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I successfully addressed my autoimmune disease with nutrition. Now, I want empower your health with the same steps I used to free my life of chronic pain and medication.

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  1. Thank you!!! I’m so excited, I knew all of this…but it helps to clarify it plus sometimes whenever you are reading whole entire books on the gaps diet, the instructions about particular things get lost so it helps to have it all In one place. I’m ready to get this thing under control so I can have a normal life.
    I love enemas and the idea about only feeling the need to do them once a month is beyond exciting!!!! I constantly feel the need to have an enema, even right after I do them, you are right, I sometimes cry they are so unpleasant, but I have been blessed with not any more pain other than cramps. I’m Thankful that you were willing to put this out there. Thank you for the work You. Do!!! It’s an exciting journey:)

        • I was diagnosed this Monday with Diverticulitis. was put on flagyl & cephlaxin…the intense pain is gone but now I have gurgling w/diarrhea.(no blood in stool) I never was constipated before this unless I had to take a narcotic after surgery. But I was eating quest bars for breakfast almost everyday. I’m not sure what to eat now?? I made chicken soup w/ carrots,onion,celery,fresh parsley & very few new potatoes & put ought in the blender.not sure if meds are causing diarrhea or there’s still infection. Help!! Thx in advance

    • Thanks for the information, I hope below experience can be helpful to people too:

      I suffered from constipation more than 10 years, until I find constipation relief pad from:

      Just stick more piece to you navel, you will go to restroom within 30 minutes, and without any pain or discomfort.

      Also, it can last long term, maybe at least half year or one year, you will not have constipation problem.

      Try! it made by herbs, no side effect, don’t need eat or drink horrible taste medicine, really good for you!

  2. When I started the Gaps Diet, I read the enema section and though, “I’ll just skip this part.” Then friends of mine started suggesting colonics, and enemas seemed mild by comparison. So, I decided to give one a try. I did a coffee enema, and it took time to prepare and was kind of a hassle to get everything set up, but then I was stunned to find that it was actually a relaxing experience, and put my body into an alpha state for the rest of the day. I also went through some mild detox symptoms that evening and an emotional release the next day. I never realized it could be so powerful. I also plan to continue them once a month, to support my healing.

  3. What about Vitamin C? I read once on the topic of Vit C megadoses that toleration level is measured by when you get diarrhea, so followed that on logically. Even 1000mg helps me! Or is this a bad idea? (It helps absorb iron, which can be constipating too, so seemed a natural conclusion.)

  4. This is something that, unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with more than I’d like lately. Being pregnant definitely is not kind to the digestive system if you don’t stay on top of things. I’ll be giving all of these a try as needed.

    • I never wash it off–I’ve never even heard of that. But I don’t use Ancient Minerals so I don’t know what they suggest. Maybe they say that because it can feel a bit greasy? I apply it after I shower at night, so it doesn’t really matter if my skin is a bit greasy. Just DON’T put it on your legs after you shave, because it stings like the dickens!

      If you are concerned about your skin being greasy or having a film from the salts during the day, use it on your stomach or somewhere that is covered with clothes. Or just apply a generous amount before bed.

      • Hanna, Lauren,

        Mg oil should NOT be washed off… it will be absorbed completely by the body. Most Americans are deficient, and one cannot “overdose” on Mg. What most people are not aware of is, WHERE you put it on your body can be important ! For women, under most circumstances, the abdominal area and upper back and shoulders are best, but, as an example, if you have cramping in the calf, apply it there…

  5. After trying so many remedies, including enemas, I found the best results for me came with adding vinegar (along with some stevia) to my herbal teas. I usually drink 3-4 cups of tea during the day while I am at work. I take an empty bottle and dropper from stevia and fill it with organic cider vinegar. I put 4 dropper fulls in each cup and about 9 drops of stevia to make it palatable. I have much more regularity! At home I will add lemon juice and stevia to room temp water and drink that as well.

    • That is very interesting–thank you for sharing! That makes sense since apple cider vinegar makes the body more alkaline, and an overly acidic body (which can happen if we eat to much processed foods, among other things) can sometimes lead to constipation.

  6. Very, very informational post, and your top pic is adorable even if it’s an out house! And thank you so much for linking up with Healthy 2day Wednesdays! Hope you have a blessed week and hope you’ll be linking up this week! I also wanted to let you know we are looking for another person to co-host H2W’s with us if you are interested! (just email me!)

