying to make each meal and snack have this combination because consuming nuts everyday (even a little amount) is a big NO NO for me, also I am currently seeing a great doctor that is slowly getting to the answer of my mysterious upper stomach issue and I have found that all coconut products and ghee can give me a little trouble…so there goes alot of the healthy fats I can consume….what should I do? By the way, my doctor already tested me for adrenal fatigue, and yes I do have it. I also have a slightly low thyroid and every natural supplement and/or prescription for GI issues under the sun has not worked. I am currently on a natural neurotransmitter therapy developed by Dr. Marty Hinz. This is very SLOWLY helping me to improve but not 100% sure.

  69. When my adrenals crashed I read PHD and was worried I would have to compromise all my work on GAPS by eating illegal starches and grains. But, despite my adrenel fatigue and nursing a baby I found a way through and feel great. I eat 250 carbs a day, including 1 pound of GAPS legal safe starches (the PHD apple illustration lists winter squashes as a safe starch, no need to eat rice or potatoes), one pound of sweet vegetables (mostly juiced carrots with 5% beet), honey, berries, applesauce in my evening yogurt, lemon in my salty water, green beans or peas, almonds, coconut, coconut milk, flaxseed etc. My nutritionist also put me on 1 T of salt in the morning for two weeks, then down to 1 t. And lots of rest! GAPS need not be low carb.

    • UPDATE: While I was doing fine with my program as stated above, upon the advice of my nutritionist I added in a specific recipe of long fermented sourdough bread made with enikorn and now I have even more energy!

  70. Here is my story – I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2009. I ended up having both breasts removed. Two weeks after surgery I came down with PMR and was put on prednisone. I have been on this damn stuff for 5 years now and it has killed my Adrenal Gland.
    I am now anemic, still have joint pain, have RA in my knees, stomach problems and bowel problems. My doctors cannot come up with any way to help me and I feel that they have given up on me!
    I know I have adrenal fatigue based on how I feel but the doctors will not test me for it.
    Exactly what should I do to help myself get the gland working again. Your articles are helpful but have some contradict each other.
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Is this the same as post-viral fatigue? I have had chronic fatigue for two years following glandular fever (I think you guys call it mono!), during which time I have put on 15kg and been plagued by hormonal acne. I did a lot of reading a year back which mentioned how with chronic fatigue you are running on adrenaline throughout the day, where most people would just be using normal energy, and so when that runs out you crash all at once, which is definitely how it’s been for me. The main trouble is I just don’t have the energy to feed myself well (or at all, sometimes!), even though I know eating badly will just start a vicious cycle. But I am at the point now where I really want to build up my health and fitness again. Does it work to start slowly with things like paleo/GAPS, taking on some of the helpful principles, to try and work up to a stage where I have the energy to do them properly? I am scared of embarking on a journey with lots of food prep required very suddenly, because I know when I have a bad day I’ll just give up and it’ll all go out the window :-/

  72. A nice thing to do for adrenal rejuvenation during the day is lay on your back with the knees and lower legs lying across the seat area of a chair. This not only take pressure off the low back, but increase blood flow from the lower extremities towards the abdominal cavity which includes the adrenals. Doing this for 5 to 10 minutes once to twice daily can be relaxing and energizing.

  73. Not sure if I suffer from adrenal fatigue, but I have generally been tired during the day throughout my life, having difficulty falling asleep on top of it. Nighttime is usually when I have the most energy, even if I’ve been tired all day!

    What made my fatigue worse was when I started working out intensely with a trainer. I also switched to a low carb/high protein & high fat diet. When I slowed down my work out, I also started doing some of the things you mention above such as eating liver (I take fermented cod liver oil/butter oil twice per day), eating animal protein with every meal (pastured or the highest quality available), eating only properly prepared grains (sourdough or sprouted bread), occasional white rice, cutting back drastically on fruits, and eating more green veggies (and some starchy ones like sweet potatoes). I also introduced raw dairy into my diet.

    However, I have never been more tired in my life! I struggle and almost never give into caffeine (never was much of a caffeine drinker). Do you have any additional suggestions for what I can do? So far, I have been cutting back on exercise which allows me to sleep in a little bit more, which has helped a little. I’m very physically active though and feel great after the gym or surfing.

    Thanks in advance!

  74. This is the first time that I have ever read that vit C destroys good bacteria! it is the only thing that helps me manage chronic constipation. I have tried everything else but now feel I maybe be unwittingly sustaining it. Paul Jaminet in Perfect Health Diet recommends. Everything else you are saying makes total sense and I am happy to go with all the other recommendations but is there any way round this?

  75. I believe I do have adrenal exhaustion (finally , my own conclusion through research and research and research .. no doctors would test for my extreme exhaustion). I felt first it was my thyroid. My “muscles” have eaten away! I have cellulite everywhere. Lauren, can I get well? Can I rebuild my muscles? and recover some beauty? I have read once adrenals are exhausted, there’s nothing that can help. Is that true? Thanks for your great work . I love your site. Thanks so much for any information.

    • I’m glad you mentioned with the adrenal exhaustion, having lost all of your muscle and suffer from cellulite and wrinkles (old skin). I too have that very badly for my age, I’m 44, and I cannot wear shorts or very short sleeved shirts. My skin is extremely dehydrated and wrinkled especially on my lower and upper legs and my hands to the point of being unusual looking even for someone over 65! It’s sad and worries me that I’ll always look like this or worse. I only hope it’ll recover with the adrenals some day.

