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Reveal radiant skin without harsh, toxic, and expensive products with the recipes that cleared my acne naturally.

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  1. Love this! Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I already do a few of the things mentioned but excited to add a few more things to my routine!

      • One other thing i want to say in addition to useing meca root to balance hormones naturally. I have had terrible acne and i threw out all my chemical lotions and crap i was loading on my face for years to cure my acne. I replaced my lotion with ripe avacado. I take some of the meat next to the nut, mush it on the palm of my hand, and rub it into my skin on my face and neck. This is excellent for oily skin because it somehow balances the moisture in your skin but leaves it with no feeling of being oily. Also, this for me made my skin stop producing so much oil. My skin has much less acne since i started this and feels healthier and looks healthier also. Avacado is great for fighting acne when you eat it, imagine the benifets when you feed your skin directly with it 🙂 try it!

      • Hi Lauren: I suffered with acne for years. I found out I was allergic to whole wheat. When I stopped eating whole wheat my skin cleared up.. I had a problem with candida albicas from taking too many antibiotics over the years. (I have allergies and asthma).. That being said, like you, a few years back I wouldn’t have ever considered putting oil on my face to clear acne. But, I read a book at the health food store that recommended oils to moisturize your skin, oils that do not clog your pores.. After a few months of trying this and that, I figured out the perfect oil based moisturizer for my face. It is made up of distilled water, coconut oil, grapeseed oil,, avocado oil, and olive oil. It does not clog my pores.. I wash my face first with a non-drying soap. Then I use a toner–apple cider vinegar and water that I leave on for a few minutes and then rinse off (recipe–1/2 t. of ACV to 1/2 of purified water). Then I put on the oil that I made up. I let it sink into my skin for about 10 minutes and then pat off the excess with a tissue. If I get a pimple, I put straight coconut oil on it and it clears it up.. Coconut oil is hard but a small amount will melt in your fingers. It works great.! I get compliments all the time of how nice my skin looks–that was a switch:) If you decide to experiment with the oils, warm up the oils by putting the bottle under warm water.. When they cool off to room temp., slowly add the distilled water into the oil–and stir a lot, otherwise the oil and water won’t mix. Keep in a container in a cool place.

        • For the apple cider vinegar toner recipe it is 1/2 t. ACV to 1/2 cup of purified water. Hope this info. helps someone.

        • Where do you buy all those oils, apple cider and vinegar? The olive oil that you use on your face is it the same as the cooking olive oil? I’d like to try your idea but don’t know where to buy all the ingredients.

          • Virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and raw organic apple cider vinegar are available at many grocery stores and health stores. Grapeseed and avocado may be found in specialty groceries, health stores, and online.

    • I am 21 and I have had acne for years now. My skin is very acne prone and very oily. I can’t go a day or two with out developing a new pimple. I have tried medication, prescriptions, over the counter, pills, vitamins and lastly I just finished a laser treatment. NOTHING HAS HELPED.. It’s becoming depressing.. I need a cure and I need one fast. Do you think this will work for me?

      • I am a 22 year old female. I’ve struggled with cystic acne, regular pimples, and blackheads. I have dry but super oily skin that’s very sensitive. I’ve tried EVERYTHING for my acne. Face washes of all kinds 3-5 part acne regiments… Everything. I’ve been doing the lazy version of this and it has cleared everything up except for the blackheads. I’ve been washing with raw organic honey in the AM and olive oil in the PM with baking soda mixed with either one of those once per weekish. Each time after I dry my face I put on a toner made of 2tbs apple cider vinegar, 2 tbs filtered water, and 30-45 drops of tea tree oil. It’s smelly stuff, but my skin isn’t shiny and my face is clear. I hope you find something that works.

      • Ok, this is going to be a lot of information, but I hope this helps at least one person. I’m 29 and had been suffering with acne, including cystic acne, for about 5 years (had 2 kids and it just came outta nowhere). Tried EVERYTHING and don’t ever want to know how much money I spent over the years.
        Tea tree oil was the first thing I tried and it is great. Just dab onto affected areas after washing your face, and although some direct you to rinse, I just left it on (after using it for a while and getting my face used to it). The tea tree oil, for me, cleared up all the breakouts- doesn’t do much for the blackheads, etc..
        And then I came across sulfur. Ah, sulfur. Now, my best friend. I now use a sulfur soap- Dr. Kauffman Medicated sulfur zinc oxide soap; Amazon, $8.00. After I wash, I use a sulfur ointment on the areas that are prone to breakouts (because they are far and few between now)- De La Cruz sulfur ointment 10%; Amazon, $7.50. And then I take Vitamin E oil and dab on my face lightly, which has really improved scarring and really just makes my face feel soft and look healthier- Nature’s Bounty Vitamin E oil, 30,000 IU; Amazon , $7.50.
        A few things I have also done that I know have helped- drinking more water, taking vitamins (I KNOW this has helped and I’ll give you tips below) this washcloth my mom gave me called the wonder cloth, also sold on Amazon, $9.20 (or a pack of 3 for basically $23) or just any wash cloth, really, just be gentle- it does help remove more of what you’re trying to get rid of and last but not least, the makeup I use (I’ll get into this below, also).
        Ok, the process- if I’m wearing makeup, first I soak my wonder cloth with hot water and then rub my makeup off. Open your pores up a bit (with a steamer or just hot washcloth over your face- I just use hot water). I then scrub with my sulfur soap for 30-45 seconds, with fingertips, and then I take my wonder cloth and some more hot water and rub in circular motion (gently) to rinse off and then I rinse with warm water (don’t close up the pores with cool/cold water). I dry and then dab on my sulfur ointment (same thing as tea tree oil- rinse it off until your skin is used to it, and then just start leaving it on). Let that dry a bit and then onto the vitamin E- not too much and be careful about the kind you use (one of the cheap ones I used initially wasn’t so good- it made me breakout, which probably means that it wasn’t pure, despite the packaging making that claim). I use a very, very thin layer all over, and go super easy on areas that tend to get oily, but I focus on scarred areas. And if I have any breakouts, I dab a bit more sulfur ointment on top. The sulfur does a great job treating AND preventing. I have never used the tea tree oil and sulfur together, so I’m not sure how they react to each other. But the sulfur has completely changed my skin- I don’t get oily and it keeps the acne away.
        When I want/need to exfoliate, brown sugar (make sure it’s soft and not hardened at all, otherwise I’m sure it would be way too harsh) and either olive oil, or recently I tried it with Vitamin E oil and it worked great! After exfoliating, just rinse off the brown sugar and then just pat dry- leave on the oil.
        Ok, the vitamins- they work much better in conjunction with one another, and also a Vitamin C and D deficiency has been linked to acne. Im still learning and I’m sure there are more, but here is my list of vitamins that I feel are essential to clear skin: Vitamins A, C, D, E, Biotin or fish oil (specific for skin). I take a lot more than the suggested amounts. I encourage you to check out the website This is where I have received a lot of my info, but not all.
        Makeup- as important as everything else; I came across Coola (Mineral Face SPF 30 Sunscreen matte tint), which is a tinted moisturizer that gives pretty good coverage; Amazon, $22.75. Wish I knew of some good foundations to suggest for those that need more coverage. A good concealer that I have been using is Yaby (, $4.85) and then I use The Balm Sexy Mama anti-shine powder; Amazon, $12.54. I love, love, love all of these products. They are all very light and feel very “clean” to me. Go without makeup as much as possible.
        Couple of other tips that I think are very important- wash your sheets and pillowcases OFTEN (I have 2 sets of everything now, which makes it much easier to keep on top of), keep phones clean, keep your hands off your face throughout the day and ALWAYS wash your hands before you go to bed.
        My skin is not yet perfect and I’m still learning. But I do know that I HAVE WON THE WAR. It’s going to be a bit of trial an error, just like it was for me, but I do know that staying away from the chemicals is the trick. It’s not overnight, but I saw results very quickly. One other thing I have been meaning to try is aloe vera as moisturizer, but they suggest having your own plant to cut from, and I’ve had a hard time finding the plant thus far.
        I’m attaching a little prayer that this information helps as many people as possible. I really understand what you’re going through and wish you well. Good luck and best wishes. : )

    • I don’t get it…Has no one ever Googled “Organic Acne Treatment” the #1 thing at the top is LEROSETT the only Chemical Free acne treatment, used by thousands of acne experts for 20 years…I have used it for 5 years, its as close to a cure as there is, …There is no cure to acne, but this is as close…..

        • Dead skin cells clog the follicle that starts the oil back up that starts the infection that starts the pimple. Hormones may slow oil production, but how can any pill prevent you from shedding dead skin cells into your follicle. If you want the best acne pill you need ClearPoint.

          Acne may be internal but pimples are external, you need both, there is no magic pill, don’t fall for it. Go to a real acne research company like Gunilla of Sweden at least there they tell the truth about acne and have been un business for 25 years, and that accounts for a lot.

  2. I also do some of these things…I really want to do the GAPS diet, as well. I need to stop saying that and DO it! I’ve have cystic acne since I was 14…(I’m 35) and have done just about everything except Accutane (thank God). I too have found that the oil cleansing and ACV are AMAZING!! I am SO trying the honey-cinnamon-nutmeg spot treatment! And Acupuncture….VERY interesting!!

    • The GAPS diet sounds intimidating, but the hardest part is just starting. I actually think it is so much fun to create GAPS food, and I love how GAPS makes me feel! Good luck!!

  3. Wow, Lauren, we are so alike! I, too, have been dealing with acne since 7th grade. It has gotten a ton better on GAPS, but it has not gone away entirely. I think it’s because the remaining acne is hormonal, and for some reason GAPS has not been able to fix my hormones. (I get heavy, very painful periods.) So, I started going to acupuncture for hormone balancing about three months ago. Progress has been slow, but I think I’m finally getting somewhere.

    Oh, and I do a lot of these things for my skin, too–the honey mask, jojoba oil, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and witch hazel. Like I said, we are so alike… 🙂

    • Hormonal acne is so tough to beat, but I’m glad to hear acupuncture is helping you, too! It certainly isn’t a quick fix (I’m trying to be patient) but I really think it will make a lasting change. We are so alike–it’s crazy that we’ve both found all these steps to work for our skin! 🙂

      • You talk about hormonal inbalances, useing accupuncture for that is great but have you considered meca root? I buy organic meca root for me at the natural food store. Meca root is a natural hormone balancer and can lighten periods and balance hormones naturally. Also, meca root is so healthy. Dont just buy it and take it, google meca root and read the information first. Some people claim to have had bad side affects, i didnt experience any negotive affects taking it. I noticed my energy was awesome on it and my chronic headaches went away along with my chronic shulder pains. Read and try it 🙂

        • maca root? I googled meca root and they want to correct me to maca root. I had purchased it sometime ago for hormonal balance. I’d put it in a healthy smoothy.

      • Hi! I did a lot of research and I have had the same problems with my skin. I even took accutane and considered it again until I tried to go the natural route (for the second try). I read about Borax and how it has really helped people with skin (especially body acne) problems. Borax is all-natural and comes in a power form. It is also used for natural household cleaning and deodorizing. I started using the Borax about 2 months ago and I have seen a complete 360! I tried prescriptions on prescriptions with not even the slightest change and here I am, 2 months after using the Borax daily as a body wash with 99% clear skin. I put the powder into a tiny bowl and leave it in the shower. I usually wet my hands and press my fingers into the powder because a lot is not necessary to use. I hope this helps someone! I know how confident-killing acne is 🙁

        • Thank you for this! I just tried Borax plus the baking soda scrub. I might be doing too much too soon, but I just HAD to check both out lol. I hope I have the same success you had, cause acne has been a buzz kill for years.

        • Borax as in the laundry detergent booster that you can buy at walmart and target? Do you also use this on your face? My son is 15 and a half has really bad acne on his face, neck back and chest. We have tried SO MANY prescription pills and creams, and now he is trying pro active, but nothing seems to really work and I wont put him on Accutane. Please let me know if this is the same borax because I have a box of it in my laundry room.

          • 1. Borax is not something one puts on their face and I would not suggest doing it.
            2. My brother had the same problem, but he started cutting gluten, sugar and dairy from his diet and replacing it with much more fresh greens; his acne has gotten so much better. Regular exercise also helps A LOT. A combination of jojoba oil and tea tree oil also helps, but it isn’t instantaneous… You have to cure the acne from the inside. Acne is a symptom that something else is not right. I would also try Estroblock Pro.
            3. ProActive is absolutely useless and Accutane will ruin his organs…

      • My daughter has been doing for about two weeks now. Her acne is worse. Will it get worse before it gets better?

    • GAH. Me too! Hormonal acne is the worst. I’ll spend almost two weeks feeling better about myself and then BOOM I ovulate and it happens. For approximately two more weeks, same story, and then BOOM period comes. I’ve tried oil cleansing with good results, but I’ve found what really helps is doing an oatmeal and honey exfoliating scrub, ACV toner, and then a thin layer of coconut oil to moisturize after that. People have told me that coconut oil clogs pores, but it never does mine! I wonder why.

      • Hi, I was reading through the comments and saw ya’lls conversation on hormonal acne. I recently read a board discussing PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) which I have and it causes major hormonal acne among other things. Anyways they were talking about taking Evening Primrose oil and also Maca supplements. I went out and got them a few weeks ago and they seem to be working!! They help to regulate and balance the hormones… Anyways if your interested it’s worth a shot, do your own research you might be surprised. Hope this helps!

    • Yes! I didn’t mention probiotics, but you are SO right–probiotics are extremely helpful in balancing gut flora, and therefore supporting overall health and immunity. I can’t wait to try your kefir facial, thanks for sharing!!

  4. love it! funnily enough my own routine has evolved to this over several years of trial and error experimentation. in my early 20s I was prescribed acutane twice and God only knows what sort of havoc that stuff wreaked on my system not to mention the topical and oral antibiotics I was prescribed in my teens. eliminating dairy was the first step in clearing up my skin. I’m so grateful to have discovered oil cleansing. it changed my life! thank you for this post. it is validating to see others following similar healing paths and I now have new tricks to add. thanks!