  7. Hi Lauren,

    I am so glad I came across your post. We are doing the GAPS diet for our late talking 2 1/2 year old. And actually since starting the diet, we’ve seen great improvement and he’s chatting more and more! We are thrilled! We just haven’t been able to figure out our son’s constipation issue. He’s been constipated from his first bite of solid food as a baby…typical GAPS! And when he weaned at 29 months, his constipation went from bad to worse. We are stage I GAPS intro with lots of broth, stewed meats, pureed veggies, and sauerkraut juice. We just added in carrot juice and cod liver oil first thing in the morning. No movement!!!! Ugh!!!! And we’ve been doing glycerin suppositories twice per week. He guards his tushy every time we change a diaper. It is not fun. Any additional suggestions? I think an enema would be great for him, but I just can’t bring myself to force my child to lay down while I do that. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Stacey! I am so happy to hear that GAPS is helping your son! But it does sound like a tough situation with his constipation. I don’t have experience with young children and constipation, so I don’t know if these thoughts will be helpful. Maybe you could try putting magnesium oil in his baths, since I don’t know if children should drink the magnesium citrate. And maybe try mixing in some ghee into his broth for extra fats when you get to that stage. It sounds like the enema would be difficult to do for him, but I think it would really help. I’m trying to think of ways that would make it a more positive experience for him… maybe let him watch something on a laptop while it is happening? Or does he have a book on tape or songs he likes to listen to? Maybe dab some relaxing essentials oils on a towel where he can smell it to help him relax? I am sorry that I don’t have more suggestions. Good luck!

      • Thanks Lauren! I actually think we will be checking out the magnesium supplement and see if that helps. We just need to get him moving regularly. We already do epsom salt baths every evening. It is really fascinating to see how he reacts…much more relaxed and happy after bath time. 🙂

      • My daughter had constipation issues and we were giving her enemas which worked great. But I didn’t like having to do that on a regular basis for a two year old. I then started putting a tablespoon of mineral oil in her milk our juice every other day as well as increasing green veggies in her diet like kale and collard greens she is now regular..

        • Mineral oil is a petroleum-derivative. It is not safe or healthy to eat or use for skin care. I would suggest replacing it with cod liver oil or coconut oil. But I’m glad that you have found a solution to her constipation.

  8. Love that the first thing is a stool! If I don’t use a stool, it takes much longer to poop and can be more painful. I’ve been using one for several years now. I even have a fold-up stool that I take on trips! A friend calls it my “stool stool”. ( – :
    Also, another thing that helps is to raise your arms up over your head and reach towards the ceiling. It helps straighten out the bowels so stuff comes out easier!

    • Yes, I have heard that coffee enemas are great, especially for detox. But I don’t recommend them if there is any kind of bowel or intestinal inflammation. As for fiber, I’m not a fan. From an evolutionary standpoint and if one examines our digestive tract, it is only designed to handle small amounts of fiber. I know it must seem absolutely crazy to go against all the media and say that I don’t support a high fiber diet, but that is the conclusion I’ve reached after much research.

      • Amen ! Following the comfort of my body, I so agree. My doc laughed at me but 10 years later, I have had no resections or constant flares with DD. & he diagnosed me with the worst case of DD he had seen in over 30 years. It is relieving to read your info that follows what I have found to work best for me. Thankyou so much !

  9. Interesting! I will definitely up the coconut oil intake. I did want to share from my experience though. In my first pregnancy I experienced awful constipation and the health food store owner recommended soaked oats with flax and berries. I would eat it most everyday and sure enough, it got and kept me regular in no time. A was 7 years ago.. Now after finally being sick of my post holiday misery I just made myself a bowl but now I do it with chia instead of flax. I can pretty much guarantee that within a day or two it will be much better. Maybe tomorrow I will add an egg yolk or coconut oil to the mix. I do believe that god Solubale fiber does help.

  10. Thank you for making this. I’ve been dealing with stomach problems since I was very little and I’ve always thought fiber was the way to go. I just took a large amount of fiber today before I read this and I was stuck in bed all day with stomach pains. I now know to take coconut oil, magnesium, and other vitamins instead of large doses of fiber. From now on I will research cures before I make up my own. 🙂

  11. My husband has ulcerative colitis; we recently found GAPS diet, and then you through pinterest 🙂

    So, since beginning GAPS about a month ago, all of his pain, bloating, diarrhea, and much of his excess frequency has disappeared. While he’s happy about these changes, especially the constant pain, he’s concerned about the lack of change with bleeding. Also since GAPS recommends not moving into full until all gastro symptoms have subsided, we’ve been unsure of what to do (We can’t be on GAPS into forever, but bleeding definitely isn’t normal).

    What were your experiences in this area? And, even though you found the herbal marshmallow etc enema to be somewhat traumatic, was it physically beneficial? And if he’s bleeding still, do you think a water enema is safe?

  12. Maam, thanx for the information, for me, i drink 2 to 3 cups of not so cold water every morning before taking any solid food, i could heard the crumbling of my stomach – protesting – that’s the time i go to the CR, no HVM. i’m 63 years old male too.
    More power to you too.

  13. I like your posts. I was looking through the web to decide if i should freeze probiotic drinks or not and I came to your site by accident. It’s a pleasant accident.