      I would classify my adrenals and hypothyroid as severe with my pupils moving in and out, as described in the light testing of the eyes to determine adrenal health, on a permanent basis, not just when getting up.

      So, I just felt like giving you a shout-out, to say I’m in your boat and suffering the devastation also. I’m trying like crazy to help myself.

      Thanks for your post, hopefully someone will reply to each of us with help.


  76. Great post, very informative.

    Can you tell me if the Biotics Cytozyme AD is safe to take while breastfeeding or pregnant?

    Also, I have been wanting to try magnesium oil and use it topically. When I was going to purchase some, the bottle said not to use if pregnant or breastfeeding. I have read on several blogs that people have used it while pregnant. Do you see any reason why I shouldn’t use it while pregnant or breastfeeding? I am currently breastfeeding.

    Thank you!

  77. My doctor believes I am suffering from severe adrenal fatigue which has caused a number of severe health issues. I experienced nearly more mental and emotional stress than my body could handle two months ago. I know it is by the grace of God that I am still alive, however the healing process has been very discouraging and difficult.

    I barely graduated as Valedictorian of my class because I was so overcome with stress. Immediately following graduation, I went to work at a Christian summer camp (something I’ve done for the past 4 summers). I was in terrible condition to do such work. I was battling depression which I believe precipitated an episode of anxiety that nearly killed me (I was in constant panic and distress, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t hardly eat for two straight months). I literally felt like my soul had died and God had abandoned me even though consciously I knew that couldn’t be true.

    I was hoping things would improve in time for me to start school. I did not feel in the least bit ready. I still couldn’t sleep or think straight. A week after leaving home, I had to ask for time off my job which was to help pay for college, and then I decided to withdraw from school under medical conditions.

    Prior to my summer, I wasn’t resting nearly often enough, nor did I address some underlying issues that were causing me to experience so much stress. However, things have gotten so much worse since then. I feel like I’ve experienced an extreme amount of emotional trauma that makes it difficult to make heads or tails of my life. I’ve read a lot about natural health alternatives and holistic therapy. My mother has tried to help me but she has no idea what adrenal fatigue is really or how to treat it. Furthermore, I feel like I’ve completely lost the respect of my family, especially my mom. Naturally so, since on multiple occasions I would come to her in a panic, thinking I found what it was that was making me feel so bad. She saw how desperate I was. Now she insists that I will be alright with rest, counseling and medication.

    I am afraid to ask her if we can go get my adrenals tested or try acupuncture, recommended by a Christian friend. She doesn’t want to try anything until I’ve made as much of an effort to read my bible and study from the lessons as I do to eat, which deeply offends me that she would suggest I’m looking in all the wrong places for healing. I know healing comes from God. He will help me. I just wish I knew how.

    I’m trying to stick to the guide my doctor gave me, but I’m struggling with much more than just fatigue. I feel emotional limited and mentally exhausted. I’m struggling to reconnect with my family. I just don’t feel myself anymore. I am trying my best. I don’t know what to do. Any advice?

    • Deborah,..Sorry to hear about your struggle with fatigue issues. I too have adrenal fatigue, and while at my bioenergetic practitioner,she told me about an electronic therapy that helps with emotional issues by means of sensing voice tones and giving therapeutic feedback. My daughter who is suffering from depression has had one session,and even though the change is still subtle, I DO see a change and some feeling of hope in her. The therapy is called Evox. (Perception Reframing). Here’s a link to some info– It seems difficult to imagine how a computer sensing the tones in your voice and giving feedback can help, but I witnessed it first-hand. Our practitioner is a Christian and wouldn’t recommend it if it didn’t work. I also understand about family members not “on board” with all the natural health ideas–I’m up against a lot of that myself. If you feel improvement in your health by following protocols that your family doesn’t understand, sometimes you just have to respectfully disagree and move on in your journey toward health. . “Some times God calms the storm, and sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms his child” May God bless you in your journey.

  78. For anyone with adrenal fatigue insomnia and waking up with blood sugar dropping at 3 a.m…
    I’ve been dealing with adrenal fatigue for two years now while transitioning into menopause and have spent countless hours researching the subject. The book “Stop the Thyroid Madness” by Janie Bowthorpe, talks about the use of 1% hydrocortisone cream (over the counter) before bed to help with insomnia and waking up in the middle of the night. I’ve been using HC cream before bed for several weeks now and have been sleeping much better. I highly recommend Stop the Thyroid Madness book, it has much information on adrenal fatigue and her website has a wealth of information too.

  79. Hey Lauren,

    Can you address( maybe you already did…) how many grand of carbs per day? I did read on Chris kresser’s site that moderate carb intake is 100-200g. Also, what can you say about potential weight gain from dense starchy carbs? Especially with adrenal fstigued coupled with hypothyroidism….is it just me? Because I easily gain weight from just adding in even a little bit of starchy carbs. Unfortunately when I first started paleo I went low carb and stayed there for s long while. I’m afraid I may have done some metabolic damage.

  80. I am a big fan of your blog. I am using most of your suggestions for my own healing and it’s wonderful to find them all in the same place, without questionable content. Good luck in your schooling. I also live in the Puget Sound area, so welcome to WA!