    • I’m so happy to hear that these steps have been working for you! Thanks for sharing your experience with dairy. Getting rid of dairy helps–I would say that raw dairy is probably fine, but I never recommend pasteurized dairy because it sucks for our skin and our bodies.

  5. I can’t wait to try some of these. I’ve always had acne but it became severe in my mid-twenties. As soon as I went gluten free because of Celiac disease, my severe acne got better. Oddly, the only thing that’s taken it completely away was pregnancy! It’s back now and I need help! Thanks!

  6. Heather, sounds like your acne is hormonal and you have estrogen dominance. During pregnancy you are producing more progesterone. You might benefit from taking bio-identical progesterone, and making other changes to balance your hormones.

    • Interesting! I’ll have to look that up. Pregnancy (and shortly after) was the only time I was ever acne-free, too.

  7. I don’t know how you feel about supplements, but when I had painful PMS, the 2 that helped me the most were Black Currant Oil & Chasteberry. I recommend researching them. I took 2000mg Black Currant Oil & 1000mg Chasteberry daily (divided into 2 doses with meals). It took a month for me to notice improvements, but they made a night and day difference for me.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I don’t really take supplements right now, but I’m not against them. I will certainly look into these–am eager to find anything else that helps the painful PMS.

  8. My kids both have had amazing results with acne troubles by doing nothing more than taking vitamin B5 supplements (aka Pantothenic Acid). It takes a few weeks for it to clear up, but is quite dramatic. The dose is 1000mg to 2000mg per day. This is just a vitamin.

  9. Thank you for sharing!
    I’m interested in trying these tips as I have lately been struggling with acne myself, after growing up with clear skin all my life, I simply didn’t know how to handle it! Looking for a natural cure as well, and realizing it was all hormone related, I looked into what foods promote or contain estrogen and which block it and found a list of estrogen promoting and blocking foods. I’ve since cut out the estrogen containing/ promoting foods and supplemented with foods that block estrogen receptors, and I’ve seen a massive improvement. Usually i’d get one giant zit on my chin and as soon as it cleared up, another one would pop up, but i’ve gotta say my skin has stayed rather clear since cutting the estrogenic foods out.
    Just some food for thought :).
    Keep up the good work!

  10. oh and the amount of times I have been put on different contraceptive pills and prescribed antibiotics for my skin or harsh oil stripping creams, toners and scrubs .. well i ‘ve lost count! And that plays havoc with my immune system and hormones too like Roaccutane! I find tea tree oil stings quite a bit (mum made me put it neat onto my spots as a teen) but is an amazing disinfectant! I went to hospital once and took a bottle with me as the hospital wasn’t very clean. I shall try your recipe above though and mix it and see if that helps my acne! Love the au Naturelle route and I’m going to try the oil cleansing in the evenings too! Even though I have acne and troublesome skin, it is also sensitive and I tend to react to a lot of things and come out with blotches on my face. My doctor refuses to do an allergy test though so no idea what I’m reacting to at home so i think going natural and cutting the chemicals is a good starting place. 😀

    • I wouldn’t guess that you have acne issues now… your skin looks gorgeous in your blog picture! I would be interested to hear if you see improvement with the oil cleansing and the facial oil recipe. That tea tree oil/vit. e oil blend is less potent and I don’t think it stings, especially when mixed into the jojoba oil. And your Roaccutane experience sounds like a nightmare! What an awful, toxic, dangerous treatment.

  11. aw thanks lauren! my blog picture was a free photoshoot with my sister and they put loads of make up on us for the camera. Too much! If I zoom into the pic in photoshop you can just make out my troublesome skin under the heaps of make up lol! But it has gotten better with watching what i eat. Still get flare ups tho. Definitely going to try the jojoba oil and tea tree oil combo ! Will let you know how i get on 😉 oh and yeah not going to ever do roaccutane or other antibiotics again, ridiculous! But when you’re a young teen desperate to fit in and you don’t know much about health you kinda believe everything the doctors tell you and leap for any medication they say will make you beautiful!

  12. You know something, this is a really well thought out page so thanks for taking the time to put it together! In my experience I found that two things really helped contribute to clearing up my acne (which was actually a kind of rosacea). I completely stopped eating any fast food at all. And I also stopped using cleansers on my skin. I’ve also included a link (I think), to a nice eBook that shows you some great home recipes for clear skin. A couple of the recipes really have worked for me. I’m not a model or anything but my skin is ten times better than it was!

    Thanks again.

    • No, anything that you put on your skin will be absorbed into your bloodstream. I’ve also found that plain yogurt makes a good morning cleanser in place of the honey, perhaps you could give that a try.

  13. What a wonderful post! I too have suffered acne most of my life and these are some great tips I had not heard. (I used both birth control and Accutane; they don’t work long term, so you didn’t miss anything but a bunch of toxins 🙂

    Thanks for linking up at Small Footprint Fridays!!

  14. Ok I’ve tried the oil – olive oil – I’m addicted, I had no idea! But man my face is so soft. Did the honey this a.m and the toner. Left it a bit tight and dry but thats ok I just dabbed some oil on and its perfect.

    • Yay! So glad you gave the oil cleansing a try! I find my skin can be dry after the honey and the toner so I immediately use the facial oil and it feels lovely. Thanks for the comment!

  15. This is super helpful! I recently stopped taking the birth control pill after 12 years and my skin has gone nuts. I am on a quest to get my hormones and skin under control the natural way. I already used the oil cleansing but will add the honey and apple cider vinegar to my routine as well. I highly recommend the info on Stefani’s paleo for women site, her new PCOS book is also a great read, even if you don’t have PCOS (I dont) she does a great job of explaining the connection between food, hormones and acne among other remake issues.. Also Liz over at CaveGirl Eats has some great info on acne issues as well.

  16. I loved this article! As an acupuncturist I agree that acupuncture works wonders for balancing women’s hormonal health. As someone who formerly suffered with cystic acne, I love hearing about all of the natural techniques you have used. I found for myself that balancing my adrenals was also really important in healing my acne (I used to over-exercise and be a stress case). I tried various healing diets and was eating a Weston Price based diet already, but that didn’t seem to help very much. What did help in addition to balancing my adrenals and getting regular acupuncture was a very gentle completely organic cleanser from Grateful Body (for super-sensitive skin) and a homemade toner made with apple cider vinegar and water. Now, I have been acne-free for at least 7 years! I am still intrigued in trying the oil cleansing. And this is a great resource for my patients who are looking for natural support for their acne. Thanks!

  17. I’m a holistic nurse that works in skin care. You are doing a great job with your regime! My favorite essential oil combination is tea tree oil, lemongrass, lavender, and red thyme. I’ve found the combo to be much more effective than tto alone. I usually mix 2 drops of lemongrass, lavender, and thyme in 1 oz of TTO and then would use 1-2 drops/oz in your toner. The only other thing I’d consider is to be sure to apply some apple cider vinegar after exfoliating with the baking soda so you don’t throw off the acidic pH of the skin. GREAT BLOG!

  18. The GAPS Diet, olive oil/aloe vera in the night, and spot application of honey for the occasional painful pimple cleared up most of my acne. What was left was completely cleared up by a session of cupping (hijamah) done on my back. It really works for period issues too! Acupuncturists use a similar method, but in theirs the ‘bad’ blood isn’t removed. I would try finding a local Muslim Hijamah therapist and getting a session… Though getting it once the weather warms up would be a better idea!

  19. What do you do for protection from the sun? I’m very interested in trying this, but worry because my current morning moisturizer has sunscreen. I’m hesitant to give that up.

    • That’s a good question. It’s winter and I don’t spend a lot of time outside right now so I don’t worry about sunscreen. But I’m not really sure what I’ll do when the weather gets better. Many sunscreens are toxic and actually increase the chance of skin disease. Eating a real food diet also bolsters one’s immunity to sunburn and sun damage. I’ll probably find a natural sunscreen (with physical–not chemical–sunblock) and use that.

        • I made research on a supplement called Astaxanthin. One of many benefits is that it protects your skin from sunburn and there is no need to use sun screens. But you have to start using it well before summer days. My beautiful 18 years old daughter suffers from acne too. She did started oil cleansing method, tee tree oil, acv and she stopped eating dairy products. We can see small improvement and it gives us hope. We know that it will take time. Thanks for your article.

  20. Do you have any cures for acne scars? And do you use any natural products for anti-aging? I’ve spent so much money on products for both of these and none of them work plus I don’t want those chemicals on my face or in my body! 🙂

    • My acne scars are really improving with the cinnamon mask and the baking soda mask. They are great gentle exfoliants. And I don’t use anti-aging products, I just try to keep my skin well moisturized with the facial oil and I use coconut oil around my eyes before I go to bed.

  21. Great article! I have also battled with acne (face & body) for several years. I will list my steps in chronological order, the results got better and better, but I can’t say which one thing made the most difference. The change in my skin has been amazing & it is now the best I can ever remember it being. 🙂

    1) Gluten-free, 2 months (immediate change)
    2) Paleo/grain-free, skin continued to clear, essentially no body acne, ever.
    3) Oil cleansing method,, improved texture of skin & improvement in minor breakouts
    4) Nightshade free experiment (tomatoes were causing me to breakout)
    5) trip to a Functional Medicine Dr – had a couple of stomach infections due to the gluten/leaky gut/lack of stomach acid issues – went on a course of antibiotics to take care of those underlying infections
    6) skin has been nearly 100% clear ever since, small patches of clogged pores have continued to clear and reduce over time.

    Obviously my skin conditions were very much an “allergic reaction” to certain foods, but certainly none of the dermatologists I went to ever distinguished that from “cystic acne.” Diet “controlled” my acne for a while, but it took the help of a doctor & some antibiotics to restore the stomach environment to properly function.

    I continue to eat Paleo, use gluten & soy free body care products, use the Oil Cleansing Method and it has been working amazing for me. I hope that any part of my journey might be helpful to others. It took me till 33 to get it right!

    • Yes, eating right is a big part of the picture! I think grain-free is important for many people, because it just calms down overall inflammation in the body. Same with eliminating nightshades. Thanks for sharing!!

  22. Also meant to say, a couple of times a week I do the Ancient Healing Clay/Apple Cider Vinegar mask. Love it! Great for a spot treatment as well.

  23. I have tried the oil cleansing and honey. It is awesome, I have already seen improvements in my skins oil production after only 2 days of use. I was wondering what brand of witch hazel you are using and where I could find it. I am having a hard time finding alcohol free. I have found Thayer’s brand, but it has rose petal, lavender or cucumber in it. It is also labeled as either astringent or toner, not straight witch hazel. Thanks again for this great information, I have been telling everyone I know about this blog.

    • Sorry, I just realized your instructions gave a link to the type you are using. My local whole foods does not carry that particular one, but they do have the lavender and the cucumber. Would they work as well?

      • Yep! Both would work, as long as they are alcohol free. has the toner I suggested and I think it is cheaper there than it is at Whole Foods. And you don’t even have to use the toner, you can just mix the ACV with water. It works in a pinch!

  24. I want to try this. I use an olive oil wash right now made by DHC, by it seems silly to buy a product when I can make it. However, I always wash with a facial soap after the olive oil cleanser. I guess I do not need to do that? Also, do you use a moisturizer after the OCM? or is the oil cleanser enough?

    • How funny! I used to use that DHC cleanser (and my mom loves it and still uses it). Actually, it is quite different than the oil cleansing method here, because it has detergents in it to make it lather slightly. I would recommend switching to this homemade oil cleansing method because it is cheaper and better for your skin. And you won’t need to wash with soap after it. I always use my homemade acne oil (described above) after the OCM.

  25. Lauren, this looks so fun! I think I may try it. I’m in my 50s, with a history of cystic acne (I even went on the dread Accutane years ago, and it did halt the cysts). I’ve done all the creams, salves, and programs: Pro-something, benzoyl peroxide, what-not. I don’t think I have active acne anymore, and I suspect my remaining skin issues have to do with food intolerances, probably dairy. (I’m experimenting with raw dairy right now because I just had the opportunity to join a local herdshare with three lovely A2 Jersey cows!) But I’m thinking your protocol may be helpful in improving my skin condition, and as I said, it looks fun! A little aromatherapy never hurt. Thanks!

  26. I found some of this to be helpful!
    I was told by a dermatologist that acidic things like vinegar and lemon juice was good for the skin.
    I started a new skin regimen that’s working well:
    3 parts water and 1 part vinegar (apple cider kind) and rinse face with it and then add baking soda to exfoliate every night. moisturize with coconut oil!
    in the morning, rinse face with water and use a cotton swab of witch hazel and ACV all over my face then use the coconut oil to moisturize.
    my skin tone is significantly more even and the dark spots are fading!

  27. Hello. I want to try these methods of face cleaning with oil. On the apple cider vinegar are the ratio measurements inTspoons, tspoons or cups? Also with the same with the acne facial oil. Thank you.

  28. Love your blog! I’ve had acne for the past 7 years (ugh) and have tried everything short of Accutane. Over the past week I’ve followed your program exactly (apart from acupuncture which I wish I could do) and have broken out a bit but my overall skin is so much healthier and I think my skin is purging. I have a question, with the facial oil (with the tea tree blend) do you apply that in the morning or at night? Thanks! 🙂

  29. Processing can be very important with the use of oils. Refined involves chemicals (unless naturally refined) and not only increases aging but can also contain traces of hexane/chemicals. Expeller pressed is devoid of enzymes, which are very important for skin, so stick with cold pressed, unrefined oils. Filtering can actually be a benefit with certain oils…and olive and jojoba can clog pores, depending on the processing (so, if you break out with one, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will break out with another). Grapeseed (very important to check the processing as most is solvent espressed) and sweet almond are much lighter choices for daily wear. Tea Tree essential oil is WAY TOO ABRASIVE and drying for facial skin and can create a stress to the skin PH, which will trigger overproduction of oils, therefore clogging your own pores (yes, your own sebum can clog your own pores!). LAVENDER is much better for acne prone skin (with maybe a scooch of tea tree or a spot application of tea tree). And yes, oil can calm the skin and settle down natural oil production. I see it all the time with a Neroli and lavender blend that I make…Oh, and PS, if you have oily skin…STOP DRYING IT OUT…it actually produces more oil.