    Speaking of probiotics, I drink this sweet coconut sap every day. It’s one of coconut products. It’s usually made into a coconut sugar and exported to your part of the world (me, i’m from Asia). I’m not familiar with your diet but I would also like to share my new love, bee pollen and Moringa capsules (our culture eat moringa as a vegetable, but when in a capsule, minerals and vitamins are not damaged).

    God bless you and your website:-)

  14. I have been bloated and uncomfortable for a couple of months now. I am sluggish and just plain tired. An ultrasound revealed I am “very constipated” this came as a surprise to me as I normally have regular BMs. I have found a liquid magnesium product a friend of mine reccomended and will start drinking water regularly. I am cutting out processed food, especially wheat as I find this has an immediate unpleasant pain in my upper left side. I used to make yogurt and plan to start making it again. I know my many meds are contributing to a lot of my grief, hopefully your hints will help! I will put off the enema and use it as a last resort….just can’t go there right now!

  15. I would like to know if you need to get calcium supplement when you supplementing yourself with magnesium . I am on dairy-free diet and don’t get enough calcium into my diet. I have been taking for the last two days Calm Natural magnesium supplement (1.5tsp/day). I read that ratio calcium to magnesium should be 2:1. If yes, which Calcium supplement do you recommend?

    • Mary, Ewa,

      Magnesium “works” in conjunction with calcium, sodium, and potassium. If you are not getting sufficient levels of these other minerals, then there can be repercussions. It is always preferred to obtain your nutrients thru diet, but if this is not possible, supplementation is usually recommended, but without a complete history, including any medications, I cannot advise you. And yes, excessive calcium can cause constipation…

  16. I had to laugh about this post. When I was a child, every mother’s first reaction to any illness was an enema. The tool used looked like a short version of a turkey baster, which is what prompted my cousin to ask his mother, “Why you give that turkey an any-mo?” one Thanksgiving. Also toilet training was done at latest when a child could walk because dippers were washed by hand, not thrown away. I wonder if some of the present day elimination problems are rooted in the early formed habit of ignoring the internal signals that the bowls are in need of emptying, i.e., too long in dippers.

    • I agree that cloth nappies/diapers are a good idea and used them around 50% of the time with my kids who were toilet trained by 18 months in the day because they didn’t like feeling wet and I encouraged them.

      However, constipation is more of a problem with adults – so probably more likely to be a result of having bums prodded with foreign instruments when little than wearing diapers for too long. The anus is a sphincter muscle. It tightens when invaded in order to protect and close off, so psychologically it is more likely that this causes harm.

      The only child I know who suffers from constipation is three years old and just coming out of cloth diapers now, He has never worn a disposable in his life. He has had huge problems with digestion and elimination, related to autism. The only babies I know who have had constipation were fed formula which creates harder stools as dairy is harsh for babies to digest and does not provide the coating of the intestines that protects the immune system.

  17. I have been constipated and had frequent gas for over a year now. My stomach will make horrible noises and its quite embarassing. Any suggestions?? I also have a lot of pain in my lower left side of my abdomen

    • Sounds like it could be IBS but im not an expert. I would check with your doctor. I solved alot of my gas problems going on the FODMAP diet. But again this another subject that should be discussed with your doctor.

  18. Thank You for posting this, my daughter suffers from constipation issues too. She is currently on miralax (8 months and counting) and we are trying to weene her off but we are having issues. I did like your post said, fiber this and fiber that…all the wrong fiber!!!! We do eat of fruits and veg but we could always bump that up. When her diet changed, well so did ours and we have been experiencing quite a bit of what you mentioned. I’ve actually been struggling with weight gain since, my husband has been having terrible bowel issues and my poor Morgan still complains of issues plus sometime when she eats something it makes her feel bad. I was thinking she might have a gluten issue (trying to find what’ll work for her) so we made gluten free brownies…well 🙁 those made her feel terrible! You have a ton of good info and I am going to put that info into action here at my place. Just like you, she can’t wait to be done with this and have a normal life!!! Thank You so much for sharing your story! 🙂 I’m going to show this to Morgan who is 12 in the morning.

  19. Thanks for the article I was just about to buy the other brand of magnesium calm for around 24.00 and saw your article and Vitacost has the one you recommend on a special – buy one get one for 1/2 price!

  20. SO, my son has been constipated since he started solid foods. Yes, it all started with the rice cereal…..He’s now five and has been on Miralax off and on since 9 months old. He’s been on a regular dose now for the past 9 months. In the past I always tried to take him off it but he’d plug right back up, or rather, he’d plug himself up by holding it in. The Dr. says as I should take the miralax away super SLOWLY and I need to start adding in fiber as he’s easing off the miralax. So, what am I supposed to do if the fiber is bad? I certainly can’t get him to eat the amount of fiber the Dr. wants him having in vegetables. And I can’t take away the miralax without something to ease him into real pooping because he holds and hasn’t ever learned how not to (because that’s all he’s ever done his whole life since he was constipated as a baby). The Dr. says to NEVER do an enema because it is traumatic sometimes and can stretch the bowel and he already had stretched it himself pretty badly which is what we’re trying to repair. Anyway, this post seems fine for an adult, but we’re probably going to have to do what the Dr. says – fiber and all – until my boy is much older and can really understand how his body is working and work with it. And the squat stool would be nice if he’d use it, I’ve tried and he won’t.

