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    • Until you get back home to use it, you can just bounce up and down in place. This can be harder on the knees and joints, though. You can even just bounce up and down from the knees without the feet leaving the ground. I don’t think it is as effective (or fun!) as using a rebounder, but it works in a pinch.

      • I was wondering about over hydrating. I am always thirsty and have to have a bottle of water by my side always and I do go to the bathroom every hour at least! So salt should help with this? I do not eat much salt, do not put it on many foods and avoid cooking with it. WOW, I am drinking too much water…figures I’d do over kill!

          • I should have mentioned – try adding a pinch of high quality salt to some of your glasses of filtered water. Your body will be able to absorb the water more easily, and you won’t need to urinate so often. If you only use a little it won’t taste salty but it will have a more pleasant feel in your mouth and the taste may remind you of spring water or “mineral water” – because it is, in fact, remineralized water (filtration, while essential, tends to remove vital minerals).

  1. I’ve read about these things too at Fat Flush. I’ve gotten away from doing them. Thanks for the reminder. I’m also going to get that rebounder. Great cost, much safer than springs and more than half the cost of the one I had been considering. Also, thanks for posting your recommendation for the dry brush. I’ve been looking for one of those as well and I just wasn’t sure what to get. Since I appreciate your site and your advice, I’m going to go with those two things and give this a whirl! THANKS!

  2. Hi There! I am curious as to what your opinion is on detoxing salves–like this one:
    Ingredients include: Laminara digitata (kelp) – when absorbed trans-dermally it can result in optimum reduction of impurities and metals; Coriandrum sativum (coriander) – traps moisture like a sponge and dislodges buildup; and Oleae europaea (olive leaf) – effective in cleansing and absorbing toxins.
    –so it seems legit. It would not be a solution of course, but just another tool in detoxing protcols. If skin-brushing can help for eliminate toxins from the outside – in, I reason that this could potentially too. This person blogged about her results:

    Thanks in advance!

    • Well, transdermal treatments can be effective but I would never put much faith in “miracle creams” like this one… I would say the methods above are more effective in detoxing. Also, increasing your metabolism through metabolic principles will aid in toning. You can read more about metabolic principles in The Nourished Metabolism book (linked over in my sidebar) or Eat for Heat.

      • I am pregnant as well and I have been doing all of these throughout most of my pregnancy with no problems. I figured if it was natural then it should be okay. I also use diatomaceous earth which has helped a lot. That is safe for sure during pregnancy, I checked. I need to try the salt in the water bc I pee alot more than I should even with being pregnant. I am going to try the yoga poses for circulation, my veins in my right leg get worse with each pregnancy, luckily they go away after delivery.

  3. Great post… I know about the morning drink, but for get to do that. I am going to start this routine this morning… even if not all of it, anything is better then nothing.
    I do have a question? I had heard that it is not safe to take a beat in Epsom Salt more then once a or twice a week. I was looking for where I heard that, and can’t remember… might be something to research. Something about it pulling too much of something out of your body. Not dissing your post… just asking.

    • I had the same question. I do the baths a few times a week, but sometimes I just do a foot soak. I started doing this because I had several magnesium deficiency symptoms and it has really helped!

  4. I now do all of the above, plus several saunas per week, and I’ve notice a big improvement in my energy and general health. Noticing more weight loss and a much better attitude. Thanks for all the great info!

  5. Stupid question, but I’m going to ask anyway… Do you do all 5 things in concert? How long do you do this?
    A week? Till you feel better? Thanks! Learning a lot through your page 🙂

    • Well, these are things that you can adapt to your lifestyle and the cues from your body. I dry brush before I bathe or shower… so probably 4x per week. I take a detox bath whenever I crave it, so usually 1 or 2 times per week. The lemon water, rebounding and yoga poses I try to do every day!

  6. Hi, thanks for this post.
    I live in an apartment with no bath tub and ceiling too low for rebounding (in addition to bothering my neighbour downstairs). Are there any substitutes? Else just do the other 3 items?