  81. Hi Lauren,

    I’m inquiring regarding the vitamin C you listed in this article, acerola powder. On the ingredients label for this product, it lists the source of vitamin C (from Acerola and Ascorbic Acid). I was under the impression that ascorbic acid is the synthetic version of vitamin C. I’m interested in your feedback regarding this product. Thanks!

  82. Hello! I have begun taking the acerola powder, the Gaia adrenal support and the Cytozyme. I just ordered the liver pills.y question is – how long should it take before I feel a difference and begin to get my energy and old self back? My main Adrenal fatigue symptoms are dizziness, low blood pressure, always tired especially upon waking in the morning, no energy, slight depression.

    Should this supplement trip be something I should continue to take for life or just until my adrenal fatigue symptoms improve? Thank you for sharing this important info that is helping so many.

  83. Thank you for such a thorough explanation of AF as well as tips on how I can begin working to get my life back. So MUCH makes sense now about why I’ve been feeling the way I have for the past 6 months. Here’s to a journey of recovery. Thank you again.

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  85. Hi Lauren,

    My naturopath recommended water kefir as a probiotic for me but I also have adrenal fatigue. Since I use regular sugar to make the water kefir and since there is a small alcoholic content to it, will it slow down my adrenal fatigue recovery in any way? Let me know if I should slow/stop the water kefir consumption. I have a half cup of water kefir before each meal.


  86. Lauren G (Empowered Sustenance), This is a terrific blog and a valuable service to health awareness. No words to express my gratitude and appreciations to you. May you be blessed and prosper for all your kindness and compassion. My personal health struggles raise the following questions:
    What is the prudent approach for someone who has adrenal fatigue/exhasion and is also aflicted with systemic candida, IBS, indigestion + chronic constipation, enlarged prostate with PSA=8, and weak immune system? Is it adviseable to start first with Adrenal recovery even though your recommended diet feeds candida and further compromises the vegan-oriented prostate?

  87. I have Fibromyalgia and have had a total hysterectomy, I have a lot of other symptoms, of course that I’ve been told and have read go hand in hand with Fibromyalgia.

    My question to you, is it a given with these diagnosis and life changes that you would have adrenal fatigue, oh course most of the symptoms you’ve referred to, sound familiar, I live in pain daily, but push myself to keep going as much as possible. Thank you!

    Thank you

  88. Hi! I just stumbled upon your website and after reading a few of the comments I’m curious to know if I might be suffering from adrenal fatigue? I’ve had issues with anxiety for the past few years and suddenly I don’t have anxiety anymore but I’m exhausted to say the least. I sleep all night but I have these weird spells through the days that come and go quickly but I can’t keep my eyes open and feel very sleepy for a few minutes. When exert myself in any way I have to stop and rest constantly! Any helpful insights would be appreciated:) thanks!

  89. I am wondering about what would be the best highest carb veggies that are Paleo friendly, isn’t that what you suggest? I have my son on the GAPS diet, and I think I have limited his high carb veggies too long.

    Thank you!

  90. I have been diagnose with hypoadrenlism and tthis post is helpful. I very over whelmed and tried of so many meds being pushed into me…I want to try changing my health but don’t know where to start and how. I keep reading every ones post I need help by some one to come a long and show me how it’s done.

  91. I’ll just throw this out there based on my experience. I tried the proper adrenal protocol for a long time and never made much progress. Kept going back to sleep from 7-9 AM, ate a moderate carb diet, lots of meals, supplements, and the like. I only made progress this year by introducing (against all advice) intermittent fasting, either skipping breakfast or lunch and going 10-16 hours between meals. I also implemented a rather low carb diet (but not zero-carb), except for a carb re-feed day once or twice a week to keep my metabolism up. I also stopped going back to bed so much and just went out to work at a library or otherwise engage the world. My energy levels are up quite a bit and I lost twenty pounds I had put on from following the “carbs are your friend” approaches on the internet. If the standard protocol is not working, might be worth a try.

    • Intermittent fasting and low carb (I was doing GAPS diet) is what got me into trouble with adrenal fatigue. I’m glad this worked for you but I would warn others that this approach could be very harmful.

  92. My question comes from the fact that I am feeling flat and exhausted. What is the best way to improve the mood and restore healthy energy? I am worried it is going to take months of retraining my body and staying home to not feel so flat.

    I have adrenal fatigue at the moment. it’s a bad trap for me, I have recovered from it, only to fall back into bad habits- working overtime, not getting enough sleep and drinking coffee for focus and energy.
    I can’t make much time for myself or my friends. I have constant pressures from work with deadlines and last minute agendas. I escape work for the weekend but generally feel exhausted and run down, and then I have to take work home over the weekend. I don’t feel like I’m recharging.
    I sleep less than 8 hrs every night.
    I drink 2 coffees every day between 7am and 12pm, but nothing after 12pm.

    I eat healthy foods, however, I’m not sure if I eat enough carbohydrate. Generally I eat salad 5 days per week, and a cooked meal 1-2 nights per week. I eat a lot of vegetables, usually non-starchy, but I do eat carrot most days and pumpkin once per week. I eat fish, eggs and almonds as my source of protein. I occasionally eat fruit- once per week. I eat low-fat, organic, greek yoghurt and goats milk cheese. I usually add himalayan rock salt to my salad.

    I go to the gym a couple of times per week and do pilates classes 3-4 times per week.

    I take a high dose magnesium supplement, probiotic, herbal adrenal formula, and various other supplements when required.

