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  1. SO excited about this! This may be the missing ingredient for trying to exercise/work hard, and not spend the rest of my life dying of tiredness. Um, one question…Is there any reason I should be concerned with drinking too much of this in relationship to how it would effect digestion? that’s one of the biggest thing I’m trying to get healed right now.
    thanks so much, Lauren!

    • Hi Hope! As for drinking too much of it, the most important thing is that you listen to your body’s cues for thirst. Sip this when you are thirsty, but don’t force it down if you aren’t thirsty. I don’t recommend guzzling liquids near or with meals, because this can dilute stomach acid and impair digestion. But this is a great drink to sip throughout the day.

  2. Thanks for this great information. I have a few questions:

    1. How do you actually make the drink (what are the proportions)?
    2. I am not absorbing nutrients well, so I tend to be low on electrolytes even when I’m not exercising – it is ok to drink this at any time?
    3. I have been told to stay away from all sweeteners including honey because of trying to combat candida in my gut. Do you still feel that honey is an important ingredient here, or can I omit it?


    • Candida thrives on sugar, true, but raw honey is much more than just sugar. Totally raw, unheated, fresh honey is a fantastic probiotic food full of all of the gut enzymes, microorganisms and goodness that the honeybee adds to create honey. I wouldn’t avoid it. my sister in law and nephew battled candida and my honey was the only sweetener they used. They did beat the beast. I wish you luck with it.

  3. What about Holy Basil’s counter active affect for those trying to become pregnant? I love holy basil, but I know it can be a sperm blocker. Just don’t use this when trying to become pregnant? Could you use another type of adaptogenic tea? Like one with ashwaghanda?

  4. Sport drinks (the most researched sport nutrition products in the marketplace ) have 3 functions. 1. Hydration, 2. Energy, 3. Electrolyte replacement. The most critical feature in this mix is the osmolality to ensure gastric emptying at the correct rate. Using products like honey of unknown composition and measurements like a”pinch”,makes it difficult to ensure optimum osmolality. See this for full explanation

  5. I love recipes like this and am excited to try them. I’d like to point out, though, that hydration is generally not necessary during exercise. A simple cast back to our ancestors should shed some light on this. Do you think that all long-distance hunters carried skins full of hydration liquid, or even water? Or that anyone raising a barn or doing any hard labor for more than an hour or two had to stop for water or risk harm? In my own experience as a long-distance runner I can tell you that drinking before a workout is finished can often be a recipe for discomfort and is not necessary at all.

    Humans are made to deal with dehydration, and I would personally contend that if you really want to be in shape, constant ‘hydration’ as you may call it really harms your condition. Just as you train to be anaerobic, you need to train to be dehydrated. It won’t hurt you a bit. Indeed, the research on sports drinks shows that excessive drinking can cause harm.

    Once you’ve had a sip, a shower, and a good meal, then replenishing your liquids orally is really important. I would definitely like to try this drink then!

    • I am coming around to this point of view as well. I live near a quite large military post and see a skyrocketing “crisis” of heat injuries, particularly in units training for deployment to hot climates. I have to admit that I wonder if, in pushing hydration, the Army is shooting itself in the foot and making soldiers more sensitive to heat than the opposite. In many Native American warrior cultures, men trained and conditioned themselves to travel and/or fight for a day or more at a time without needing water (or food for that matter). That’s a hunter gatherer culture of the sort that paleo/primal/primitive/ancestoral health ways seek to emulate.

      • The ‘ “crisis’ of heat injuries” more likely is caused from not being acclimated to the heat because for the last 30 years almost everyone in the U.S. lives, works and schools in air conditioning 24 hrs a day.

    • Yep, I agree– we should drink nourishing beverages when thirsty but not force ourselves to drink when we are not (unless our bodies are telling us in another manner that we are dehydrated, and in that case hydration usually means more than simply drinking more water). I get thirsty when exercising, though, so I reach for this instead of plain water.

    • That’s just nuts. It goes against every recommendation from distance runners and sports medicine professionals I’ve ever heard. To answer your question: Yes! Our ancestors stopped for water, or water-containing foods!

  6. Does anyone know if tulsi is actually related to basil?? Just wondering because I came up intolerant to basil on a test. I can’t find info on whether holy basil is in fact basil or if it is just a nickname. Thanks!!

  7. Hi Lauren
    Great recipe, as always:) wondering how your trading with NTA is ? I am also looking for a good course to be certified as a NTP and I’m curious if you are finding of the credibility of the program.
    Love your recipe for butternut flat bread by the way.
    Thanks sarah

  8. Gogi berries and maca are other adaptogens that you could use in place of the holy basil. I’ve been making a similar drink for my all-day beach volleyball tournaments using filtered water, 3-4 slices of lemon, a cup of gogi berry tea, a pinch of pink Himalayan salt and 10-15 trace mineral drops. I freeze 2 or 3 large mason jars of this mix the night before and sip on it all day and I never feel fatigued! Thanks for posting this! 🙂

  9. I made this drink after reading this article on and I really liked it. It tastes good! I also made some research on adaptogens and I’m glad to see many positive results. I just usually drink water after a long walk/run but this drink can be a healthy alternative from time to time. 🙂 You guys should try it. I’m sure you’ll like its flavor too.