      • I know this was a year ago, but I have to second the fresh fruit idea for kids, and especially papaya. my 3yo has tended towards constipation since birth (as an exclusively breast fed baby, she pooped once/week, though with no straining or backup) and since starting foods I’ve had to make sure she eats enough fruit, without too many grains, which clearly slow things down. she was on miralax for awhile to overcome a particularly stuck time, and I weaned her off with blended papaya in her juice. papaya is the most laxative fruit, and is quite mild and mushy when ripe, so can hide in any juice.

  21. Thank you for sharing this info and your personal journey. I have been having constipation issues for 4 years and have tried so many “recommended” remedies to no avail. Miralax, fiber, water, yoga, eliminating dairy, gluten, etc and no improvement. I have also been searching the internet for solutions and only discovered this article after searching “increase fats to relieve constipation”. I came to this theory after having great movements during a binge on chocolate, almond milk, and other snacks with nut and coconut fats. More people need to know grains and fiber is not the answer

  22. Hi Lauren, I don’t have colitis, but I recently read somewhere that colostrum enemas can help with colitis. I don’t know if you’ve tried that before or even heard about it, but I just thought I would share that with you. Love your blog!

  23. Hello, Lauren.
    Thanks so much for confirming the fiber and constipation connection. I started taking a heaping teaspoon of a psyllium-oat combination and noticed I kept getting constipated. I thought I needed more and started taking more! I added Turkey Rhubarb but there are side effects so it is only a short-term solution (very short-term). I will now reduce the fiber dosage and take what’s been sitting on my countertop: the Magnesium Calm! I also found out gently massaging an acupressure point just below my tummy relaxes me and helps facilitate a bowel movement after taking the Calm. I am so happy to have encountered your blog.

  24. Interesting. I will defeinitely try some oil to speed up metabolism. Currently with me, chocolate and sugar do not help, actually they make me more constipated. Which is quite sad because i am a super sugar addict. But i will find a way to handle this somehow. I hope with the oil and with magnesium, vitamin c and probably fiber i can continue living the sweet life full of cakes, yummy. If not, i dont know what to do, i dont want to wait a few years before the good bacteria grow up, its too much time. Anyway, what is your opinion on red palm oil? Can i take it instead of coconut oil? And is it true that fiber like wheat and oat bran feeds the good bacteria? Whereas commercially produced fiber like Inulin feeds the bad bacteria?

    • Tony,

      You are definitely describing a carbohydrate “addict”. Gluten in ANY form is not good for humans. I cannot give “medical” advice on a blog, but you are welcome to contact me. Palm oil is good, but many people object to the taste of the real thing. Coconut oil is best, but must be cold-pressed and minimally processed. Inulin is a “fructo-polysaccharide” which means it is a combination of glucose and fructose, and it feeds both the good guys AND some bad guys, and can, in some people, cause several unpleasant side-effects… this may be due to the fact it readily ferments in the gut.

  25. I DON’T THINK THAT I’VE EVER COMMENTED ON THIS BLOG POST BUT WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW AND ANYONE ELSE THAT IS READING THESE COMMENTS THAT YOUR STEPS WORK! THIS IS THE COMMENT THAT I JUST LEFT ON A BLOG POST BY DR. MERCOLA: I have had constipation problems pretty much off and on my whole life (sorry, TMI but I”m trying to help someone!) until I saw this blog post: I was already doing #1 and #2 and eating hardly any sugar, etc., for several years (basically following WAPF and Mercola guidelines). However, still experiencing problems until I added magnesium which is #3 from her post and what Dr. Mercola mentions above ( . I used the Vitacost Magnesium Calm and made the spray that she mentions and still use both to this day. I’ve also added eating more fermented foods (#4 in her post and of course Dr. Mercola talks about it all the time) in my diet via a daily dose of sauerkraut and yogurt. I’ve never had to do her #5, thank goodness! I just can’t go there but so far after about 6 months, things are pretty much normal anyway and I don’t see the need. Hopefully this will help someone else because this problem people kind of laugh about but when you are experiencing it, it absolutely is no laughing matter!

  26. I have started using coconut oil in hopes of relieving bloating and sugar cravings. I am no where near having loose stools; are some people just more tolerant or am I just in need of more oils? I use EVOO and butter; not avoiding good fats but I have been nursing for a long time. I feel depleted and dehydrated most of the time and I know I retain too much waste from an abdominal scan I had for a different reason (and I’m clearly bloated). I’ve never had a problem with dairy or wheat that was obvious. I was really hoping CO would help with constipation? Thoughts?