  93. Hi. Please help me. Im so ill with cfs which I think is adrenal fatigue. I’m getting more n more ill. I have no access to clean meat. What can I do? I can eat fish but I don’t know. I rely on grains to bulk my meals as I don’t eat fish everyday.

  94. I am almost positive I have adrenal fatigue and I also have thyroid issues. Blood work is always normal. I have had severe weight gain, and am very hypoglycemic. I tend to find that when my hormones are changing is when my blood sugar is at its worst. I eat a very clean paleo diet and it has not changed. I do drink dairy but only at bedtime or when my sugar is crashing. It seems to be the only thing to keep it level. I have been going to different doctors and natural doctors for a few years and am very frustrated. I am a pretty active person but I do feel all of this happened after several major surgeries that I had that were unplanned. Has anyone had hypoglycemia with this and will this ever go away? Thanks 🙂

  95. Thank you for such a wonderful article/essay/write-up. I found it very helpful. I just started a Paleo/Primal diet and already feel less bloated after a few days of it. I was trying to eat a more vegan type diet and became pretty sick on it before too long. the grains and legumes I was eating instead did a number on me. I’ve since been argued with by my vegan friends, but they don’t have the chronic fatigue issues I’ve had. My blood sugar was really all over the place with such things as well and I felt constantly hungry, which is an added stress in and of itself. Still working on the caffeine aspect….Thanks again!

  96. GREAT list! you forgot one thing, though. conscious breath work can help in adrenal fatigue a lot. kundalini yoga and hatha yoga too. also, acu-puressure and/or acupuncture can help. i bet body talk would help too, although i don’t have experience using body talk for this issue.

    thanks for the kick ass list!

  97. I think I have adrenal fatigue. I have been to 3 doctors – a GP, and OBGYN and an Endocrinologist. My morning cortisol was .6 and my ACTH was less than 5 — my thyroid tests are in normal limits but I’ve gained 30 lbs in a year and 10 of those from Sept 19 to Oct 18 — I’m an active runner but at 200 lbs I’m feeling VERY defeated!

    I don’t sleep – never have — I feel short of breath, anxious, my skin flushes when I’m under any anxiety or stress – I’ve recently started on a beta blocker to get my blood pressure from spiking during these episodes — I’m frustrated – my last dr suggested maybe I just needed weight watchers………….?? REALLY — I just don’t know what to do.

  98. I suffer from Adrenal Fatigue also. I have incorporated many of these tools over the years. I also take some homeopathic Adrenal support because I am nursing. I notice you say not to take DHEA. My Naturopath has said she really feels I could benefit from some homeopathic DHEA but will not until I stop nursing. I have had hormone blood test in the past and I do have low DHEA. I do take Natural Thyroid meds my doc put me on almost 3 years ago when I became pregnant because my THS had became a 10 and before I learned of adrenal fatigue. I would love to not take it anymore. Taking the Adrenopath and Hypothalmapath and sleeping grounded have help me a lot though I still have a long way to go. Stress is my main factor. One stressful event and I feel like I could sleep the rest of the day.

  99. How would I record what I’m going through right now, as I attempt to dig myself outta this massive hole? I’m not good with internet or social media. If I can pull this off, it could be really useful for somebody to use to help in their own journey. So much misinformation out there – need good information !

  100. Good morning all,

    I just love forums like this!! Thanks for the voice!!
    I have a pituitary adenoma (tumor) that was finally diagnosed 1.5 months ago.
    Going through many endocrinology tests.. YES,, I do have adrenal fatigue big time.
    Unfortunately, adrenal fatigue is usualy not well diagnosed. Depression and it’s treatment comes first.

    I was wrongly diagnosed in Dec 2013 with deppression. I have to admit being part of management in a large Federal government department with harrassement issues going on made me think Burnout-depression. Then, this summer, Galacthorhea started (breastfeeding at 52 yrs with 4 yrs of menopause got me going) Nope, this was not depression.

    Having a medical background, I quickly put 2 and 2 together and devised an elimination process protocol which my MD agreed to..

    Adrenal fatigue is not fun!! Mood swings are rampant and can be severe.. Chronic fatigue, always being cold (Inside) etc etc.. Well you all know the rest.. Since my cortisol levels are in the roof, I have just done the 24 hour urine collection, 1mg Dexamethasone and will do the 8mg this Thursday. Waiting to find out if I do the saliva test.. My adenoma is 7mm mid-right of the pituitary gland. Apparently, I am not considered to be “urgent” for surgery..

    Funny thing is, and now I understand after reading the article, that prior to leaving for the Caribean in Dec, I did a protein diet to lose weight. I did not lose as much as I should have but I admit to feeling much better..

    So, if this can help anyone to go further in their research and not just stay with the Adrenal fatigue syndrome well I will have done my good deed of the day!! Think further: Adenoma of the pituitary, adrenals, Cushing, Addison, Cunn diseases as well as many more!!!

    Wishing you all a Zenattitude day!!!!