  30. I am going to try some of these routines thank you! I also wanted to add that I too suffer from acne. I Recently invested in a Doctor who lives in another state. My family had a wonderful results from him so I decided to go for a visit and check him out. I found out that not only did I have Candida but parasites and that my cystic acne was from the parasites waste (gross!) I have been on 2 month of supplements and a week after starting my parasite cleanse my skin cleared almost immediately! It might be worth checking out!

  31. I just want to say last night I had a relaxing bath and tried the oil cleansing. My face is usually very red, irritated, dry around the acne parts on my chin. I have hormonal acne quite bad. Big, itchy, pussy pimples on my chin is what I always have/get on a regular basis. Anyways, last night when I did it, it felt a bit greasy for me because I was stuck on using the “acne washes” so my face was usually dry and tight after I was done washing. I went to bed a short time after, woke up this morning and I was amazed!! My face is not nearly as red as it usually is. Around my nose its usually so red and itchy and on my chin as well. Sure, my pimples are still there, but WOW what a difference I feel!! I will keep doing this, and this morning i’m going to wash my face with honey. I also tried the spot treatment last night and it shrunk my big pimples quite obviously, and they are not as red and irritated looking. I forgot to buy witch hazel yesterday while I was out, so I will get some today and make the spray for my face as well. I just wanted to share because I would have nevvveerrrr tried to put oil on my face!! Thank you so much for your information!

  32. I’ve tried the OCM and liked how my skin felt but I still had bad cystic acne. Had it since my 3rd son was born. I had a stool/saliva test done and found there’s something in my system that’s causing it and my holistic practitioner is giving me supplements like Pau du Arco, Epicor, Berberine, etc. to take care of it. I might try some of the other techniques you mentioned too.

    • Tracey- have any of the supplements that you are taking work? I also have acne after having my third child and I never had it growing up. Seems like I’ve tried everything. Thanks!

  33. Hello! I wanted to leave a little comment to let people know how amazing this blog was. I happened to stumble upon it while trying to figure something out for natural acne treatments. Ive been to dermatologist,doctors,estheticians… name it! I’ve tried creams, gels, “acne”pills. Long Story short it has been a very long, expensive, frustrating process. When I read this article about washing your face with oil I thought there is no way that this will work. Its just another promise that will leave my skin screaming for help! I am happy to say that I was wrong!!! Using honey and oil as a facewash has helped my skin remarkably!!! It has been a little over a week now…and I am in aw! I my skin feels like its made of satin…acne is improving! I can not be happier. I wanted to let everybody know in case they stumble upon this article and have the same apprehensions as I did! People with acne, and oily skin should not fear! This is the solution!!! Thank you so much for this article! 🙂

  34. The most important element in your treatment is massage on the face. You are massaging your facial skin with oil, honey, apple cider, acne facial oil. I believe these massages with oil are also making big difference on your skin, as massage increases blood circulation and gives glow to the skin.

  35. Wow!! What a great post! I can’t wait to share your great information with friends! I’m sure this is old news to you, but you mentioned very painful cramps during your period–I’m so glad acupuncture helped! I will have to give that a try! My husband is a chiropractor and once he started adjusting me regularly, my period cramps have disappeared. I thought something was wrong with me. Then 2 of his patients in the same week told him the same thing. I just couldn’t help but pass on the info–I wanted to shout it from the rooftops when they went away! Thanks for your awesome post!!!!

  36. I have had very active cystic acne since I was a teen. Now i’m going through menopause – it’s been a never ending battle with acne. I’ve tried everything & for some reason it works for a short time & then my skin becomes immune & I have to try something new. Tried everything! I’m very eager to try some of your remedies – they give me some hope in lessoning some of the scar tissue that i’ve been left with. The one thing I would like to share with you is my experience with Lysine. Within 2 days of taking 1,000mg of this supplement – my acne has basically diminished after 45 YEARS! I can’t believe it myself! I found this supplement kind of by accident. Lysine has been known to build muscle/ convert fatty acids to energy/ improves athletic performance/ lowers cholesterol/ helps body absorb calcium better/ helps form collagen & elastin/ it’s good for bones, tendons, & cartilage/ studies found that it even helps prevent cold sores/ it has antiviral effects/ helps with the production of hormones, enzymes, & antibodies. In studies, Lysine along with phototherapy – caused cancer cells to destroy themselves, while leaving non-cancerous cells unharmed. In one important group study – they were given Lysine to treat the herpes virus (outbreaks). while there is no permanant cure – Lysine prevented outbreaks in mild cases of herpes. It was this case study where many of the applicants noted that one of the key side effects was their cystic acne had improved tremendously. I’ve now lowered my dose to 500mg per day & cystic acne has not returned! I haven’t found any downside in taking up to 1,000mg of this supplement per day.

  37. Glad to hear your skin is recovering. As you already known, biochemically acne is a bacteria/toxin/dead cells and an indicator that there is an internal dysfunction, which I believe you are doing a wonderful job to maintain. Having acne for a long time eventually causes scaring in the dermis and epidermis. I would like to suggest using a nanoparticle silver colloid, castor oil, antioxidants and clays. The nanoparticles embed in the fatty tissue such as skin and acts as a permanent antimicrobial. Castor oil has properties which can bring the dead cells to the surface. Taking internal antioxidants such as tocotrienols and astaxanthin help to dramatically repair the skin. I am guessing you have heard of using Bentonite Clay topically, but lesser known clays such as Pyrophillite work in an amazing way to dismante toxins and chemicals when used internally and externally. You are an inspiration. I look forward to visiting your blog again.

    Nano-Silver is available at pure

  38. I’ve just started oil cleansing at night and honey cleansing in the morning and my skin feels amazing! I’ve been using proactiv for years and my skin never seemed to get any better. I’ve only been doing your method for a week or two and already love it. One question- can anyone recommend any chemical-free, alcohol-free face wipes that won’t make my skin freak out getting used to cleansing with only oil/honey? Has anyone ever used these – ?

  39. Thanks for all these remedies. I just wanted to ask if I could use them all or most of them all together. Thanks again

  40. Pretty section of content. I just stumbled upon your site and in accession capital to assert that I get in fact enjoyed account
    your blog posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing in your augment and even I fulfillment you get entry to consistently quickly.

  41. Hey, thanks for this blog. I love it! I wanted to ask wether toothpaste on pimples does really work or not?

  42. Hi, I really enjoyed reading this and your other blogs. I have been wanting to try acupuncture, do you have to get it done on specific areas?

    Has anyone had cupping done? The Chinese method is dry cupping which helps with blood circulation and many other things, and the other one is wet cupping where the toxic blood is drawn out of certain body parts and removed. This one helps with many ailments too. I have had both done several times. I have always noticed an improvement after getting it done. The only problem for me is not having enough knowledge about which foods are best for me. I have gained a lot of info from this site and others and I am still learning. My acne clears as long as I remove certain foods from my diet but it is not always easy to know all the foods that are causing problems. If you check out cupping on the internet, I think the pictures will put people off but if you read about the benefits that will be more helpful.

  43. You may find solution to your problems in natural remedies. Advances in natural system of remedies such as Homeopathy and Ayurveda have now made it possible develop therapies which give quick relief from acne and prevent recurrence. You must have a look at remedies for acne such as Dermatone tablets, Sarivadi tablets, etc.

  44. I started getting acne when I was just 11! And had it until adult hood. I discovered an aestheticism who was certified to sell the Face Reality products, and since starting her regime, I’ve been COMPLETELY zit free. One of the key things to do was give up DAIRY and PEANUTS… it’s really amazing how badly those two foods affect my skin. And it makes sense really, acne can start from the inside just as much as being triggered by external factors.
    Another thing she told me was that olive oil clogs pores, and that the only “clean” oil to put on our skin is safflower/sunflower oil. It’s interesting that this has worked for you using olive and castor oil, I will be doing more research! I’ve been contemplating switching from Benzoyl peroxide to something more natural like thyme, but will have to try this spot treatment too. I mostly only get a pimple now if I eat dairy, it’s easy for me to stay away from the other foods as I don’t like them as much. You can get her skincare products if you like but they’re expensive (though worth it!).

  45. I’ve had acne for almost ten years and I’ve tried several topical washes and medications to no avail. So I decided to go natural and came across your website in my search… Very excited to see some results 🙂 just one question, though.. I know you said you don’t wear makeup, but is it ok to wear makeup over the homemade acne facial oil? or should i rinse off the oil before i apply makeup?

  46. I can’t disagree with much of this. I was almost half expecting some wild remedy. 🙂 When I was younger I had very bad cystic acne. I took tetracycline, minocycline, doxicycline, I used topicals like Retin-A, Cleocin-T, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide.

    I began using the Citrus Clear products on a regular, daily basis. Also I never touch my hands to my face, and the result has been acne free. NOt even an occasional pimple.

  47. Hello, I did the oil cleansing last night and I liked it. But I did the honey this morning and immediately the outer parts of my face (jawline, etc) started itching. The next time I looked in the mirror, I had blotchy red spots all over my face! Is this normal? Is it an allergic reaction? I’ve never noticed an allergy to honey before so this would be a first. A response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  48. I am already doing steps one and two, and would like to add the spray/toner. I found raw organic apple cidar vinegar without a problem, but the witch hazel was an issue. I ended up buying an organic brand, but it does contain alcohol…is that a big problem? I haven’t started it yet… I have another unrelated question…I am using borage seed oil in my OCM blend, do you know if I need to keep that refridgerated? I would like to keep the oil blend on my bathroom counter, but have been keeping it in the fridge since I’m not sure…. Thank you!

  49. Hi Lauren,
    Thanks for the blog. I started breaking out in 5th grade and have dealt with face and body acne ever since. I want to start trying all the remedies you’ve listed and had a couple questions since I’ve never tried any natural remedies before:
    1. Oil cleansing-just regular extra virgin olive oil that I use for cooking?
    2. I use bare minerals foundation. Would you recommend waiting to use make-up for a couple weeks or is it okay to use?
    3. I noticed the only treatment specifically for chest and back acne is the baking soda exfoliant. Would you do any of the others on these areas? Maybe the on-the-spot one, as needed?
    Thanks again. I’m going to start today!

  50. Lauren- thanks for the post. Do you spray the ACV/Witch Hazel toner on and leave it? I have tried the ACV as a toner alone and couldn’t take the continued smell of the ACV long after I applied it.

    • I leave it on. The smell dissipates quickly (but when I first started using the toner I couldn’t stand the smell–now I don’t notice it).

  51. This is a great post. I have tried switching to a natural skin are routine several times after using Proctiv or another benzoyl peroxide treatment system. Every time I wind up breaking out like crazy with whiteheads. I don’t know if its my skin purging and balancing out, but I always give up and go back to something not so natural. I really want to give it time to see if I can get past the purging stage, but its so difficult. I love your routine. My most recent method was ocm. I loved It for about a Week and a half and them my face went crazy. Give me strength!

  52. Thanks for this great post. I’ve been doing OCM for a bit but didn’t know what to do in the morning. I’ll def add the honey, and I love the cinnamon+honey for spot treatment. I take that mixture when I have a cold!

    I just completed the FloLiving course and thought you might want to check it out for the severity of your PMS (try taking sublingual B12-complex for your moodiness, especially if you feel really sad and lethargic). I used to have hooorible cramps and moodiness; their protocol helped tremendously. The founder of FloLiving, Alissa Vitti, just released a book called, Woman Code that has a lot of info in it, too. I highly recommend checking it out.

  53. You have a very interesting post. I have one simple question. Does honey cause whiteheads and blackheads? On you post, you also mention using oil to clean your face. What kind of oil do you recommend? I heard many people recommend olive oil especially DHC olive oil cleanser.

  54. I love this and I am very exited to try these. I am just wondering often to do them? What should the daily/weekly schedule look like? Thanks so much!

  55. Hi, Lauren

    Is that matter if some one in 32 and have very small acne in face that hare to notice it.
    You we need Great face. And if you find it not good for skin so what is your advice.

  56. Hi there, great tips, thank you . Question: when you prepare your oil blend, you didn’t mention the proportions, you’ve wrote 2/3 -is it a teaspoon, or drops?


  57. Hi,
    I’ve just done the bicarb scrub then the honey & cinnamon mask after. Maybe too much at once, but after the mask, while washing off, my skin was burning so badly. It’s now very very red, is this what’s meant to happen, or could I be allergic to cinnamon as my face is red and inflamed and itchy. I immediately put coconut oil on and that seemed to help the burning, but thinking I have a cinnamon allergy. I forgot the nutmeg, would this have counteracted the cinnamon exposure and nutralised the levels? Just want to know if this outcome is normal or anyone else experience it?

  58. Im 13 and have alot of acne! I think most of mine is hormonal, but I read that taking omega 3 could help cure acne. Does all this really work? I tried the coconut oil and it made my skin AMAZINGLY soft! I love it.

  59. I have been suffering from cystic acne for years. I have recently decided to use natural products such as tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar as a toner. Is there a certain type of olive oil needed, or any olive oil sold in grocery stores? After using the olive oil to cleanse, acv toner and oil blend, do you use any moisturizer before applying makeup?

  60. Hi Lauren,

    This is definitely an interesting post for someone looking for natural cures to acne. I’ve always wanted to try using oils for my skin – jojoba oils in particular, but the thought of slathering oil on my face just puts me off. Just curious – in that few weeks of extra oiliness, did your skin break out even more?