  27. So, I have been an advocate of natural pooping aide for awhile. Well, at least if anybody asks. I rarely have problems when it comes to the bathroom – and my diet is quite horrible sometimes. However, I look forward to my morning BM and I know 1-2 more will happen throughout the day. That’s one thing in my life that is consistent and when it is not I a quick water enema to the rescue which is rare. The last time I took a laxative was in college horrible – horrible. I thought well at least this was like a once in a blue moon thing. However, next time I felt I needed one I used a store brought enema after using it – I was like wow! I looked up the ingredients on it after I was like why cant I use water and then I started to use just plain old filtered water with if needed. I looked it up online and was surprised to see so many other sites talking about it I have yet to use the coffe enema.

    I am a new reader of your site and see magnesium is highly touted throughout- I will invest in it for the numerous wonderful benefits.

  28. At the beginning of the post you stated “Here’s the deal. Constipation isn’t a disease. It isn’t a problem in and of itself. It is a symptom! It means that our diet is incorrect and it means that we have slow metabolism and poor digestion (partly because of low stomach acid!).”

    That is just not true. Diet does not fix constipation for everyone!! I suffered my entire life growing up because of Dr.’s who were so quick to jump on what I was eating. I almost died twice from being so compacted and constipated. There are OTHER things that can cause constipation. I was diagnosed as having mega colon, small segmented hirschsprungs disease as well as having a reflex in my rectum that does not work. All of these physical problems in my intestines and rectum were what was causing my constipation. Trust me, if it were as simple as to completely change my diet (which I have!), hydrate, or exercise I would’ve been “cured” a long time ago. As it stands, the only thing that is effective in causing me to have a bowel movement is to use miralax. I have tried millions of other things, different diets, natural alternatives, squatting, juicing, laxatives, fibers, enemas – everything and nothing has made one bit of difference except for the miralax. I wish that changing my diet had made a change for me, but it didn’t.

    My main point is just to say you cannot just assume that diet will fix every person’s constipation. There may be others out there like me who have just been suffering a miserable, sick, uncomfortable life with chronic constipation because there are underlying issues that need to be discovered and diagnosed.

    • I completely agree that there can be underlying issues that need to be discovered! I believe that addressing the roots of one’s imbalances and nutrient deficiencies will usually reverse constipation. Diet is always part of the answer, but it may not be the complete answer. Supplementation and lifestyle changes are often required. If laxatives or fiber supplements have been used for too long, the body can become dependent on these products and this complicates the issue.

  29. Thanks for your share. I’m suffering constipation for years. Believe me it’s like hell every day. And I actually tried your way. It’s working. I feel better those days. Thanks a lot. And I tried many things like fiber, water, oil, even laxatives, all failed. Some said that coffee help a lot, but for me, coffee just get worse.

  30. Hi there!

    Ever since I was a child, I have suffered from severe constipation. Nothing ever worked for me and as I got older, I became very opposed to modern medications and remedies and stay away from anything that isn’t natural. I was once told that senna tea was a great natural remedy for helping with this issue and my physician also told me that I could take it as much as I would like and it would cause no harm. Because it worked so well at the time, I really just didn’t think to do much research on it (which is not like me at all!) because it felt so nice to finally “go” after an entire lifetime of discomfort. But after taking it everyday for a year, I did research and found some harmful possible long term side effects. So I immediately stopped and again am on a mission to find something else. For years alls I ate was lean meats, LOTS of veggies and fruits and for the longest time, felt as though I was doing everything right despite my intestinal problems. However, over the past year, I was diagnosed with a thyroid disease along with epilepsy and have switched to a “keto” lifestyle. For the time being, I have taken out all carbs, including those from veggies, and was going to re-introduce items after hopefully seeing positive side effects to my epilepsy, to see what my problem areas really were. Especially now that I have started having my suspicions about fiber, even through veggies. I’m on the search to find the healthiest me that I can possibly be through food, but the constipation is one thing that I need relief from. After this long life-essay (sorry!), I was wondering your opinions on triphala and acacia powder. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about acacia powder but I was wondering if it were the same fiber we should be avoiding. It says that it is the pure organic gum that comes from the acacia senegal tree. And then the triphala from 3 different fruits. Any thoughts?? Thanks! 🙂

  31. I will recommend using a formula herbal tea to drink to (not cure) but help your constipation decrease on a intestinal level. what i know is that the tea must be drunk daily along with magnesium citrate and water. I am still working on finding this herbal formula for constipation. YOU may find it on leonard orrs website. http://www.leonard orr .com .Thank you

  32. Hi,

    I’ve also found that these Natural Constipation Remedies work well for me:

    1. Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes – take these nutrients during meals and also between meals to get probiotics into the colon.