  101. Hi Lauren, I enjoyed reading this article. I myself have a Hyperthyroid. My husband is very slender and always tired. We have 2 young children so I advised him to get a THyroid Function Test done. It returned normal but the t3 and t4 weren’t tested…he cannot possibly function without coffee and has a hard time getting out of bed. He holds a lot of stress on board which I believe comes out as anxiety in his body…when I stumbled across your article it got me thinking…could he have an Adrenal problem? How can we test this? Blood test? Thankyou 😉

  102. I love this kind of information, thx !
    My doctor prescribed hydrocortisone for my severe adrenal fatigue. (low cortisol the whole day threw as tested with a salive test).
    Has anyone taken only that and got better with it in the long run ?
    I’m also a bit confused about the carbs. Isn’t paleo completely carbs-free or am I wrong there ? 20% of carbs, does that only come from from fruits then and how do u measure it ?
    I also read dr Wilsons’ book and he said not to eat every fruit, especially bananas and even pears.
    And have u ever heard about 5tp to help with adrenals?
    thank u very much !
    ps @Pamela : a saliva test cortisol is the best way to test it 🙂

  103. I am wondering what’s really going on with me and kinda tired of guessing and self diagnosing. I had always been unrealistically active. I cleaned houses for 6 hours a day, walked my dogs twice a day!trained for half marathons and strength trained and pretty much over exercised daily. My average fitbit steps were about 22,000 a day at least. On top of that I felt very stressed about keeping up with everything and getting my kids taken care of and kept my own house “perfect” and if I didn’t I would feel very stressed. I never allowed myself to rest and would crash at 7-8 when I went to bed. I didn’t sleep well and woke up 3-4 times a night and started my day again at 5 a.m. Constantly drank workout energy drinks to keep going. And started to feel slower and slower. Hands and feet were always tingly and numbing during workouts and while working.
    It started with vertigo for 8 hours and dizziness the rest of the week. A few days later my face went numb and my whole body felt like I crumbled. I went to the prompt care and they told me I had shingles and a sinus infection. Which it turns out I had neither. A few days after that my whole left side felt paralyzed. Neurologist told me it wasnt a paralyzed I was just too exhausted to move it. The following weeks I I was so weak and my body was so shaky inside I could barely stand up, couldn’t feed myself, just always felt like I was under a pile of bricks. It has been four months since then, I have had 1000 test and everything has been normal. Drs. don’t know what to tell me so they said I had fibromyalgia. I still am weak but can tolerate about three hours of moving around before I get tired again. Working out is impossible, it makes me feel worse. I don’t feel like I have any of that fire under my feet or turbo in my body to get me going. I have a lot of skin issues and cannot handle the cold and haven’t for several years. With all the research I have been doing, I am wondering if I have suffered from adrenal fatigue for a while and have had a “crash”??? What does it sound like?

  104. Hey Lauren-
    I wonder how many menopausal women have undiagnosed adrenal fatigue? I’d never even heard of it until I stumbled onto this site. I think mainstream physicians really drop the ball – especially when dealing with issues associated with women and chronic fatigue, menopause, and now…adrenal fatigue. Thanks so much for your article, it gives me a great place to begin my research…and to hopefully feel better.

  105. Thank u so much for this article and for sharing your story and tips!God bless you for helping people that suffering so much.A have Hashimoto and adrenal fatigue as well.For now doing some changes in my diet,so have a question according this asrticle.You say-no low carb diet,but i see in so much articles and blogs the suggestion to go for Palep diet,that is a low carb died,as i see.I am going on gluten free for a month to see if will be some improvment in my labs and symptoms,So,what do you thing:does Paleo diet unsuitable for people with adrenal fatigue???Libi

  106. I have a problem with all of this. I have struggle with adrenal fatigue twice in my life. I have tried all kinds of things. I can see the benefits to this diet, but I guess I’m a bit confused. It says you need protein, plenty of carbs and fat. I checked out the recipe section, and all of this stuff takes time to cook. I don’t have the energy to shop let alone cook. I do good to scramble a couple of eggs, or through a piece of meat in the toaster oven.
    How in the world am I suppose to get enough carbs and protein if can’t eat nuts, seeds. dairy or grains? Eating every two hours is a challenge given you have to eat very small portions in order to keep from gaining weight. I am a very small person so even a sweet potato is way too much food for one meal on six meals a day. I feel way too full.

    You also have recipes published that have chocolate in them when it says absolute no caffeine. Chocolate sends my cortisol through the roof and gives me unbearable anxiety.

    What would you suggest for someone like me? I am single, and it’s really hard to cook for one person especially as tired as I get some days.

  107. Hi Lauren! I forwarded this article to my mom who has dealt with adrenal fatigue for years now. She was very interested in what you had to say as I am! She follows The Paleo diet closely and does much of what you listed to help her heal her adrenals. She wants to know if you suggest or have a recipe book to go along with the adrenal diet that helped you stay on track?

    Thank you, I am one of your dedicated readers!

  108. Hello Laura,

    I slightly suffer from Adrenal Fatigue and am so happy to know I have license to eat salt!!! I would like to know if sea salt is ok for me. It may be called cooking salt too. I have never seen it before coming here. It is made up of huge chunks. I am living in Italy and Himalayan and celtic salts are very expensive.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Isabel,

      I have suffered from Adrenal Fatigue for over six months and the only thing that really helped me was sea salt.

      I know that in some parts of the world, sea salt is a bit expensive, but cheaper than doctors, who do not recognize Adrenal Fatigue. They will lead you down the garden path with prescriptions that do not help and very expensive.

      I take a quarter teaspoon of sea salt in good mineral water twice a day, once in the morning and again before I go to bed.

      It took only a few days and the improvement was immense and continues to this day

      Sea salt is worth the money and you should use it everyday including salting your food to taste.

      Good luck with this simple remedy!