  61. Ive had acne for most of my life and finally realized on a trip that peanuts and milk/milk products (yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, milk chocolate, etc.) except cheese were the culprits of making me break out. I also started having lemon tea (hot water and half a lemon) every morning and have seen major improvements. I do not get pimples at all anymore, when I absolutely have to have milk ice cream (because the coconut and almond ones suck) I break out the next day. Everyone suffering from acne should do a process of elimination with the foods they put in their bodies, it might be as simple as that. 🙂 I like the idea of the honey and turmeric.

  62. Hi, Lauren! It looks like you’ve changed your Acne Facial Oil recently (I had this page bookmarked to reference later). I think it used to be Jojoba Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and rosemary oil? Did you find it wasn’t working? How long have you been using this current acne facial oil and have you found the results to be better?


  63. I was wondering the same, the change in face oil. Would like to know why you have changed it. Also, I’ve read that the mix of Jojoba to Clove, Bergamot essential oils, very effective for acne. I have tried it, but I am not sure if I see a major change, perhaps my diet needed to be adjusted again, dairy and coffee breaks me out, and gluten. Even though I take coconut oil and other good stuff. I will try your new blend though, I like the carrot seed oil idea. Thank you

  64. Hi Lauren – I love your blog/website and appreciate all of your findings you share. I was reading your article “3 Reasons Why Baking Soda and ACV Destroy Your Hair.” Do you think that baking soda could have the same effect on destroying your skin as it does your hair? Thank you!

    • That I am still researching. It is important to use a pH balancing toner (such as apple cider vinegar + water) after using a baking soda treatment on the face, because baking soda has such a low pH. I am going to put up an updated skin care routine post soon, and I’ll discuss exfoliation in it.

      • Baking soda consists of the CHEMICAL sodium bicarbonate, which is a base. Solutions of bases, by definition, have HIGH pH values (greater than 7). Vinegar, on the other hand, is a solution of the CHEMICAL acetic acid. Acid solutions have low pH values (less than 7).

        Please stop pretending you know ANYTHING about chemistry. (It’s pretty apparent from your use of the phrase “chemical-free” that you don’t.) Scientific illiteracy is a huge problem in our society and you are contributing to it.

  65. I started getting adult acne 1 1/2 years ago at 29 yrs old and nothing has helped. I saw your post and decided to go full force and try everything you recommended. Honey wash in a.m., oil wash p.m, apple cider vinegar/witch hazel toner, honey/cinnamon/nutmeg mask. My acne has cleared up and I’m ready to make a second batch. The only thing is the moisturizer I made was a mix of jojoba oil, Derma E plus tea tree, and rosemary essential oil. I was sure I saw that as your homemade acne facial oil but apparently not. Have you ever used rosemary oil on your face or the Derma E? I just want to make sure I didn’t make something that isn’t good for my skin.

    • I actually just updated the post and changed the recipe, because I have been experimenting with different facial oil combinations recently. I’m much happier with this one. I used that Derma E + rosemary oil combo for a long time, but then I had one essential oil expert tell me that tea tree should only be used as a spot treatment, and not all over the face.

  66. I am blown away by how nobody talks about taking vitamin B5 (pantothentic acid) for acne. I have seen several teens and young adults dramatically clear up after just a few weeks on 1000 to 2000 mg of B5 per day. Try it. You won’t need any other potions. Its just a vitamin. Perhaps acne is caused by a vitamin deficiency. I did meet one middle aged woman that it did not work for, so perhaps hers was caused by something else. Its worth a try, its cheap and natural.

  67. For anyone struggling with breakouts, I’d recommend getting hormone tests done through a naturopath. Its a simple test – normally just saliva. They can help you balance your hormones and therefore correct acne breakouts, pms etc

  68. I found the Citrus Clear Control Wash to be the acne wash that works the best. Its not perfect, but here is my breakdown and it should help you:

    The product has a really nice tingling feel to it when it’s on your face.
    The bottle is easy to use.
    It doesn’t dry out your face.
    The scent is good and not overpowering.

    I get the occasional pimple, and this didn’t seem to reduce the frequency at which they occurred.

  69. I have learned so much for this article alone. Does your method work on hormonal acne? I get chin breakouts every 2 to 3 months.

  70. I’m excited for all this information. I have experienced increased acne since taking up running last fall. I’ve always had worse breakouts whenever I workout, even when I would wash quickly after. I’ve stressed about how to clear it naturally, there are many new to me tips here. Thanks for putting it together.

  71. I am freaking out about my skin so much, I’ve been breaking out so f*cking bad lately that I’m losing hope. I am definitely going to be trying a lot of your tips, if not, most of your routine.. for sure!

  72. I started getting cystic acne just in last year, so I did some reading on it. I found that it can be caused from digestion issues. So changing foods to eliminate inflammation definitely helps. But sometimes the stomach isn’t digesting the food properly. So I started drinking 2 tbsp of raw apple cider vinegar every day and it really has helped. I almost never get those deep painful spots anymore, but when I do I just add a little extra ACV in my smoothie and it goes away faster.

  73. I love everything you do! i do some of these already including the honey and oil facewashes but i was wondering if you wash off #5 the acne facial oil…it seems like it would leave your skin a little oily and hard to put makeup over?

    • No, it absorbs well. Using this facial oil encourages the skin to stop over-producing sebum, so it reduces oily skin and breakouts.

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  75. hey lauren. i’ve had your post bookmarked for a couple weeks now and decided i’m fonally going to start the routine next week. same as you i was a little hesitant because OILS on top of OILY skin seems like a horrible idea however, same as you, i have tried it all. also, my mom swearrrrs by essiential oils so she’s confident in your regimen as well. i was just wondering, though.. now that you’re about 6 months out.. how are the results ? would you alter anything in the routine ? found that anything works better than what you originally posted ? tips/tricks ?

  76. Hi! I’m excited to start trying this but have a question: with very oily skin, even if it gets balanced out by washing with olive oil, what do you recommend for daily sun protection on face & neck? Thanks!

  77. This probably grosses many people out, but one of the best acne treatments is your own urine… and it’s free! Back in the ’90s, there was this great book about urine therapy in Germany (yes, you can even drink the stuff, and it has lots of natural enzymes that are actually good for your health), and I tried it for a while. I never really got into the oral treatments, but it’s definitely great for skincare (also, if you ever wake up in the morning with a horrendous sore throat and have nothing on hand to alleviate it, it’s a great remedy to gargle with and cures sore throat within seconds).

    The book made a very good case that we only abhor urine because we’ve been conditioned to do so as kids — there’s really nothing inherently disgusting about urine. Once you make that “switch” in your mind, it becomes, if not exactly awesome, at least bearable.

    One thing that works like a charm is the acne treatment. A friend of mine had pretty bad acne into her thirties, and nothing she tried helped. But after doing the urine treatment for three weeks, her acne had cleared up almost completely. Here’s how it goes: You need to take your MORNING urine (and ONLY that) and it has to be the mid-stream (not the first stream that comes out). So you catch the midstream urine in a cup and dab it on your face with a cotton ball — the sooner after peeing, the better. Let it dry and rinse with lukewarm water. Don’t worry, it doesn’t stink or anything. I understand that if you have other things on hand, like yummy coconut oil and such, you’d prefer to use that, but in case of emergencies, all you ever need is at your fingertips. 🙂

  78. The skin producing too much oil is not a huge problem in itself, but when it is combined with a retarded ability to slough off dead skin cells it becomes a major issue.
    People always excuse themselves with no time for pimples and acne treatment as everyday is busy.
    I don’t think anyone would dispute the fact that when Apple introduced in the i – Phone in 2007 they also invented the concept of ‘apps’ that now no one can do without, no matter what phone they have.

  79. I use tea tree oil in a mixture of warm water and put a small hand towel or face cleaning pad in it and massage my face with it. It works great.

  80. Lauren,
    Thank you so much for posting this! I have struggled with acne for 10 years and tried everything except for acne and the pill (I refuse to do either.) I put a honey/lemon mask on yesterday and cleansed with oil last night. I was so apprehensive. Putting oil on my already oily face made me nervous lol but WOW the results happened overnight! My skin isn’t dry and some of my zits have already cleared! Thank you so much! I’m going to get the stuff for the toner. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! I was at a dead end with my skin 🙂

  81. will natural methods work for very severe acne? My cheeks, forehead, and sides of my chin are absolutely COVERED in pimples and i can barely see the skin underneath. Prescriptions have always worked for me but i stopped using them and now this has happened. Will theses methods help?

  82. I loved reading all the different ways to help with acne naturally! It is comforting to know that there are many ways to overcome issues without using things that can be potentially harmful to us in other ways. I have a friend who had experience with the worst body acne. He was extremely embarrassed by it and didn’t know what to do. He did have tremendous success by taking the natural ionic liquid zinc supplement by Angstrom Minerals, and the Angstrom Minerals Liquid Silver as the natural antibiotic to help with the infection. He purchased these online through Healthshop101 and said that it started clearing up within days and his skin has never looked better! I am super happy for him!

  83. I am currently suffering from acne, well, not really acne but I’m getting there if I don’t start doing something about it. I tried using toothpaste since I’ve seen it on TV. But it made my skin dry. Also, chemicals like panoxyl doesn’t seem to work.

    Anyway, I’ll try these one out. THanks!

  84. This is a great post. Thanks for sharing. I also find that chickpea flour is another gentle exfoliator if anyone wants an alternative to baking soda 🙂

  85. Hi! Thank you so much for this post. It will really be a great help for me! I am now excited to try these stuffs!

  86. Hello Lauren! I was wondering if you could give us an update? How is your skin now? Are you still doing this treatment?

  87. Hi

    Anybody have any luck with washing your face with honey in the morning and just grapeseed oil at night? Also using the oil as moisturiser after honey facial wash?

  88. Thanks. This is helpful. I think I’m gonna try the honey+cinnamon mix. My brother used to use cinnamon to treat his acne prone skin. It works wonderful for him.

  89. The oil cleansing was amazing! It left my face so lively and definitely noticed a difference. Not to mention it leaves your hands so soft. I’m trying the honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg treatment right now, leaving it on for 15 minutes.

  90. I’ve been doing this for a few days! I hope it works! I love the oil cleansing! I stopped birth control and I’m breaking out! I had small breakouts but not like this! Lauren, do you have an update?

  91. is there any alternative instead of honey? (: thanks for this post it was so helpful!

  92. I’ve been struggling with acne since 5th grade, and now I’m 22. I have been on prescriptions on top of prescriptions for several years, but I’ve never felt like my dermatologist listened to me. I’d prefer to be non-medicated, because medication hasn’t made much of a difference. I started a few of the posted ideas yesterday. The essential oils smell so nice and don’t sting and irritate like all my old face washes and creams. Thanks for the tips!

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  94. YEAH!!! Thanks Lauren for a wonderful post. I too do not like putting chemicals on my face. I wash my face with honey morning and night and use organic coconut oil as my moisturizer. My skin has never been in better shape. has some recipes and tips that you might find delightful. All products are from ingredients found in your kitchen.

  95. Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5) 500mg approx together with L-Carnitine is great for acne. Adding the L-Carnitine makes the vitamin B5 work a lot better. Also keep your digestive system working with probiotics. Other thing is always use an oil free foundation and face cream.

  96. What oil combination do you use for cleansing with oilly/acne prone skin? I am definitely interested based on this post. Thank you!

  97. I will try all these for my (buttocks) 🙁 I am sooo desperate. I don’t break out too much on my face… But on my butt&thighs:( I’ve lost weight, became active, drink lots of water, avoid sweets & have spent $100.00+ on murad/ drugstore products and nothing. What’s even worse whenever a blemish appears once it goes away it leaves a horrible darker spot. I’m sooo embarrassed with my husband & wish I had $$$ to afford a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to fix my butt. It’s been 6 years since I have battled this problem and since the marks stay… My skin is covered in them! I will give every step a try and hope for a miracle though nothing has worked so far… Ugh it’s depressing!

    • I am so sorry to hear about your acne problem on your buttocks! I had severe acne on my back after my 1st child was born. I know it’s not exactly in the same place, but close 🙂 I want to give you my support and empathy, and also hope that it can be healed. There are many different causes for acne, but often times it stems from what is going on inside your body. Your liver and digestive system may be bogged down with toxins and you might be having reactions to foods you are eating. That is what my problem was. I went on a special diet that was free of grains and dairy and was low-glycemic (no sweet fruits or sweeteners). Then I took a lot of EFAs (fish oil) and probiotics. I also took digestive enzymes and proteolytic enzymes. I had the help of a natural doctor to figure out the dosages of everything. Sugar and gluten cause flareups for me, and so does emotional stress. That might not be the case for you, but it’s worth a shot. Also make sure you are drinking only purified water–no juice or soda 🙂 It also helps me to do occasional fasting for a day or two, and drink only vegetable juices on those days.

  98. Just came upon your site. With a baby girl at home and working mama, I don’t have a ton of time *yet* to research and understand all the better health routines but these skin ideas intrigue me considering a lot is cheaper! Could you please just tell me what the advantage of 1) Raw honey vs what they label as natural for the face and 2) same for the “fresh” nutmeg vs dried? Trying to save on $$ with these tips and wondering how that affects it. Thanks!

  99. Hi. I can’t seem to buy the Enessa product in the UK. I have had a look at a couple of other websites (namely and they all recommend clove and jojoba oils , also mentioning bergamot. I thought I could make my own serum – any ideas on ratios of oils please?

  100. How long did it take for this to start working for you? I’ve been using the honey and oil cleanse portions for about a month (the facial oil and toner only for about two weeks). The oil cleanse has made my face less oily, but I don’t notice the honey doing anything or the acne getting better, although it doesn’t get worse as quickly. Also, using the facial oil after using the oil cleanse makes my face greasy.

    • Krr,
      make sure you’re using a hot (comfortably hot of course) washcloth to get the oil cleanser off. And swipe the witch hazel on directly after, and then use a *drop* of facial oil. A little goes a long way, and it shouldn’t feel greasy, it should be just enough to soak into your skin.