    2. Flaxseed – use 2 tablespoons of raw flaxseeds and add them to your salad. You can ground them up and mix them into salads, soups after they have cooled off, and into health smoothies.

    3. Aloe Vera Juice or capsules – use a quarter cup of juice or capsules as directed on the label. You can experiment to see how much you need before you see results.

    4. Natural Remedy for chronic constipation: mix 5000 – 7000 mg of ascorbic acid, Vitamin C, powder with 1500 mg of magnesium oxide powder. Mix this into a glass of fresh orange or grapefruit juice. You can use a buffered vitamin C to reduce stomach upset.

    You control how you want to cure your body. No drug or laxative will do the job for you. Give your body the help it needs by using natural constipation remedies and eating the right kinds of food.

    P.S. Beware!!! Not all natural constipation remedies are safe to your long digestive health. Find out what they are at

  33. Hi,

    Exercise and eating the right kinds of food are the secret to relieving constipation. Most people that have constipation have a difficulty in doing both of these activities.

    Exercise is necessity for eliminating, reducing, minimizing, and preventing constipation. By exercising, you can promote, produce, or create the following:

    · Tones and strengthen your colon muscles
    · Eliminates blood toxins by sweating.
    · Stimulates your cells to eliminate waste and have this waste move out through your lymphatic system.
    · Reduces tension and anxiety
    · Stimulates your colons wall cell structure to increases its metabolic rate and thus improve its function.

    Here is a simple exercise you can do. If you walk after last meal of the day, you can stimulate your colon to create bowel movements. In addition, walking strengthens and tones your colon walls. This prevents your colon from becoming misshaped when you on occasion become constipated.

    Inactivity or lack of exercise will contribute to lack of colon muscle tone, which will contribute to constipation no matter what your age.

    There are many good exercises that stimulate and strengthen your body. These exercises will help you eliminate constipation. Of course, any type of exercise will be of benefit to your health. When your colon is toxic, then exercises that activate the lymph system are good.

    P.S. This tips are brought to you by

  34. Nothing ever helped me. Fiber made it worse. Water, walking, fruit, squatting, etc ad infinitum. Ferments give me glutamate migraines. FINALLY I found a doctor wise and caring enough to let me treat my thyroid even though I don’t look like I need to. Bingo bango. Two to three dumps a day. And man do they feel good! Very cleansing feeling. Find someone and treat your thyroid with natural porcine (yes… ze peeg) thyroid. Most of us with constipation are probably borderline hypo. Doctors don’t seem to like to treat it unless it’s extreme.
    Thanks for your post. I am going to consume more coconut oil.

  35. My partner and i recently experienced constipation and tried many things to alleviate the situation. we both found that getting back to a good water intake and regular exercise were the key.

  36. Thank you so much for writing this article. I have had chronic constipation for over three years now. My GP and urologist will only suggest more fiber in my diet. Unfortunately that only seems to make it worse.

    I plan to try your suggestions, starting today. You recommended Vitacost Store brand Magnesium, is that any different than taking Epsom Salt? I have used it on occasion, but wasn’t sure it was a good idea to use it on a regular bases.

  37. Hi,

    It is a great way to promote. We are into the same business for home remedies for gas problem, constipation cures, indigestion relief, bloating remedies and irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. Thanks for sharing this home based remedies. I really appreciate for your contribution. Here my link Constipation Cures


  38. I’v been battling constipation for many years since I was 27 and I am 50 now. When I am feeling good (which was always up to recently) I run minimum 8k and work put regularly. For the last 2 to 3 years have felt like superman basically because I was taking magnisium. Thought I found the answer to my prayers. It was just a month before Christmas when I had to stop because I was taking too much over 45000mg per day. I started to GEt kidney pain + just was not feeling riGght didnt need to go to a doctor to figure it out. If I did go he would tell mr that I was fine, so I did and he told me just that. Due to the perameters on medical blood tests things will only start showing when you are really sick. Anyhow I agree Magnisium is great for constipation + it makes you feel so good in so many ways that I cant mention or this reply would never end.BUTyou have to keep taking more and more to get the same results. Almost one week after stopping magnisium I started having heart pain, which I found out through Biotechnolgy that I had the begings of Angina so more heart tests that again turned out positive. There was nothing wrong with me, muscle pain … ya right … ever time my heart beat I felt some type of discomfort. Went back to a small does of magnisium and that seemed to solve the problem. As for the poop I was dealing with it using prunes until they stopped working at th begining of January. Back to a stronger form of Magnisium Oxixide and Magnisium Citrate Calm which worked for 3 weeks but started to feel kidney pain again and was getting really low blood pressure. So since the third week of Jan have been taking 4 capsulse of Renew Life Cleanse More recommended by a natural practitioner to be non habit forming and safe. Started to get bad liver pain a few days ago and the dose had to be upped to 6 taBlets to work. SOI new it was time to stop. Now Im sitting here what to do next. I eat a stelar diet, organic juiced vegtable drinks. Little heavy meats mostly chicken soup made on organic chicken natually (Were Polish so the soup thing is part of our cooking) but now with all organic ingrediants. When I do eat meat it is organic. Take Flax seed oil with Lemon, good green salads with health cold pressed organic oils. How do I get off this roller coaster before I damage something or my bowl stops working. Please help!