  109. Hi Lauren,

    Were your cortisol levels high, low, or a combination of both? Mine are low all day and it seems the herbs listed in the Gaia product all lower cortisol. Any recommendations for herbs that increase cortisol other than licorice?


  110. Hi Lauren,

    I am a 65 year old man and have always been in great shape and health up till six months ago. I was tired each day, only wanted to sleep and my libido went to zero. I just wanted to crawl into bed and die.

    I did not know what was wrong with me and shrug it off to old age. It wasn’t until I was suffering from dizziness after standing up first thing in the morning that I became extremely worried.

    I am great at goggling information and came across Adrenal Fatigue. I had all the symptoms and it explained ways to help this chronic problem. One of the ways was sea salt and lo and behold, after taking this for the first couple of days, my dizziness and tiredness started to disappear.

    I am know eating cleaner than before and taking my sea salt everyday. I am still not 100%, but I see myself getting better each day.

    Please tell your followers that daily consumption of sea salt works and that this deliberating Adrenal Fatigue, should be a thing of the past.

    Warm regards,


  111. I’m curious to know how long you felt it took once acknowledged, to reverse some of the symptoms, especially if weight gain was part of this for you.

    I am waiting on my saliva and urine test results, and have exhausted all other causes including parasites & gut impermeability. LOTS of chronic stress year after year, emotionally and otherwise, and have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s but my thyroid tests are ok and even my integrative practitioner won’t prescribe meds for it – oddly, I am hoping it is adrenal fatigue because then I will know, but the 20+ pounds is making me nuts……….

  112. Isn’t anything that contains carbon chemically organic? Organic chemistry is the study of carbon compounds. All food contains carbon, so it is all technically organic. Yep, that includes proteins, carbohydrates et al. So anyone can slap a label on a food item and proclaim it organic. Sharp business practice, but hey ,why cook the golden (organic) goose? Or why jepordize the (organic) gravy train? Mega bucks are to be made in the “organic” arena. So listen up everyone, keep plugging organic. And remember, even gasoline is organic. So relax that conscience and watch the greenbacks rolling in !

  113. Hello!
    Thank you for your clear post on natural ways to help adrenal fatigue. My acupuncturist also tests adrenal fatigue along with doing a blood panel. and after finding I had AF suggested using the drops of pregnenalone and DHEA. I have several times questioned the safety in using both of these. My acupuncturist and other health advisors (my Chinese herbalist) assure me they are safe. So, I am wondering your caution in using them?
    Thank you for any thoughts you could lend!

  114. This is article is full of absolute falsities.

    Optimal adrenal health and health in general CAN be achieved on a vegan diet. The key is to eat enough fruit, and not eat too much fat. A high raw, high fruit, low fat vegan diet.

    High fat actually CAUSES adrenal fatigue and doesn’t leave any room for the mass consumption of healing fruits as fat blocks insulin receptors. High fat also over-works the pancreas.

    When our pancreas is overworked by a high fat diet then our adrenal glands come to the aid of the pancreas… which over time stresses the adrenals beyond their ability… which causes candida overgrowth, as candida microbes flourish to eat up the excess blood sugar. This explains why individuals on a high-fat animal-product diet can’t enjoy more than half a mango in one sitting without feeling off.

    Blood sugar problems and adrenal problems vanish on a high carb, high fruit, low fat vegan diet, where it becomes effortless and blissful to feast on fruit just like our cousins, chimpanzees do!

    When the adrenal glands are over-worked from high fat, and even stress, and adrenaline is released, it creates a surge of insulin resulting in the sugars in the bloodstream being made more available to the cells, hence the super human efforts we see when peeps get an ‘adrenaline rush’.

    Whenever there is high fat foods consumed the adrenal glands have to produce more adrenaline… why? Because excessive fat hinders the transport & delivery of the sugar to the cells. When our poor adrenal glands are stressed again & again by high fat intake, without getting time to recover, like anything they become overworked & tired & the result is adrenal fatigue/chronic fatigue syndrome/candida overgrowth/diabetes/hyper&hypoglycemia.

    A high fruit, high raw, low fat vegan diet is absolutely the way to optimal health.

    • Please, do not write these “definite” advices for people because every metabolism is different and the most important thing, with lots of fruits and low fat, your insulin levels will be wild and adrenal glands would be exausted.

      we are all different and while I think this is the worst advice you could give to someone with adrenal fatigue, there is a weird chance this works for you cause of some other reasons.

    • Please be careful when relating personal experience as fact. Sugar including, including fruit sugar can wreak havoc on your adrenals.

      Furthermore, it is actually quite difficult to heal arenal fatigue on meatless diet.

  115. I’m sorry if someone already ask about this, there are too many comments to sort. I was told to use licorice extract but didn’t feel comfortable with it because I was pregnant at the time. I’m thinking about trying that but wonder if you had any thoughts on that.

  116. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I stumbled onto this article after believing for some time that I have a hormonal imbalance. I am now quite certain that this stems from adrenal fatigue. The past two semesters of college have been the most stressful time of my entire life, exacerbated by constantly moving, trying to coexist with abusive roommates, spending more time on homework than sleeping, slamming coffee day and night, etc. I have been living in a constant state of anxiety and suffer from frequent panic attacks and emotional breakdowns. I will seriously start trying to improve my adrenal health with your advice ASAP. It helps tremendously that I recently started working at a Food Co-Operative. Thanks again, take care!