    • What is the oil you are using and what is the ratio of oils? If you use castor oil combined with jojoba oil, you can play around with the ratios to meet your skin needs. The washcloth needs to be really hot and it should get most of the oil off. If you just do it in the evening, in the morning you can cleanse your face with a warm washcloth only and your face will feel clean. I never oil cleanse in the morning because it gets in my hair and I feel greasy, but the night-time routine works well.

      This isn’t my post, but I wanted to let you know that from my experience, the “external remedies” for acne are a distant second in priority to the diet. Diet alone can heal a lot of cases of acne, and can be supplemented with special treatments like oil cleansing. A low-glycemic diet free of grains and processed foods and most likely free of dairy will work wonders on many people. It will also shed extra pounds from most people, too!

      Best wishes.

  101. Wow, I am so impressed at how you have worked to overcome these challenges of hormonal imbalance and acne, and others. Thank You for sharing what you have learned, and way to go!

  102. I just wanted to say thank you for posting this! ive been following the oil and honey cleansing, witch hazel toner and facial oil treatment for a month now and ohmygoodness has it helped. My challenge has been hormonal acne, and this soothes my sensitive skin and helps it heal! TRY THIS.

  103. Thank you for putting this together. I know some that’s on the list cures acne but your blog answered how I should do it. 🙂

  104. Thank you for posting this. I have had terrible acne since I was 11 (I’m 18 now) and I just recently decided to make the shift from harsh, toxic chemicals to a more natural method. I was just wondering what you use for a moisturizer after you wash your face, if you use one.

  105. I am someone who has dealt with severe acne all my teen life and my early adult life. It was really painful and embarrassing to see those cysts and dirt on my skin every now and then. It took me 15 years to figure out that the main cause of my acne was STRESS. I noticed a trend that more often than not, I got acne when I was going through emotional issues or if I was studying too hard for exams or if I was working late nights in office or had some troubles going on on my financial side.
    Honestly, I’ve given up worrying about everything and try to remain as calm as possible, no matter what the situation is. I now know that if I start stressing up, my skin will start breaking out and then I will get more stressed out and so on and on and on. The whole cycle will start all over again.
    A lot of times (specially when we are younger), we don’t even realize that we are stressed out. I wish I’d known this earlier. I can just tell today’s kids that please don’t worry, just give up being stressed out about your friends, exams, future .. work hard as much as you can without messing up with your own self .. if you plan well in advance, then you can score well in exams .. and if there are people (friends/romance) who are causing you emotional stress, then please understand such people are not worth you .. don’t harm yourself by stressing up .. give yourself some time, be positive, eat/drink/sleep well, smile and trust you me, it won’t take more than a couple of months for you to start seeing the effects. In a few months, you will have an improving healthy skin. Simply say NO to stress. That’s the mantra I adopted some time back and it has shown such good results. Good Luck!

    • Your story is awesome. I am super impressed with your intuition and how you figured out the cause and the cure by yourself. I think this is a major cause of acne for me, too–probably one I should address now. Thank you for sharing.

  106. Love this post! I have a long acne story, so to cut it short: I’ve had acne just about 15 years and I’m 29 now. I’ve done EVERYTHING except for Accutane. Sometimes I wish I had, but when I was 17, I thought for sure I’d be having babies in a couple of years. Instead, I remained on hormonal birth control for 12 years and no babies yet. When I think about how many years I trusted doctors and they let me be on BC, it’s frustrating. Anyway, after an esthetician fried my face for 6 months, I started OCM in March, via Crunchy Betty. I’m still not clear, and I make periodic adjustments to my oils, but I can definitely say that it’s way better than it’s ever been while on acidic treatments. I’m certain my acne is due to hormonal imbalance, even though my GYN says all is normal. I hope your posts on the subject will guide me to even better skin and overall health. (I’m also a Celiac, and I know that controls my overall health.)

  107. I’m loving these tips so far, except I can’t seem to get all the honey rinsed off my face in the morning. I’ve tried mixing it with my oil but sometimes I can feel and smell it on my face still!

    any advice?

  108. I suffer from cystic acne. Ouch and eeewww! 3 days ago my skin was red, flaky, lumpy and painful. I was so depressed and at a loss at what more I could do. So after yet more research, I decided to ditched all my expensive creams and potions and opted for a gentle cleanser and acne moisturiser both from Cetaphil.
    I also started taking Evening Primrose Oil + Fish Oil, ensuring the indigence contains gamma-linolenic acid 3 times a day.
    Never in all my thousands of dollars spent on treatments over the years has my skin reacted positively so quickly. I cannot believe it when I look in the mirror! I am glowing, the scarring has reduced SO dramatically in 2.5 days, its barely even noticeable. From what would normally take weeks and weeks to heal with then the scarring to deal with after that. No sign of new spots popping up either.
    I HAD to share it with you all. Something so simple, yet SO effective. And I really hope that it helps someone else out there.
    Good luck!

  109. I’m confused…anyone please reply.

    In which order in the morning and evenings should I be doing the steps?

  110. I suffered from severe cystic acne after a major car wreck about 15yrs ago. I went to the dermatologist for 2 yrs, have huge pits from the steroid injections given. It finally subsided about 3 yrs later.

    I now have crohn’s, celiac disease, many food allergies and cipro toxicity (many troubles from that last one – stay far away from fluoroquinolones unless it’s a very last resort to save your life).

    My severe crohn’s was being treated with Remicade. Which caused me to break out head to the bottoms of my feet & every place in between with eczema….and more cystic acne.

    I’ve already incorporated many of the above suggested treatments, but have learned a few more to possibly try. The massive doses of steroids in a poor attempt to get the eczema under control has not helped.

    Thanks for posting this, and thanks to all the others who added their own “secrets”. Perhaps one day I can walk around with clear skin once more.

    I didn’t see anything about cystic acne scar removal, or at least lessening the depth? Maybe I missed it? Anyone?

    • Have you tried eliminating gluten and dairy from your diet completely? And sugar? Try that if you haven’t already, and see what happens. It could change your life.

  111. Hi Lauren, thank you so much for sharing all this amazing information with us all! I’m going to try all your suggestions, but just want to confirm in which order the daily ones should be done.
    In the morning do I cleanse with honey then wash it off, tone with ACV/witchhazel, then moisturize with the facial oil (carrot seed+lavendar+granium mixed with Jojoba). Do I just leave the oil on my face, and wipe off any excess?
    And then in the evening before bed do I spray my face with the ACV toner, cleanse with oil (just jojoba this time), then take off any excess with a hot face cloth? If I feel tight or dry afterwards I can add more of the jojoba oil to my face, and you said you also use coconut oil around the eyes in the evening. Do you take the coconut oil off with a hot face cloth, or leave it on all night?
    Sorry, but would be great if you could clear that up for me. Thank you!!!

  112. Honey, I was literally in the same situation as you, nearly trying EVERYTHING…and I do face wash wish honey and oil mornings and evenings and use the apple cider vinegar toner and my skin has OFFICIALLY cleared up…I don’t have to hide my face anymore! THANK YOU! 😀

  113. Hey there! Ive been stalking your site for quite some time now and I love your posts, so thank you! Been using the OCM for about three weeks with CB’s recipe, olive oil/casor/jojoba mix. I keep it in an old ghee jar and its starting to mold? There are little green floaties and what looks like whitish Kombucha strain in the bottom. Very odd. How to you store your oil mixture?

  114. Thanks for sharing such helpful review. First and foremost, you do want to get into the proper habit of washing your skin regularly. You will want to wash your hands and face at least three times a day.
    While you may not get pimples on your hands, you might end up getting bacteria on them which can then be spread to other areas of the body when you scratch or otherwise touch your skin.

  115. Honey cleansing looks very interesting. Also, didn’t think that acupuncture would help too? Thanks for sharing.

  116. Hi, I really loved this so I went out got oils. I washed my face with honey this morning and it was amazing and felt really clean. For the facial oil, I mixed jojoba oil, carrot oil and chamomile as I have oily acne prone skin. However when I put the facial oil on it didn’t soak in and just sat on top of my skin and made it really greasy. I put in on when my skin was dry, should my skin be damp? And how much should I use? I was really disappointed that it just sat in my skin and felt horrible, am I doing something wrong or should I keep persisting and hope my skin gets use to it. I really want to use the oils.

  117. The clean and clear product is best for acne and pimple skin. I am using clean and clear products from my childhood and it gives energy and freshness to your skin

  118. I went 100% natural to clear my acne too even 100% organic not a single chemical but i used Lerosett. I had an acne facial in Chicago one week and they used this clay and I have used it ever since. There already is a professional acne treatment that doesn’t have a single toxin in it. Apparently its been used by dermatologists for 20 years…

  119. What helped me with really painful periods and pms was magnesium. Read Dr Carolyn Dean’s book called The Magnesium Miracle and she explains (with extensive footnoting) why magnesium deficiencies cause all sorts of problems including painful periods. Magnesium was like a miracle cure for me. Hope it helps you too!

  120. Hi Lauren,

    I love your oil cleansing method (although I was earlier skeptical due to my oily and acne prone skin) and it has motivated me to try your other homemade concoctions. However, I just realised I am allergic to honey, even raw honey. Any idea for a simple shampoo and body wash recipe without honey?
    Would be grateful if you could make a suggestion.
    Love your blog for its simplicity!
    -Love, Rashi

  121. Good to hear this worked for you. Don’t forget it all starts from within people. Balance your hormones with your diet & lifestyle.

  122. Thank you for this helpful information. Could you please specify what oil mixture you use? It sounds like we have the same skin. Thank you!

  123. Hi Lauren,
    I had a quick question about your day time homemade Acne facial oil. Can I use it at night before I go to bed? And also, if I feel like I need to wash my face a third time during the day, say mid afternoon to early evening after work or something, should I use the oil cleansing method or cleanse with honey?
    Thank you for your time, Tom.

  124. I have never had major acne, but that could be because i am still a teenager. However, i have a friend suffering from severe acne problems. Whenever she comes to my house, we use my mother’s impressive arsenal of essential oils to “beautify” ourselves. Together, we discovered that dabbing tea tree oil on a spot after the face has been cleaned with a neutral-ph-glycerin-free “soap” does a lot to dry it out and clear them permanently after a few days. One thing that was a great success was our own face-mask recipe. Our face felt clean, soft, and spots were hurting less.
    Acne mask recipe (freeze when you are done using it)

    – Cucumber. Depending on the size, if they are very big only one will be enough otherwise if they are the small (15-20 cm) kind you will need at least 5
    – About a tablespoon of green clay powder. Other clays will work but this is the best. Clay paste works as well just put less.
    – 3 drops of rosemary oil
    – 3 drops of lemon oil
    – 3 drops of eucalyptus
    – 3 drops of lavender oil
    – 4 drops of tea tree oil
    – About a table spoon of honey

    Blend the cucumbers so they form a sort of soup. There shouldn’t be any pieces left. Add the clay, honey, and essential oils mixing well.
    Apply to the face, but the mixture won’t stay on. Lie back, try to keep most if it on while spreading it around. You can let the pieces come off, all you need is the juice. Leave on for about 5-10 minutes until the clay has dried. Wash it off gently with warm water. Your skin should feel soft and grease-less 🙂 staying like that for the next two days.
    This recipe worked for me and my friend. However, during the time it was on my face, i felt a burning sensation, but disappeared after i had washed it off after a couple of minutes, eventually after using it a couple of times i never felt it again. If you know that you are allergic to one of the oils, simply remove it, the mask will work just as well with the others.
    Of course, every ingredient is organic! 😛
    Good luck trying it, i hope it works as well as it did for us!

  125. I was using skin products that were drying out and irritating my skin and were not totally getting rid of my acne. I have now switched to your skin care routine and have been doing it for about a week and a half. My face is not drying out anymore, but it has even more red bumps than normal. Is this routine not working for me? Or do I just need to wait longer? I am going to try some herbal remedies to see if that will help because I think I might have hormonal acne. Also, do you know if the Dermagist acne products are good to use?

    I would appreciate tips from anyone 🙂 I really would like to use only natural products

  126. About 3 months after going off birth control my skin turned into an oil slick and was breaking out ALL the time. That was over a year a half ago and ever since I have been struggling to have clear skin. I’ve tried SO many products and none of them have worked. We’re also trying to start a family so I have been hesitant to get my skin “hooked” on anything I couldn’t use during pregnancy… and then I stumbled upon this website during one of my desperate google searches. I’ve been following the steps above for about 3 weeks now and my skin is the clearest it has been since going off of birth control. It is amazing!! I will definitely say I was leery at first to wash my already oily face with oil, but my skin is actually less oily now. I love it. I don’t dread looking at my face in the mirror each morning to see the latest pimple that has developed, because there are hardly any!! I am almost through one full menstrual cycle and so far so good for that too. I can’t thank you enough. I feel so much better about myself now and feel like I am using something that is good for my body. The one downside I (actually my husband..) have noticed is the smell of the apple cider and witch hazel toner. My husband says that my face “smells like a foot” for about 30 minutes after using it. But even he has noticed the dramatic difference in how my skin looks and says it is well worth it. 🙂

  127. what you think of Emu oil on the skin?

    I’ve heard and read that its beneficial under eye skin, what about acne?


  128. Could someone please let me know where in Canada, Ottawa someone could go to for acupuncture to treat acne? My daughter has been going through this for sometime now, and it breaks my heart that I can’t fix it for her. She is more of a natural remedy person and I think all of this is right up the next alley.

    • Try removing gluten and dairy completely from her diet, eat no sugar or processed foods, and lots of healthy fats (no vegetable oils). That might be all she needs. Acne comes from a congested liver and a digestive system that is out of whack. Acupuncture would be nice in conjunction with the diet, but it isn’t going to do much on its own. Best wishes.