  39. Hi Lauren!

    I have ulcerative colitis. I started GAPS about a week ago, I was on SCD for two weeks before (because I didn’t know about GAPS yet)…
    I did some searching on Google and I found your beautiful blog 🙂 The problem is that I’m very constipated. Some of my previous symptoms have almost disappeared but I’m still bleeding and I’m so bloated (it almost looks I’m pregnant)…I’m from Europe and in my country there are no GAPS coaches or advisors…I’m practically on my own 🙁
    You’ve mentioned water enema…is it safe if I’m bleeding? I don’t mind being on Intro for a long time, but constipation is really annoying. I feel like I have a big ball in my belly…
    I would really appreciate some advices from you if you have some spare time…God bless you and keep going with this wonderful blog 🙂 Moyca

  40. I know this is an old post, but I wanted to comment here in support of taking coconut oil for constipation, in case other people randomly come across this page like I did.

    Always choose “Virgin Coconut Oil” when you buy at the store. Try to get one in a clear glass jar so you can see the color of the oil which should be a bright white if solid (in cold temperatures) or clear and colorless if liquid (in warm temperatures). I also find that plastic containers sometimes affect the flavor of the oil but glass doesn’t affect it at all. Different brands have slightly different aromas and flavors, depending on the source of their coconuts, so don’t be afraid to find which one you like best. Just stick to the ones that have a bright scent and smooth flavor — don’t bother with anything that smells smoky, or is completely odorless/tasteless, or has a yellowish color. You can also look up how to make your own oil at home if you have access to fresh mature coconuts (the brown ones, not the green ones).

    Coconut oil is the bomb, I swear. I put two tablespoons of (liquid) oil in a cup of hot tea with milk, and within 12 hours everything that was stuck inside me comes out. And it is NEVER in a traumatizing diarrhea form. Even if I’ve been suffering from severe constipation for several days this works EVERY. TIME. Now, everyone’s body is different and other people may need less oil to see results, but if you have a good quality coconut oil and you find the right amount for you, it will make your gut feel amazing. It is not very effective for me if I take it with food — so try it in liquids like tea or a light milkshake if you haven’t seen results after eating it with your regular meals.
    Coffee also works for me but my mouth smells like coffee all day long after drinking it. Yuck. So I prefer the coconut oil.
    Out of curiosity and desperation in the past I’ve tried olive oil, aloe vera gel capsules, fiber capsules, and the usual recommended solutions like drinking a lot of water and eating lots of fruit and veggies. The first three did absolutely nothing to me. Actually the aloe and fiber capsules gave me smelly urine (TMI, sorry, but it’s true). The last two things were probably not an unhealthy thing to do, but if you are already severely constipated then consuming more food will not help. It will just overfill your stomach until you feel nauseous. Don’t do that to yourself! Eat very lightly, drink a normal amount of liquid, relax, and have a little coconut oil. Best time to do it, if you can, is first thing in the morning so your stomach is empty. Alternatively, a few hours after dinner so you can go to the toilet the next morning.
    If you take coconut oil daily for prevention, rather than for emergency relief of constipation, it should probably be less than the 2 tbsp I suggested. Your body shouldn’t depend on coconut oil for bowel movement.
    I hope sharing my experience with coconut oil helps someone out there. I’m not a doctor, nutritionist or expert — just someone who has suffered from constipation.

  41. Hi, Lauren,
    I am living in Japan and my daughter and I both suffer from constipation, It is often difficult to get the things people recommend, such as Magnesium oil or other supplements. (shipping from the USA and imported stuff are now both hugely expensive). I wonder if you or any of your readers can advise us of equivalents or special recommendations for this culture and its food.
    Robin Tsubota

  42. My daughter always tell me her stomach not feeling well tats why i always bring her to the doctor once she had constipation.. After taking medicine, she feel better but after a week she will has constipation again.. i am so worry about her cos she need to rely on medicine..

  43. Hi, you could try home remedies! I think is less chemical and good for babies. But for long term prevention I will suggest you to swicth to milk powder that contains high pre-biotic.

  44. I think u can try using Mamil bcos I was facing the same prob previously, my DD also had hard stools, in fact it was very bad. Then I somehow managed to found out that Mamil has prebiotic that can prevent children constipation in long term and besides that, Mamil also has no sucrose and highest DHA level in the market now.. u can see the results within a week definitely..

  45. Feed your child a cup of fruit juice everyday.. about 2 to 3 ounce added with water… This will help to soften the stool. U can make different fruit juice everyday or cute fruits into cubes.