  117. thanks so much for posting this article. Lots of useful information there. I am a vegan and I REALLY don’t want to start eating animal products again. I found they exacerbate my arthritis symptoms.

  118. A very good article on adrenal fatigue. A couple more points I”d add though. If someone can “exercise intensively” then they don’t really have adrenal fatigue. Unless it’s the early phases of having high cortisol. The adrenal cortex (where cortisol is produced) also needs magnesium and lots of B vitamins, in addition to the things you stated. I’d also recommend digestive enzymes (e.g. Super Enzymes by Now) for digesting all the protein that is extremely necessary for the adrenal cortex). And here’s a big one. Do a “candida cleanse” to clear out the candida overgrowth that most people with adrenal fatigue have (due to antibiotic use, steroids, birth control pills, etc.) that can indirectly lead to, or add to, many of the things that go along with adrenal fatigue (i.e., hypothyroidism, digestive problems, leaky gut and all its symptoms, autoimmune conditions, etc.) — it’s a long list. You may want to consider it yourself. I’ve had personal experience with all these things. 🙁 .

  119. This is truly extraordinary info.I experienced adrenal exhaustion for a long time and this is the sort of counsel that truly helped me to conquer my issue. In this way, to all you sufferers, YES! There is trust! Simply don’t lose confidence and realize that your body can mend itself. I was fortunate to locate some extraordinary exhortation that helped me conquer my adrenal exhaustion and show signs of improvement..Here is one of the resources that helped me a lot:

  120. In October of last year- by sheer accident, they found a large tumor inside my right adrenal gland. The gland was removed in an open adrenalectomy in January of this year. I recovered surprisingly fast from such a big operation and have felt pretty normal since- however I do experience bouts of extreme fatigue and weight gain. My doctors said that I can function normally with only one adrenal and even with the tumor the hormone levels in my body were normal. I had one doctor who believed that my right adrenal was not functioning at all and had not been for a while– I had another who disagreed. It was confusing. I have not had any lab work done since my surgery. Is it possibly to recover from adrenal fatigue with only one adrenal gland?

  121. Can hot flashes be associated with adrenal fatique? I have Lyme disease which has caused most of my “fun”. I try to stay positive but the constant weight battle, hot flashes and insomnia are about to win the battle. Thank you for this wonderful blog. It has really opened my eyes to another potential problem.

  122. Dear Lauren,

    Thank you so much for this post. I’ve been under very severe stress for the past almost two years and prior to that somewhat as well. I’m relapsing into hair loss and fatigue and am realising something is very wrong, obviously. I know it’s all stress related and I know I have to do something about it. But my situation is complex. However, I’ve continued eating healthy, am trying to get sun exposure every day, and am back to my moderate exercising. Yet, I believe I need more help because the culprits of my stress are not going to go away for a while… so I’m very happy to see this article of yours and find some possible natural remedies. I’ve just ordered everything you recommend: the Gaia Herbal Adrenal Health supplement, the liver and the Vit C. I can’t wait to start feeling healthier once again. Thank you! xx Debra

  123. Great article!

    I was wondering about carbohydrates. 20 percent is fairly low, for me that would equate to about 70 carbs net a day. Is that what I shoukd br aiming for? That’s what I usually end up at now.


  124. I feel so blessed to have found your website and greatly appreciate the information and encouragement!

    I am confused about something. I am reading Dr. Wilson’s book and he says that you SHOULD exercise at least 3 times a week on a healing regimen for Adrenal Fatigue. That it shouldn’t be grueling or another stressor in your life, but it should increase lung capacity, muscle tone, and flexibility. He even listed kick boxing, sports, and weight lifting as some examples. I’m not sure what to do, and I want to do everything right as I create my “program” for beating this.

    Thank you!

  125. Just wondering what you think about the Eat Right for Your Type diet. Do you think following a diet based on your blood type could help with adrenal fatigue? Many thanks for your helpful article!

  126. Hi Lauren,
    Im going through a crash right now and just found out my adrenal fatigue is severe, bordering Addison’s disease. Can you please tell which doctor helped you, if any. I appreciate any recommendations. I’ve been dealing with this for the past 10 years, so I’m very familiar with glandulars, herbs, lifestyle, etc… Just didn’t know severe AF was much harder to treat. Thank you!

  127. Thanks for such great information, Lauren!! I appreciate all the help you provide via your blog. I’ve been dealing with adrenal fatigue and a hormone imbalance for a few years. How do you feel about including raw milk and raw milk cheese on an adrenal healing diet? I’ve recently had a setback after starting an intensive workout routine to get rid of the weight I’ve gained.

  128. I seem to be suffering from all the symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue. My most annoying problem at the moment is frequent urination. Adding salt (even natural) to my diet makes my problem even worse. It seems like my body tries to reject salt. I am also dehydrated all the time – even though I drink lots of water. Does anyone have any suggestions to help me?

  129. Doctor.

    Dear Sir

    This is Rajeev bhasin from Mumbai
    I am 39 year old man diagnosed with a peculiar sleep disorder called
    Idiopathic hypersonnia….
    Where I get disorder attacks which lasts for 10-12 weeks were my sleeping pattern is around 12-15 hours a days . and the balance time is total disorientation and un energetic

    I have got this attacks 6 times in last 5 years and the first one was at the age of 15.
    Our family is very upset about this situation and no medicine has benefited …. Inspite of visiting some specialist sleep disorder clinics.. And best immuno defecincy doctors
    On reading on internet I could understand it may be a problem due to insufficient gaba levels in brain.. Or receptors. And confirmed by doctor

    Sir you have some idea on improvement of hypocretin or orexin levels in Gabba .. Which deficiency is resulting in hypersomnia….or any thing which can help me to come out of this state.