  10. Hello!
    Thank you so much for all that you post! I am starting the path to heal but get overwhelmed easily – love your website!! I have a quick question, I see you recommend that certain sea salt and real salt (which I have) but how do you decide which one to use and when? Is one better with some things than the other? Also, since they both don’t contain iodine, is that a problem or we get enough from other sources? I believe I shouldn’t consume a lot of iodine, b/c I’m hypothyroid/hashimotos/PCOS. Any insight, I greatly appreciate!!! Thank you!! *XO – Nancy

    • I recommend celtic salt, himalayan salt and sea salt. They all have a different trace mineral profile so I like to rotate them in my diet to get this whole range of minerals. I’ll do a package of celtic salt and, when that runs out, I’ll rotate to the Real Salt, etc.

  11. Thanks for the great recipe! I’ve used it for the past couple of weeks and really enjoy it. When I’m working out I sometimes find the flavor a little off-putting. I’ve put a cinnamon stick or slice of lemon while the tea steeps, just wondering if anyone has added anything else for natural flavoring? Thanks!

  12. Great article! Just wondering if it would be enough just to drink the tea without the honey and salt. I use raw honey in my “almond cashew cacao coco” in the morning (trying to eliminate caffeine). I just don’t want to overdo it with the sugar since I have battling systemic candida or leaky gut….

    Thanks for the very informative article!

    • I don’t think so. I have both of these. Cellfood tastes lemon-y and I think they make it by separating cells or something like that. Can’t remember. ConcenTrace tastes gross (if you try a teaspoon at a time, and take it straight) and is very salty tasting. A few drops of trace minerals in a tea shouldn’t taste bad, though.

  13. Hi Lauren! I suffer from premature menopause (I’m 28) due to a genetic mutation. I’m currently on HRT, but interested in natural ways to keep my hormones balanced. Since I’m already deficient in estrogen, would Tulsi be safe for me? Thanks!!!!

  14. Lauren, I’m so glad I found you! We are on the same track. I started drinking Tulsi with raw honey but I use the 4 Eternals in as well. I already use the minerals you suggest. And luckily I live in a state that allows the sale of raw milk and I can definitely tell difference in my gut. I love using coconut oil in making my own almond joy bars and peanut butter cups. Keep up the great work!!!

  15. Thank you for your blog. I have adrenal fatigue and hypothyroid. I’ve done a number of things to recover, including sleep hygiene, changing my work shift from through-the-night (killer) to 2nd shift. I continue to eat real food (organic, grass-fed, no grain, make-from-scratch, bone broths, probiotics, fermented veggies, etc.) as I have done for years. After getting exhausted with the night shift, my cause-based doctor (simply excellent) recommended adding hydrocortisone to my regimen of dessicated thyroid. I can feel a huge negative difference if I forget to take a dose (which I do sometimes now that I am feeling a little better).

    So, isn’t it counterproductive to try to reduce cortisol when I am deficient in it during my recovery? I don’t have too high cortisol – it is too low.

  16. Hello Lauren,

    After reading this article I’ve been looking up information on Tulsi and a lot of it appears to state that it can negatively affect fertility; are you aware of anything further on that subject? I was keen to try it, particularly to combat the damage from stress and poor adrenal function, however I am wary of using anything which could impact on the hormone balance issues I already have.

    Thank you.

  17. I have had multiple “problems” for decades and only recently started treating my thyroid and adrenals as both are severely compromised. I’m an insulin-dependent type 2 diabetic (insulin resistant) also. I had a magnesium deficiency and have mostly corrected that, but all of these issues eventually brought me to my knees, crippled me up and made it impossible to work. After reading the benefits of tulsi, I think it might be a good idea to add it to my daily regimen, even without the exercise (which I can’t do anyway due to extreme exhaustion). I don’t think the amount of sugar in the honey is enough to outweigh the benefits. I just wanted to know if you’re aware of anybody in a similar position that this helped and what do you think about my adding it to my arsenal (doctors have failed me horribly) since I’m forced to “fix” myself? Thanks!

  18. I have been drinking the Tulsi tea with just honey added. I love the taste but am now finding that my teeth have become very, very sensitive. I looked up some info online & it said chewing Tulsi can damage tooth enamel but as tea it should be fine. I really want to drink it but this is definitely a problem for me. Any ideas?

  19. I see that the recommendation is to “sip it slowly”. When I am on a long run, I sometimes drink as much as 64oz of fluid in the span of a 2 or 3 hours, so I was wondering if drinking this much pf the sacred basil tea is over-doing it. Also, can I use a liquid extract instead of boiling the fresh herb?
    I was happy to see you mention the H.P.A. axis, because I had adrenal fatigue after my first marathon and it took me 22 months to recover.
    Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  20. Hi Lauren, I was wondering if your estrogen levels were dominant or the other way around? I have estrogen dominance and was wondering if tulsi would help or make it worse. Thanks!

  21. Hi Lauren!
    Thanks for the great recipe!! I’ve been researching hydrating drinks for my husband and I- he is experiencing some interesting side effects after we installed an RO water system in our house and often becomes thirstier than before after drinking solely RO water.
    So we are adding Real Salt to our water now and drinking lots of coconut water… And now this too!:)
    My question is about Trace Minerals: we purchased this but after seeing the fluoride listed on the back we stopped using it..we couldn’t find a straight answer as to whether it is sodium or calcium fluoride, so we were nervous about drinking the thing that we bought the RO system to filter out. Any thoughts or information on this?
    PS- sorry for the length of my comment

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