  129. I use tea tree oil in all my home remedies for acne. As the author of The Complete Acne Book (with many of natural acne remedies) I can recommend tea tree and neem oils for their antibacterial properties. Neem is also soothing as is lavender oil or try turmeric powder which is also antibacterial. You can add these oils to some Coconut oil mixed with almond or grape seed oil for a potent soothing acne remedy. You also add these oils to acne masks and every day cleansers. Use turmeric, carrot seed and rosehip oil with a little tamanu oil for a potent acne scar lightener (great for stretchmarks too).

  130. Hi there! I was wondering if there was anything else I could use to substitute for the Thayer’s Hazel product. I have Apple Cider Vinegar, but I don’t have the Witch Hazel, nor do I have enough money to get it lol.

  131. I want to thank you so much I could cry! I’ve been living with some pretty bad cystic acne/acne vulgaris for years. None of the topical chemical treatments work, and I now try to stay as natural as possible… I use a lot of the methods you describe, but I have never heard of that Enessa clove oil, I really must get me some of that ASAP!

  132. Ok serious question! I have been following your routine for about 2 months now. and it almost seems as though i am breaking out more! Before i started this, i had just started a tiny breakout, but nothing bad. and my face was generally clear. but now it BAD! OMG! i literally have 1-4 new cystic white heads everyday! its the worse around my chin, and lip, and nose area. I really want this to work, because i am all about natural! but i am in the business of skincare, so i need to have a clear face!!!!! Every single day i do the night time oil cleansing for oily skin, i do the honey wash in the morning, and i spot treat with honey and cinnamon, and about once a week i do the baking soda scrub. I don’t know what else to do! I am 24 years old, and nothing else has changed in my life that would explain this. PLEASE HELP?????

    • I am having the same problem! I have been doing this for about 2-3 months, and I feel like it has increased my number of zits. The color of my face has neutralized and is less red, but getting more zits is annoying. Have you found anything that has helped it?! Please help us!

  133. Lauren, thanks for sharing your great tips. What oil do you use for cleansing in the evening? I know for acne care it’s recommended to use olive oil. About honey for acne treatment I haven’t heard yet but will give it a try. How do you get all these methods?

  134. Great post, you might also try adding to Crunchy Betty’s recipe tea tree, lavender or neem oil. These are all antibacterial and are really good for healing skin as well. I make many natural acne remedies some that are designed to target acne scars, others that are to tighten pores and and remove back heads, all remove acne bacteria. You have listed a lot of other ingredients I use, turmeric powder is highly antibacterial too.

  135. Okay guys the link below seems to be the only company thats USDA ORANIC CERTIFIED. and some of you probably have not been getting results its because its needs to be Pure and organic with no additional ingredients. Here are some other products i use from them and have done WONDERS for me. I HOPE I HELPED 🙂

    “Neem” very powerful anti oxdiant and great for acne

    And Ginger!


  136. I’ve recently been dealing with the effects of withdrawing from hormonal birth control. Let me say, this can be a roller coaster for your body and emotions. One helpful piece of advice I can offer is an herbal supplement, the chaste tree berry. I have been taking this for only a month now, and am already noticing my symptoms are being alleviated (including acne).

    Definitely going to try the oil cleansing ! Thanks for the great advice.

  137. i hope it will help me because i’m really ashamed of my face.i cant enjoy because i lost my confidence in school especially.

  138. Hi Lauren! I made some of the honey & cinnamon spot treatment and I like it a lot! But how do you keep it from separating?? After a day or two in my bathroom and all the honey had sunk down to the bottom. Does this happen for you too? Do you just have to mix it up daily?

  139. Hi everybody!
    I have been experiencing moderate acne from my teen ages and I have gone through all medications except acoutan. I am intrigued to test all the natural remedies mentioned above but the question is if you people even do not use moisturizers, sunscreen and make up? I mean all this stuff is chemical and lets face it not everybody can live without them:p

    Thanks a bunch!

  140. This is a very useful article about acne treatment. I think that home remedies are better than medical treatment to cure acne scars.

  141. Thanks for your post !
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  142. I had tried a lot of methods to rid myself of my crippling acne. This program worked. My acne had cleared up and very quickly, I might add. My skin is now remarkably clear. Not a day goes by where I don’t thank the lord that I found this powerful solution. It really works, I will recommend anyone who wishes to stop suffering and do something about his acne to order your program. It was the wisest decision I have ever made about myself. See this free presentation and it’s reveals a somewhat unusual tip to eliminate your acne forever and gain beautiful clear skin in 30-60 days. End the breakouts & see results in less than 7 days!

  143. Has anyone else had issues with the smell of carrot seed oil? I know it’s great for the skin, but even two drops added to my bottle of facial oil makes me gag. Help!

  144. This is totally amazing! I had perfect skin – not even one pimple in my life – until I had my first child in 1986. Since then, it’s been very bad, moving up to AWFUL for the last few years. I’m 49 now, and every single day I have not fewer than 10 pimples when I wake up, and when I’m in PMS, I get many more and they appear during the day, too, and I don’t even know. It’s dreadful and humiliating!

    Yesterday morning I awoke with a cystic acne lump forming, as usual, on my right cheek. I have taken the harsh drugs from the dermatologist; I have bought every product (it seems) to cure this problem; so I researched online and found your site. By the time I applied olive oil last night, the cystic bump was in full force, erupting, swollen and painful.

    I washed before bed with olive oil and warm water. When I woke up this morning, I had just one tiny pimple on my chin and…this is amazing…the cystic bump had shrunken and no longer hurt! I usually have a 3-5 day experience with each cystic bump – so this is ASTONISHING!

    I’m so grateful to you and this website’s SEO ranking for showing up during my research! Thanks a LOT!

  145. Do I rinse off the toner after applying it? Or just leave it?

    Thank you! I am very excited about these possible remedies!!

    To those who can’t find which hazel, I found it at Target, in the pharmacy section, for about 88 cents.

  146. This sounds amazing! I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and try the baking soda, apple cider vinegar and oil cleanse tonight! Thanks for sharing x 🙂

  147. I love the idea of using the oil treatment! It seems like many people forget that using a lot of soap can actually be harmful to your face: the problem with acne is not that there is too much oil, but that there is an imbalance. Keep up the good work!

  148. I have tried many of these methods and have seen little to no improvements to my skin (adult acne) which I’ve suffered from since I was a teenager. I believe the real problem is inflammation in the body which causes acne therefore it is paramount to heal your body (gut) before one can see improvements with their skin. The GAPS diet is the ONLY thing that has helped heal my gut and by extension, my acne. It is wonderful that you recommend using organic/chemical free cleaning methods which is so great for removing toxins from the body and the environment but it is secondary in regards to addressing the root problem which is inflammation in the body. I suggest reading about the GAPS diet and Brain Grain which will help get you started on your path to clear skin:)


  149. I want to leave a comment first, because I know when I found this site the first thing I did was look at the comments.
    I’ve had cystic acne since I was 10 or 11. I’m 28 now. I don’t have the best diet, but I try to keep my body healthy; I don’t smoke, drink rarely, and I have done EVERYTHING to combat acne. Usually what would happen is I would try yet ANOTHER face wash, medication, treatment, etc. It would work for about 4-6 weeks, and then my acne would come back full-force, nothing changed.
    I even dropped a cool grand on Accutane when I was 22. It helped with the acne on my body, but not on my face.
    In a desperate bid, I Googled “natural homemade acne treatments” and this was one of the first hits. I’ve already tried literally EVERYTHING else, so why not try washing my face with honey? What’s the worst that’ll happen (more breakouts!)?
    I…am surprised, and pleased so far. I’ve been doing this for nearly five weeks now, and aside from the occasional zit, my skin has honestly never looked better. The first pleasing result was, oddly enough, the honey. Usually I’m an oil slick by the time I get to work, but it’s now well after lunch (close to 1pm) where I finally have to blot my face – and it’s not even that bad! Then I tried the baking soda exfoliant – skin feels crazy smooth and cleansed. Tried washing with olive oil – that worked okay, but switched to coconut oil (with some trepidation). I’ve been using it for two days, and it’s like it’s my own Photoshop in a bottle. My leftover zits are disappearing rapidly, and my skin looks happy and healed.
    My order of Crunchy Betty’s facial oil actually just came today. I’m excited to try it!

    Sorry for the novella, but I just…I just really wanted to say something. To those of you, my fellow sisters (and brothers, and everything in-between) – the “I’ve Tried EVERYTHING” crowd – give this a shot! Please!

  150. can you let me know what supplements you took for the imbalance? i have the same problems going on and would really appreciate any help.

  151. Citrus Clear products have been a HUGE lifesaver with my random pimples that pop up. It quickly reduces them and gets rid of them completely. Even my cystic pimples have healed faster (with less scarring!) when I put this on it at night. I highly recommend for you. . .

  152. Hello Lauren. Thank you for this blog. It is brilliant.

    My daughter is 14 and suffers severe acne. We’ve been doing the baking soda thing which used to sting her (so we wash it off after a minute) Glad to say now the stinging is reducing so we’ll persist with it. I’m going to try her on vitamin B5 as I’ve seen that crop up a few times. Bit confused about dosage though. The tablets are 500 mg and say one per day. However contributors here say 1000 – 2000 mg per day which to me sounds like an overdose. One website says kids can have just 2-4 mg a day only.

    Would be grateful for some advice. Before we start using it. I’ve been to 2 health shops and they just tried to up sell and told me they were the ones qualified,,, all I want is b5!! Thanks for any thoughts….

  153. So I just got a bunch of goodies, and wanted to know the order that you use some. After I wash with honey in the morning and oil in the evening, do you sprits your face with toner, and then add the facial oil after? I know sometimes it matters when dealing with oils…

  154. Acne Don’ts: The 7 Things You Should Never Do To Your skin When You Have Acne (And Even If You Don’t)
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  155. I love you post here, specially the part of this tips. I was apprehensive about smothering my face with oil, since my face has always been veritable oil slick one hour after I wash it. So it took a big dose of courage to throw out my face wash and try Robin’s directions for oil cleansing. I love it! It removes all traces of makeup and leaves my skin soft. Thanks for sharing excellent information.

  156. I have dealt with acne for ever and I am desperate to get rid of it? I just have a quick question though. What kinds of oil do you wash your face with in the morning?

  157. This is a great post! Just curios, this was made almost a year ago and in it you said that your acne was not quite cured yet. Is it now? If not, what do you think is the culprit? Also, which oil do you use to cleanse with? Thanks!

  158. Hi,

    How would using these products (oil, honey) work in conjunction with a device like the Clarisonic? I don’t have the Clarisonic, but I have the much cheaper version by Olay. You say you’ve invested in the Clarisonic before. Have you ever used it with the oils and honey? Seems like if the soap better penetrates your skin with the device, then so would the oil and honey. Would that even be a good thing? Would you recommend it…? I know that my makeup comes off a lot better when using my Olay device then just using my hands.

  159. I bought Citrus Clear products for my 17 yr old son. His skin is sensitive. The Citrus Clear Spot Treatment has cleared up his acne in about two weeks without burning, peeling, or redness. He also says the smell is GREAT – and for acne products that is so rare!

  160. I have very sensitive and fair skin( redhead). I have been using Moo Goo product for the past month and I could not recommend anything so AWESOME ! It is an Australian product( so am I), and is all natural. There is a variety of products and more being brought out all the time. My skin is very dry and I use the oil cleanser and the full milk moisturiser. At first l thought ” weird, oil on my face ” but seriously l could not recommend it highly enough. Believe me. Check out their website

  161. Hi Lauren! Wow I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog post! I have been looking for solutions for my boyfriend’s severe acne (the poor guy is really bummed by it). He has tried so many remedies, from pimple creams to pills to seeing the dermatologist, and nothing has worked in the long run. I’m gonna try making some of your remedies for him as his early Christmas present. Thank you so much, Lauren 🙂

  162. Ok I need to ad a little known med for many things its irish sea moss,..I have no more acme!,.. its FILLED with vitimens that heal skin as well as taking it,.. please make sure not to use it internally dry it soaks up 4 or 5 times its weight in water. this heals Your guts,.. it is used in a med as a main ingrediant for HORSE colic for those of You that dont know,.. horses die from colic fast, they have one of the fastest transiant times,.. soooo at 85 bucks a bottle I took it apart and saw the main ingrediant is IRIAH sea moss,.. please watch read and you tube has manyyyyyyy videos showing you what it does and how to use it,.. amazon sells it,.. main coast sea veggtible look it up its a small company in main I talked to the owner if you get 10 pds or more its 10:45 a pd,.. one pd is 14:45,.. tell them the crazy horse lady i Michigan sent you!..

    • lauren my daughter will be trying this method to clear up her acne ….what kind of make up base is acceptable ?

  163. lauren my daughter will be trying this method to clear up her acne ….what kind of make up base is acceptable ?

  164. I had tried a lot of methods to rid myself of my crippling acne. This program worked. My acne had cleared up and very quickly, I might add. My skin is now remarkably clear. Not a day goes by where I don’t thank the lord that I found this powerful solution. It really works, I will recommend anyone who wishes to stop suffering and do something about his acne to order your program. It was the wisest decision I have ever made about myself. See this free presentation and it’s reveals a somewhat unusual tip to eliminate your acne forever and gain beautiful clear skin in 30-60 days. End the breakouts & see results in less than 7 days!

  165. What do you recommend for a moisturizer or do you not need one? I’ve tried using coconut oil and almond oil and both leave my face feeling greasy.

  166. Hi Lauren!
    just wanted to give props to your blog and this post especially! This was the first post I ran across and led me to your others. This post and with some research helped clear my skin up like no other product ever has been able to! I used your regimen and suggestions as a guide line and formulated my own with some awesome results! Its only been a week of following it and my mother had already seen a difference 😀 my friends are starting to tell me my scars are getting lighter and my skin has never been smoother! what you said about acne products drying out your skin so then the skin retaliates made so much sense to me! I went cold turkey on all my face products and went oil and honey 😉 I want to thank you so much!
    Keep up the good work!