  46. My DS is currently taking Mamil, he was also having the same problem previously. My friends asked me to sswitched to Mamil due to their ingredient could help to prevent constipation. Better give it a try, it works on my child!!!

  47. A good probiotic supplement works wonders for constipation and providing your gut with the good bacteria that it needs. It’s important to choose a probiotic that contain the right strains though. Two that I always look for are Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Lactobacillus Helviticus. It can be a bit overwhelming choosing the right supplement though. I wrote a small guide to help people pick the right probiotic, you can check it out here: . Great post btw, thanks for sharing!

  48. GUYABANO (also known as Soursop or Graviola) is a superfood that has been named as “The Natural Cancer Killer” because of its ability to indentify, target and fight cancer cells. Guyabano is nutrient dense, rich in vitamins and minerals that makes it a popular herb use in traditional medicine to cure various sicknesses.for more info please visit

  49. Thank you very much for all the advice and suggestion. I have attempted all the suggestion that you guys suggested to me and one of it works fabulously which is switching formula milk.. I have switched my daughter formula milk for nearly 3 months. The result just got me very satisfied. No more constipation, no more hard belly ,no more crying during constipated and the most important is no more taking medicine to cure constipation which got me assured.

  50. That’s mean you are depending on formula milk in order to get rid of constipation? What if your children are over the the age limit of drinking formula milk? You need to search for other natural remedies for long term solution it can benefits your self as well. All the best to you.

  51. Is Mamil really that helpful in dealing with constipation? My children is currently on aptamil so far so good but I decided to try out other.brands. Since my children is over 12 months is the time to change a new formula milk.

  52. Yes, Mamil is really helpful in prevent constipation. My children has constipated before, attempted remedies like tummy message, leg exercise and prune juice. It’s really help but too bad it cannot prevent constipation entirely. After attempted the remedies my son pass stool but the next day same thing happen and I have to keep on repeat the remedy. After that, my sister introduced me Mamil and it helps me to solve my problem. My son no longer constipated often and not even once. I am so happy with it.

  53. The reason why children do not like to take Mamil is because it contain 0% sucrose. Less sweet compare to others, and since your children fussy over milk you have to take responsibility to correct it. Let’s try Mamil one more time.

  54. While I am neither a conspiracy theorist or a person who slavishly adheres to the idea that MDs are gods… I do wish writers that have: .COM domains, sell things, are not medical doctors, refer to other web sites of similar writers – would understand that they have a very very high hurdle to overcome when trying to convince “thinking” people that what they propose has ANY merit.

    I found your site after reading a lot of in an attempt to find additional information on the subject and better links to supporting science… unfortuantely it just seems to be one blogger supporting another blogger.

    It would also be helpful if people that publish snippets of supporting science would also submit scientific articles that refute their claims – after all if what you claim has merit… why would that be a problem? I mean if you want to be taken seriously.

  55. My 8YO girl suffered in constipation probs years ago. After switched to Mamil, she has no longer face constipation prob, even now she’s still drinking Mamil. Mamil is suitable for children from 1 to 9 years old. Mamil ingredients had proven that works in constipation prevention.

  56. Very interesting and informative. One quick note: it’s “la fin” (feminine noun) ^_^… because if all the techniques won’t help give you the sh***s, a stranger correcting your grammar will. Hehe.

  57. Great read thank you!! It is mind blowing that we as a culture find it easier to discuss “teen moms” but we can’t discus something that can quite literally be life or death! Keep up the good work it saves lives! An enema is a welcome thing when put in the perspective that by not having bowel movements we can become septic and die!

  58. I’ve been having problems with constipation for years now, and I took laxatives given by my doctor, and nothing really worked. I used the Dr Max Powers 15 Day Cleanse, because it was recommended by my trainer. It worked !! I was shocked. This did the job done more than Miralax, Milk of Magnesia or any other laxatives I’ve taken in my life.

    Just don’t forget to drink water !!! Totally recommend!!!:)

  59. I have chronic constipation and love your suggestions. I used rhubarb root together with Vitamin C (high dose). You have to be careful you don’t use too much. It just helps things move along at out. I find it much gentler than over the counter laxative. And the added bonus is you can control when you want to have a movement. Thanks for this website.

  60. Thanks! I appreciate all you have shared!Great article Lauren!

    For so many years, I suffered constipation and I thought it was a normal thing! Just lack water or just needed to take more fibers…but later I’ve known the deadly effects of constipation! Oh! So, I searched the Internet and asked for help! Someone shared to me this product, Digestic by Mimonis…so far it worked for me…very effective and I am sure it’s totally safe because it’s all natural and gluten free…you have to read for yourself why this product is all powerful product for me.

  61. I have constipation due to pain med I am taking after rotator cuff surgery. I have coconut oil in my pantry but do not know how much to eat. Do I mix it with something after liquifying it to ingest it.

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