    All my tests done are clinically OK

    I also taking homeopathy treatment in mumbai for last two years

    Please suggest whether this symptoms are of adrenal gland fatigue and which kind of doctor I need to visit
    I am really depressed on this illness
    Please help me or advice on my currentmedication



  130. Your article has great info. I’ve been struggling w/ thyroid/adrenal issues on & off for a few yrs. my most recent bout started a yr ago. I’ve been on a ketogenic diet b/c i thought it was the best thing from the info i had at the time. I want off of it but when i try even a tiny bit of a starchy veg or anything that spikes my blood sugar, i feel it & it makes me jittery & anxious. Any suggestions how to switch?

  131. Hi Lauren,

    Thank you SO much for your site and all of your articles and information. They have definitely helped to point me in the right direction when it comes to my health and diet. I have been on Synthroid and Cytomel for an under active thyroid for the last 8 years or so, and although my levels are “normal” and “good” (according to my Endocrinologist), I still have been experiencing strange symptoms for the last few years. These include feeling tired most of the time, difficulty waking up in the morning, low energy, high anxiety, a heightened fight-or-flight response with a surge of adrenaline, flushing, extremely low libido (and I’m only 28!!) dizziness upon standing, and more.

    I truly believe that I have some type of adrenal fatigue. I have been taking vitamin C for the last month or so (although it is the absorbic acid kind but with acerola), and haven’t seen any improvements. I just purchased the Gaia Adrenal Support supplements you spoke about in your article. My question to you is – do you think it is common or normal to feel drowsiness/sleepiness from this supplement? I take it at night time before bed but still feel drowsy throughout the day. I am also experiencing soreness coming from both sides around my rib cage (seems to be coming from the kidneys). I have only been taking it for 4 days now (and only 1 pill every night, I wanted to start low to let my body get adjusted to it).

    I am so desperate to heal my body and was praying that these adrenal supplements would make me feel better. Do you think taking an individual Ashwaghanda supplement on its own (instead of the Gaia Adrenal Support which is comprised of multiple herbs) is enough to support the adrenal glands? I’m worried that its one of the other herbs in the supplement that is causing me to feel super drowsy and have the pain/soreness.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all that you do!

  132. Hi Lauren, I have Adrenal Fatique and I have been on the recommended diet for 7 weeks now. I have already noticed improvements in the way that I feel, I still get dizzy when I get up in the morning, I am going to try using the sea salt. One question that I have is I would like to know when the weight will start to come off? Does your body have to somehow regulate before this will happen? Thanx AK

  133. I am soooo lost… I think I have adrenal fatigue and have been taking an adrenal supplement for a while. Is it bad to run if one has mild candida, possible leaky gut or adrenal fatigue? I want to lose weight and exercise, dont many have adrenal fatigue?

    Okay. My diet plan for candida allows only psuedograins (are these still really that bad if they are really a seed?) and says i can have green apples, berries, avocado, coconut, grapefruit, lemon and lime. But it says NO potatoes or beans. I know some agree with fruit for candida, some disagree with starchy veggies, with grains… Ugh. Cant we still more easily digest grains if taking a digestive enzyme to prevent damage?

    Some also say ketogenic is good to starve candida first but isnt good to continue with. How can you tell if you are having candida die off or low carb flu / sugar withdrawal? And then some say high fat / protein and veggies is good for adrenal fatigue so i am confused.

    Dont most who have candida have adrenal fatigue too? So then, if fruits are limited to low sugar fruits and no potatoes allowed how does one make sure they do not go into ketosis, but dont get too many carbs for candida?

  134. Can you tell me what 40 grams of protein for breakfast would look like? Like how much chicken or fish or what are some examples and how much? Do you then add low carb veggies on the side to that? Is healthy fat ok to add?
    thanks so much for helping

  135. Hi! This is a great article. I suffer from hypothiroidsm too. I am taking gaia adrenal support and I have seen many take it with gaia’s thyroid support, Do you think this could help me? I am a little hesitant as both contain ashwaganda, so I don’t know if this could be so much. I don’t want to take synthroid anymore as my symptoms only got worse. And another question : can you tell me when is the best time to eat the recomended fruits as I am used to eat them on breakfast (wich I’m not doing it anymore) ? Thanks so much!!!

  136. Hi Lauren,

    I am confused about Holly Basil for low cortisol. I have the same Herbal adrenal support but think about Holly Basil. Is it OK to use this herb to treat adrenal fatigue (low cortisol)?

  137. Thank you for this highly informative article! I’m working with a health coach and homeopath and doing a lot of reading. I have probably been suffering from AF for some time and am definitely bordering if not already crossed over to crash level. Sleep disturbances have been a part of or have highly contributed to this but of course I remain highly fatigued even when I do get enough sleep. I also have muscle pains/aches/spasms, inability to focus well, brain fog, low productivity, some dizziness on occasion but not much, anxiety type symptoms and others. I’ve just found out I have the MTHFR mutations too so I need to research that as well. Thank you again for this well put together post!

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