  167. Hello Lauren!
    I am suffering from the same condition. I had acne which was treated through facials and numerous chemicals prescribed from my dermatologist. however, i have read that those products are strong and may be harmful ( the acne have abated though) so I opted to stop them and follow a natural regimen. but i have not found the right regimen yet so here I am with my acne-filled face again. Some people say that my acne are caused by hormonal imbalances. what shift in diet and lifestyle have you done to get a clear skin? Thank you so much!

  168. It’s difficult for me to put into words how thankful I am for this regimen. Like a lot of folks, I’ve tried just about everything. A few weeks ago I finally got fed up with fighting my skin. In one day, I found your regimen, gave up all my old prescriptions cold turkey, bought all the ingredients, did some mixing, and started right away. I immediately saw results. Not only is my oily/dry skin balanced out, but my acne has already started clearing up. And people have been commenting on how much better my skin looks. Since 6th grade I’ve felt embarrassed about my skin, shying away if anyone got too close to my face and feeling gross under layers and layers of make up that never seemed to make me feel more confident. Now instead of fighting my skin, I feel like I work with it. My skin is happier and even more importantly I’m happier. I’m eternally grateful for your regimen. Which sounds pretty dramatic. But you’ve helped this girl see the light! I would have never thought to rub MORE oil into my skin, but it really is like a miracle. Now I’m an oil and honey fiend.

    So thank you (:

  169. Hi Lauren! Thank you for your useful share above. I agree that acne is one of the most common skin issues out there that people concern a lot. My skin is very acne prone and very oily. I have tried some of your great tips and see the change in my skin. Love this article. Thanks again!

  170. Hey Folks. I highly recommend going on a raw diet, meaning eating primarily fruits and vegetables in an uncooked state. While that sounds difficult, it’s really not. Dairy/meat/processed foods promote inflammation, which increase toxicity…and acne. I’ve had acne since I’ve been 12…after many dermatologist appointments and warnings that nothing could work but Accutane, this did.

    I also recommend maca root (if acne is around the chin and lower face), raw honey masks (left on for twenty minutes), ACV (an already noted and Indian Healing Clay. Taking care of your body is really key…you can’t eat shit and expect not to feel like it (or for the body not to show it).

  171. What kind of oil do you use for the OCM? Also–must the toner be sprayed on? or can it be applied using a cotton pad?

  172. I only have heard good reviews about proactive. Some of my friends have been using this and have got results within weeks. I was suffering from severe acne for about 10 years. Nothing seemed to work for me I had tried lots of those acne treatments. But things changed . when i met a doc in Fair view clinic . After analyzing my skin he prescribed Benzaclin. Even though a bit expensive, it is the best $150 I have ever spent.

  173. I’ve battled with acne since I was 9. I’ve used probably almost every over the counter method and had been on countless prescriptions for acne. I had recently tried using black soap, but my skin is super sensitive to it. I had tried a sugar/honey scrub to get dead skin off my face and my acne actually calmed down and my skin wasn’t as oily. I am super oily…ugh. I came across your blog doing a google search and I’m excited to have found your tips. I have issues with spot acne terribly and now I’m curious of the honey/cinnamon/nutmeg spot treatment. but considering I have oily skin, I was wondering if the oil facial stuff would work for me.

  174. Thanks for sharing these brilliant tips. People seldom recognize the healing powers of nature and believe that chemicals are there only option. I struggled with acne all my life and cured and treated it naturally with a combination of homeopathy and Ayurveda. Products I used included skinelle, sang pure, skin liquescence and Acnee-200. 2 months and my skin is no longer breaking out. Will include your suggestions as part of my daily regimen

  175. This is a great article. It has a lot of information about treating acne, and what is the most important thing these are natural remedies. I’m really impressed with this article and I’ll recommend it to my friends so I can help them. I’d like to share with you also a very informative article about treating acne in which you can find herbal remedies which are really effective too:

  176. I agree with the “Organic acne treatment” statement. I searched “Natural Acne Treatment” and found the same thing its called “LEROSETT” and if there is another chemicals free acne treatment I sure don’t know what it is. LEROSETT cleared my skin, I had to follow the directions carefully but I was clear After 3 weeks. Please would this page write something about LEROSETT I have NEVER seen so many good reviews and from dermatologists before and its been around doe 20 years too.

    • I’ve actually tried Lerosett and didn’t experience any results. For me, it comes down to balancing oil production with the cleansers and facial oil explained here. Also, more importantly was balancing hormones with diet and the acupuncture. I have heard that Lerosett works for many people, but I prefer these steps 🙂

  177. I have been trying your steps for about a month and it does not seem to be working. Honey in the morning, and oil at night. I seem to break out on my forehead and my chin, and they are always the cystic kind. Any advice

  178. I have a question about the acne facial oil. Is this to be used daily, in conjunction with the evening oil wash? Also, do you rinse off this oil or leave it on. And do you use any other moisturizer or just this formula?

    • Yes, you can use it both morning and evening (after the oil wash). Don’t rinse it, just apply a thin layer and it will absorb completely. And no other moisturizer is needed 🙂

  179. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but none of these solutions are “chemical free”. Water is made up of chemicals, oxygen and hydrogen. Vinegar is made from chemicals. Everything we touch is made from chemicals! The term “chemical free” is slapped on cosmetic bottles and skincare recipes but it doesn’t really mean anything and just misinforms consumers.

  180. Ive been oil cleansing for about 3 weeks now. Using castor with olive oil and a little tea tree oil too. I have oily skin and bad acne. I see a difference in my oiliness but my acne is still here. Not getting better. Im not sure if im measuring right or if theres a certain olive oil i should be using or what. I also have jajoba oil too. Could you help me to mix up a good oil to cleanse with

  181. wondering what you mean when you say the sugar and salt scrubs are too harsh – i thought they were gentle alternatives to buying “exfoliating” scrubs from the pharmacy. also i’ve never heard that it causes premature aging! why is this the case? i make sugar scrubs with lemon juice, olive oil, and honey, and only exfoliate once a week. so i’m curious why it would be bad for me. thanks!

  182. My name is Jessica Pyles. I am 30 years old and have suffered from acne since I was a teen! I have tried everything!!! The only thing that has worked for me are the Perfectly Posh Products! (Gender Bender Bar works WONDERS!!!) After using the products for over a year, I finally became a Perfectly Posh Consultant! Perfectly Posh Products are SLS-free, Paraben-free, soy-free, gluten-free and animal by product-free! These products are ALL NATURAL and great for all skin types! Visit my website to learn more, Order and/or Join My Team!!!

  183. I am really excited about trying this and I am just waiting for all my oils to come in the mail because I couldn’t find all of them in stores around me. I am excited to not have to use all kinds of lotions and what not but do you have a replacement for and SPF lotion for the day time? Or a recommendation for a more natural SPF to wear during the day and keep my skin protected?

  184. I had acne too and I tried a lot of methods before finishing with it… I hope my comment could help you 😉

    If your acne is soft (not my case) you can try this method:
    Mix baking soda and water in equal parts. Use them to make a paste you can apply to your face. Don’t put it all over your face. You’ll only want to put it on each individual acne spot. It’s usually easier to use a Q-Tip and dab it on. Leave it on your face until it dries. This usually takes around 10 minutes. Wash it off in water that is very cold. This helps close pores. Generally, doing this twice each day can give results.

    If your acne is strong, like it was mine, then take a look at this:

    Believe me, it totally worth it. Thanks to it I get rid of my terrible acne 🙂

  185. Would you mind sharing any all natural make-up brands for those with sensitive skin and prone to acne?

    Thanks so much!!

  186. Yay! I am so excited to have found this article! I remember when my husband first told me to try putting vitamin E oil on my breakouts. I thought he was nuts. It worked great! It is so nice to see all of this great advice in one place.

    I have also found success taking Zinc supplements. It was an accident – I was taking it to fight a cold, and noticed my skin had improved that week.

    Thanks again! I went and whipped up some honey-cinnamon right away!


  187. I think steps one – six are useless if your hormones aren’t balanced. I think that and what you eat play a huge role in acne, especially if you are still getting regular cystic breakouts after your mid twenties

  188. I am a 25 years old college student suffering from acne since about 9 years old. Since I was little, I’ve always had acne with a weird twist of oily skin in the summer and super dry skin in the winter on certain parts of my face. I have tried many drugstore products – neutrogena, olay, burt’s bee, etc – and even the more expensive brands such as proactive, dermalogica and some other brands from sephora but none has really worked. In fact, they gave me more acne then before I started using them. After trying so many drugstore brands, I decided to try Citrsu Clear recommended to me by a dear friend. Citrus Clear has a very attractive scent to their moisturizer which my boyfriend loves. The product is very smooth and gentle, and absorbs very quickly. It leaves my face oil free for at least 6 hours and more depending on the weather and activity. I have not seen any new pimple since I started using Citrus Clear.

  189. Hey Lauren!
    I love all your posts. Especially this one! I’ve struggled with acne since I was 13 ( I am now 21). I was on birth control pills since I was 17 for health reasons and I recently got off them for other health reasons. Mainly because I wanted to get in sync with my natural hormonal cycles without the help of drugs. Well, little did I know this would kick start my body to have withdrawals from the miracle ingredient birth control has to clear your skin up and I just found that this is very common for women who get off the pill.

    For 5 months I’ve had hormonal acne ranging from congestion (little clogged pores that are everywhere) and painful cystic acne on my cheeks and jawline. I’ve tried everything to help my skin, including taking supplements to regulate my hormones and a Candida Cleanse. I was beginning to feel hopeless until I found your site. I started honey cleansing last week and I immediately saw results. I picked up supplies to make the astringment, cleansing oil and facial oil that you suggested today and I am so excited to see more! Basically, I wanted to say thank you for all the great tips and advice and for helping me see that our skin needs some TLC in order to heal itself. I can’t wait to start healing my skin and being confident again. I look forward to coming back to your site for more helpful insights for a healthy life.


  190. So I am very hopeful to try some of these out. I went and looked for stuff at my local Whole Foods and I got grapeseed oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and avacado oil. Is geranium oil just for scent or is it beneficial for the skin? Also, how often do you do each of these things and in what order? I get the morning routine of honey, toner, and the oils you listed (couldn’t find carrot seed). But as for the nights, what do you wash your face with and when do you do the oil treatment and what do you follow it with? Do you only do the toner in the mornings?
    Thank you!

  191. Thank you so much for this post! I have been to several dermatologists & tried all kinds of meds w/ very lackluster results. I have had acne for 15 years, well over half my life, & am so tired of it. I love these ideas for natural skin care & I have already tried the honey mask tonight & love the way my skin feels afterward. I have that dreaded combination skin that cycles between super oily & super dry in just a matter of hours sometimes. Nightmare! I just ordered some tea tree oil & I can’t wait to put a bunch of these ideas into practice & monitor for results. Thanks again for sharing this valuable info. I love natural remedies, especially when they work as well or better than the toxic chemical stuff.

  192. I’ve been trying this routine for the past week and have been experiencing a sharp increase in the amount of acne that I’ve been getting. I had been using the coconut oil face wash for about a month before cleansing with honey in the am’s and it had begun to clear my face but then I experienced a period of sudden breakouts and was desperate to add something else into my skin care regimen. When should I expect to see results from this skin care regimen? Is it normal for me to break out worse than normal when starting this routine? How long should I continue trying this method? HELP!

    • This routine works for many people, but there are always exceptions – as there are with any skincare regimen or product. If you are breaking out worse, I would suggest you stop the oil cleansing and experiment with the other parts of the routine.

      • I’ve only given it a week. Should it take more time for my skin to adjust? In your opinion, what should I try instead of the oil cleansing portion of the routine?

  193. Most of the people I have spoken to about severe cystic acne say that they have red raised areas under their skin that sort of grow wider. While I do have that issue as well, I also have HUGE individual circular lumps in different places on my face and back. Every doctor I have seen, says its a form of cystic acne, but I was wondering if anyone thinks these treatments would work the same for that as well as the more common kind.
    I can’t keep doing this. I used to be worried about how it looks on my face, but more practically, It hurts like hell and I can’t be bleeding on my clothes all the time.

  194. I’ve just started dabbling in the oil cleansing method. It’s ok, but I still prefer a wash and moisturizer :-/ I just really like my face to feel clean. Maybe I’ll like it the more I try it though. As far as face scrubs go, I absolutely have to use an exfoliant. However, I did make a salt scrub and you are right, it is way too abrasive, but I’m going to try a sugar scrub next with grapeseed oil and lavender EO. I’m also using a blend of grapeseed oil and tamanu oil for my moisturizer. I’m trying to stick with it bc I’ve read about the amazing benefits if tamanu oil, but I just feel like there’s a layer of oil sitting on my face. It drives me nuts :-/ Really want to go back to my Cerave and alpha hydroxy cream. 🙁

  195. Is the apple cider vinegar and witch hazel toner supposed to burn a bit?
    Also, is it ok if the apple cider vinegar isn’t raw?

  196. Loved this! I just did the oil method for the first time after reading this and my skin feels SO smooth! I would also like to add that drinking hot water with lemon first thing in the morning before eating, drinking coffee, exercising – FIRST THING – really helped my skin a lot too (and also helped with a lot of other things – like boosting my metabolism).

    I also add a little over a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to my tea before going to bed, which is supposed to improve skin, too. I just got super unlucky when it comes to my skin. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get it under control! We’ll see if the oil cleansing helps and I’m excited to wash my face with honey tomorrow morning, too! Thank you!!

  197. Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience and success with treating acne! I am always looking for tips like this. I have also found that a grain-free diet like you mentioned is ideal, but when that doesn’t happen it sure is nice to have other options. Something that works very well for me, too, is taking digestive enzymes containing HCl, pancreatin, and ox bile with meals, and between meals, taking proteolytic enzymes in higher doses. When I have a bad breakout, I will fast for a day and take proteolytic enzymes throughout the day. By the next day, the inflammation is way down.

  198. Tumeric, honey, aztec clay, and tea tree oil have helped me a lot! I’ve been trying out MANY natural beauty products and making natural skin care fixes myself!

    Check it out!

  199. To everyone suffering from hormonal acne I’ve finally found an amazing solution.. First I’ll give you a bit of background info.. I have always been very healthy and meticulous with my diet and exercise.. At one point I went a little off the rails with my sugar and dairy intake which I am certain contributed to my outbreak of acne and subsequent skin infection, I tried everything to get on top of it and nothing seemed to work. I was put on yasmin to treat it 2 years ago and it did clear up (after the initial 4 months). I then became aware other problems it was causing to my health in the way of sinus issues, vitamin depletion and a number of other strange coincidences health wise. I really wanted out but could not fathom the idea of having acne return.. then one night I saw a segment on a new acne breakthrough called Photo Dynamic Therapy. It has traditionally been used to treat facial skin cancers and sun damaged skin. The procedure basically consists of having aminolevulinic acid (ALA) put on your face then you lie under an LED light, 20 minutes of red light, 10 minutes of blue. They found it works for acne as the ALA attaches to the sebaceous glands and effectively shrinks them. It is the same mechanism as roaccutane in that it shrink the sebaceous glands but it requires up to 3 treatments and must be repeated every 2 years, so it isn’t as permanent as roaccutane. A far better option as far as I’m concerned as it does not carry any of the internal side affects or risks. The only downside is the recovery time is up to 10 days for each treatment. Recovery time depends on the amount of time the ALA is left to soak on the skin. Mine was left for 3 hours. It is basically like the worst sunburn you will ever have with alot of peeling and constant application of rosehip oil/pawpaw ointment/sorbelene creams required. But it was completely worth it, they say you need 3 but my skin has remained clear after 1 treatment. It all depends on the severity of your acne. If you live in Australia the dermatologist that developed a light system for this exact purpose is Dr Douglas Grose. I googled and found a skin clinic that uses his equipment and protocol. Hope this helps you all in the same way it helped me. This procedure is truly a god send if you have over active sebacious glands!! x

  200. Cod Liver Oil! I haven’t really dealt with cystic acne, but my skin had been struggling for nearly a year. Nearly a year without a good skin day. Google cod liver oil to read more in depth, but its fantastic. Give it some time – it took a week or two to really see improvement. After about three my skin was pretty much cleared up.

    I also use oil cleansing currently. The first time I tried it I hated it – honestly, not to scare anyone, but I thought I’d ruined my skin. My biggest recommendation would be to get a good quality oil. Doesn’t need to be expensive, I buy a giant olive oil bottle from Trader Joe’s. A lot of “extra virgin” olive oils aren’t really as pure as they say, and I suspect that caused issues for me the first time, but I’m not sure.

  201. Hi Lauren, I was searching the web for skin care remedies to naturally treat acne and help me skin become healthier, and I stumbled upon your article and I think it’s really great! It seems very resourceful and helpful. It makes sense that you would want to use all natural (and I mean the real ALL natural!) products on your skin to cure it, because the natural things are what our bodies truly need and depend upon.

    I’m 18 years old but I have terrible skin, because I started developing acne around 6th or 7th grade and since then I’ve been wearing tons of foundation with powder to cover it up but it seems like even when I wash it off completely in the evening, my skin doesn’t get any better! The products I’ve been using claim that they’re natural and have gentle and non-harming ingredients, but it’s never helped my acne and since I’ve had it for so long without any proper care, I’ve developed some acne scars or what seems to be really deep into my skin and I feel horrible about it.

    I have somewhat oily but also very dry skin in some areas, for example around my eyes and underneath it gets very dry and around my forehead, but my nose and chin and between my eyebrows gets very oily. I have acne all around my temples and mouth and I’m just really insecure about it and wish I could make it go away, and then I wouldn’t have to wear makeup anymore!! That would be a dream come true.

    Right now I’ve been wearing foundation every single day for so long my skin underneath is just horror. It’s discolored, reddish, dry/oily, and just looks lifeless. And I’m only 18!!

    I was just wondering what your advice on how I could start caring for my skin would be, with natural products. I love the things you suggested but I’m not sure how I’d go out and buy them and what stores to look in. Do you think the remedies you suggested would work for me? (: Or with such deep acne scars do you think they’ll never go away??

    I just want to feel like I can stop wearing so much makeup and be comfortable in my skin. I see other people with clear smooth skin and they never have to wear foundation. It makes me so jealous!!

    Any advice would help, thanks so much for making these articles. They’re very interesting and clever! I’d love to learn more about these kinds of alternatives to better take care of yourself instead of using chemicals and nasty stuff. Thank you! (:

  202. I’ve been using the AM honey wash, the PM oil cleanse, the apple cider vinegar toner, and I made a modified blend of the facial oil…….. I haven’t had this clear of skin since I was a child!
    I look younger, vibrant, my skin is even and just… luscious feeling…

    You have changed my LIFE! THANK YOU!!!

    • Lindsey, how long on that routine before you started seeing results? Thanks! And check out my post below about the type of oil for oil cleansing and moisturizing.

  203. Lauren,
    I love your blog! After being diagnosed with three autoimmune diseases, severe menstrual cramping and struggling with hormonal acne your blog has been a life saver for a 20 year old with so many problems. I have implemented all of these acne without chemical routines and I have purchased your quit PMS book. However, I have a question. You talk about hormonal acne flaring up around the monthly cycle. Mine does the opposite, it completely clears up when I am on my period. Do you think the end PMS book would still be applicable to me? Everything I have read in it so far as discussed an estrogen dominance but I was wondering if I may have the opposite problem because of my face breaking out when I am off my period and clearing while I am on it.

  204. I’ve recently started this whole regime, because I went cold turkey on the prescription medication I was taking for my acne and the harsh benzoyl peroxide face wash I was using. I wanted to try a more natural approach so that I didn’t have to depend on medication for the rest of my life to help with my acne. It has been almost a month now, and I still haven’t seen the best results. I’m wondering if some of the treatments aren’t for me, or if I just need to be patient and give it time? Has anyone had a similar esperience, and figured out something that works? Or just realized it needed more time?

  205. My 15 year old daughter has been struggling with acne for the last 8 months, and it had become progressively worse. She started washing her face with raw honey 1 week ago and her skin is already clear. The oils are on order and she is so much happier.

  206. Great post, informed readers!

    I enjoy this site most because the readers leave comments with great insight on Lauren’s topics.

    I am 34, male, with a now great diet as an adult but as a child of the food-processed 80’s, I did have troublesome, deep acne. Not so anymore.

    Besides the awesome stuff (going vegan, avoiding processed foods, natural products), I discovered Neem.

    In a mild facial cleanser (no harsh anything!) and also internally as inexpensive tablets, not only did acne subside and eventually depart my life, but my doctor remarks how healthy my bloodwork is. Neem has been used safely for a very long time, human clinical trials are available to review, and it’s in my homemade toothpaste for gum health.

    I attribute my current skin health to many things but Neem was helpful to me and I am excited to share it.

    On to rebuilding a healthier body !

    With love, -V

  207. Hi,

    About 3 months ago I was struggling to control my acne. Over the years I used Proactiv, Acne Free, Neutrogena and even as a last desperate result ACUTANE! :S
    I’ve tried almost everything, even dieting and I could not for the life of me get my Acne under control.

    Frustrated and with little hope I searched in Google looking for something new that I haven’t tried… and I stumbled onto a post talking about Natural Nutritionist Rudy Silva Program. This post was made by a girl that was talking about the success she had after a couple of weeks of applying Rudy’s System.

    Her results were incredible so I decided to take the plunge and try Rudy’s system.

    3 months in and it’s been life changing to say the least (tear jerking moment for me). I know you may be feeling helpless and you may be desperately looking for a REAL system to help you beat Acne… That’s why I want to share this because If you’re like me and tried almost everything. This may be what you need.

    Check this website and you’ll find a Rudy’s Presentation so you can see for yourself the results others have had using his new Acne crushing system.

    Sorry for the long post xD but hope it helps 😀

  208. Great article, and wonderful comments! First, I think you are spot on when you say that different things will work for each individual. In my experience, this seems to be the case with both honey and baking soda. Those ingredients do work wonders for some people, hence all of the testimonials all over the web. That said, there are many people that experience a worsening of their acne when using them, and while it might seem easy to presume that it is a ‘healing crisis’, I think that it might have more to do with the body’s reaction to the alkaline pH (in the case of the baking soda). The skin’s acid mantle should be around 5.5 (or slightly lower, but not too much lower), and baking soda is an 8-9… One of the reasons that skin ‘experts’ recommend toner, is to return the skin to it’s ideal pH after cleansing. I have seen clients break out from the baking soda, and also break out from the baking soda/toner combo.
    Removing the acid mantle from the skin can make it very vulnerable to bacteria… I believe getting the bacteria under control is the first step in treating acne. Hope this information will help you. This is my face today and I do continue this treatment. Thank you!

  209. Hi, Lauren! I just wanted to say thank you. I just found your website and I can’t even describe how much the articles I’ve read mean to me. Your remedies are giving me so much hope which I haven’t had much of. I have suffered from acne since 6th grade and I am now 15. I too have tried nearly every remedy under the sun and nothing works. It has been so frustrating and ended in many nights of tears. But I just wanted to say that this website is amazing and thank you so much for putting what works for your skin out there. I really really appreciate it.

  210. Thank you for sharing such great tips! Ive experienced moderate acne breakouts since I was 11. Now in my late 20s I had tried everything from chemical to natural remedies, food diets, allergy elimination, you name it. By chance, due to a tummy bug, I discovered GRAPEFRUIT. After eating ORGANIC ruby red grapefruits (a whole one, no sugar, skins peeled) or natural grapefruit seed extract (12-14 drops in 8oz of water) once a day, everyday for 7 days or so, my skin stopped breaking out. Once every few months, one or two will pop up right before my period, but I hardly notice. That was a year ago. Now, I must admit that Ive missed a few days here and there and when I do my skin reacts and breaks out a bit again. Since doing some research on grapefruit seed extract Ive chosen to just eat organic grapefruits. My favorite are larger ruby red ones. They are sweeter and super awesome (: Eating grapefruits has become a daily healing ritual for me. I am SO GRATEFUL to have found this amazing fruit has seriously changed my life, given me permission, so to speak, to feel more confident and radiate my light from within (: I just wanted to share with everyone, maybe grapefruit can help you too! (:

  211. I actually had a question. It is said that people living in different parts of the world have different type of acne and their treatment may also be different. How true is this?

  212. Does anyone answer questions on this blog? I’ve been waiting for someone to respond to my questions, Ive been waiting for couple of days….

  213. very nice i like it i might also try this i’m 17 and i have been having acne for almost 7 years it’s kinda frustrating.

  214. Hi! I am a nearly 25 year old woman who has suffered with acne since I was at least 14. For about 10 years I’ve been going to dermatologists (who keep telling me that my acne isn’t caused by anything I’m eating or doing to my skin, it’s just “genetic”) to help “manage” my acne, and they have prescribed me all sorts of topical creams and antibiotics–from Azelex and Differin to Tazorac and Benzaclin, Doxycycline to Minocycline, and others that just aren’t worth mentioning. Even with ingesting and applying all of these toxic medications on my skin, I still experience painful, deep cystic acne all over my jaw line, around my mouth, and on my cheeks–things will get better, then worse again, better then worse…and when I feel like it’s finally clearing up for good, I’ll once again develop red inflamed cysts all over my face. I am beyond frustrated to say the least.

    I would like to ditch the pharmaceuticals and try a natural approach to treating my acne, but I am terrified that if I stop using the medications and start a new regimen I’ll go through a withdrawal phase where things get really bad before I see any positive results. Frankly, I’m not sure if I could mentally handle that at this point.

    Are my concerns valid? I would really appreciate your input!!

  215. Hi! I am an almost 25 year old woman who has suffered with acne since I was at least 14. For the past 10 years, I have gone to dermatologists to help “manage” my acne, and they’ve prescribed all sorts of topical creams and oral antibiotics–from Azelex and Differin to Tazorac and Benzaclin, Doxycycline to Minocycline, and others that just aren’t worth mentioning. Even with me ingesting and applying these toxic medications onto my skin, I still have persistent and painful, deep cystic acne all along my jawline, around my mouth, and on my cheeks. Things get better then worse, then better and worse again…and when it seems like my skin is finally clearing up for good, I breakout once again with red, inflamed cysts all over my face. My doctors insist that my acne has nothing to do with what I’m eating or what facewash I’m using, that it’s “genetic” and I just need to stick with my medications. It’s humiliating and infuriating. I am beyond frustrated to say the least.

    I have been interested in ditching the pharmaceuticals and trying natural remedies to treat my acne for quite some time, but I am absolutely terrified that if I stop using the medications and start a new regimen I’ll go through a withdrawal phase where things get really bad before I start seeing any positive results.

    Are my concerns valid? And which of the above treatments would you recommend for my type of acne? I would really appreciate your input!

  216. I have a clean diet and have been applying these suggestions for about 5 weeks now. I have little bumps, acne and cystic acne; I’m a mess. The first week I applied all these suggestions, my skin looked as if it was just about to clear up! I literally thought it would be completely clear within a month there was such a drastic change. Now, I want to say it’s about 50% worse than when I started. Is this normal? Do you think I can expect results soon? 🙁

  217. I’d tried every diet remedy from here to Timbuktu, down to the point where everything made me sick, and I’d only eat meat (a lot of times raw) and a few select vegetables (mostly fermented). I was desperate because with each change, the skin would get better for a while, and then it would slowly start to go back to its old ways. The way it was for 15 years — huge, leaving purple marks, 80 – 100 pustules at a time all over my neck and back.

    Then I found NAET. It’s not been a fast process by any means, but after 8 months of treatmeant, I can actually eat almost everything and the skin gets better and better and better. Again — I was on a severe GAPS diet and could not tolerate hardly any foods without setting off massive chain reactions in the body, always fighting the constant acne and skin issues. These are all gone now and would love for others to feel the same kind of relief from an NAET practitioner in their area.

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