  7. Thanks for sharing these tips on detoxing. I’m already doing the lemon water routine and I agree it’s a must have for better digestion. I’m going to try adding rebounding to my routine – sounds like fun! 🙂

  8. Here’s my favorite quote from your article: “Here’s the deal: real, effective detox doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen in a week. Healthy detox in the body rests on a nourishing diet and stress management. ”

    I’ve seen so many people yo-yo between abusing their bodies with tons of alcohol and bad food, and then twice a year do a lemonade cleanse, thinking that balances it all out. It doesn’t! In fact, I think those extremes make it even worse. The poor body doesn’t know what’s happening. I love your balanced approach.

  9. I have a another reason for Epson’s salts efficacy, but no proof of it…
    Just to enjoy and pounder.
    So Magnesium Sulfate…. Magnesium is apparently the mineral that gave it’s name to the phenomenon of Magnetism. So bathing in Epson Salts rebalances the natural magnetism/energy field of your body… I’ve been using in to wash my hands after an energy treatment, and it does make a difference compared from washing with clear water only.
    Voilà !

  10. I’ve been hesitant to dry brush because of the conflicting opinions on which is right. I’d really like opinions on the link I’m posting. This woman claims to be an expert and says brushing toward the heart isn’t always right, because you have to consider the “watershed”. Plus she says you should brush in an outward, circular motion around the breast and on out toward the arm, which makes sense to me. Any thoughts?

  11. My Restorative Yoga for Women’s Health yoga teacher always recommends to us doing legs up the wall before bed as it is calming. So maybe start and end the day with it?!!!

  12. Using Kangoo Jumps shoes are a great rebounding method as well. Myf friend totally talks about dry brushing all the time. Now I think I get it! I will do these….I like the bath too. Sometimes in the morning I drink the cider vinegar with warm water instead of lemons. Great info! thank you!

  13. Tried to send another message earlier but my net failed so hopefully im not going to double it. So great post, nicely put together . I try to keep this routine as well for the past year with the baths and bouncing and body brushing but especially in the summer is difficult to do daily baths. One day i do epsom salt one day bicarbonate soda one day vinegar but is so hot outside that i get dizzy from the bath even if i leave it quite cool. Do you do them everyday? and for how long you stay in? do you make them with music candles or just keep them practical?

  14. your site is fantastic! thank you for being a leader towards natural health and healing in a society plagued by an overload of pills, toxins, and chemicals. an otherwise healthy 23 y/o girl, i was prescribed meds for a chronic medical issue. after researching (and feeling) awful effects, i ditched the drugs and sought an herbal remedy that has miraculously – or, rather, quite logically 😉 – ridded me of the issue. since then, i have turned towards ridding all chemicals out of my beauty products, cleaning products, etc. and finding natural detoxing methods. what a fun, empowering journey!

  15. Hi there! I love all these tips and follow most. I have one question that has been bugging me for a while. I have been drinking lemon water first thing in the morning. But I also oil pull in the morning. Is there any reason I should do one and not the other? From what I read oil pulling should be done first and never swallowed so I don’t ingest the toxins I’m pulling. Wouldn’t drinking lemon water negate that then?

    Thanks so much for your blog!!!

  16. Hi!
    I was wondering if you know how safe each of these are during pregnancy? I was doing the rebounder and dry brushing prior so I plan to continue those and I have found that lemon water in the morning (as well as beet kvass) have helped my morning sickness. So I guess my questions are for the oil pulling and detox bath. 🙂

  17. I practice IF, so I do not eat until twelve or two each day. With the lemon water stimulating stomach acids, would it be better to do the lemon water closer to my first meal of the day? (I don’t want to also stimulate appetite!) Thanks!

  18. I love rebounding! Did you know that NASA has declared that rebounding is the best exercise devised by man?…

    I rebound every day and it has changed my life. My kids love it too and join me, while getting their daily lymphatic system cleanse as well. Everyone should try it!:)

    • A good question. Nothing can alkalize your body.
      your body will maintain a balanced pH of around 7.4 regardless of your diet.

      Though lemon acid does not alkalize your body, it helps to detox. But I don’t know how.

  19. So for drinking water (and I presume also for cooking?) you use the berkey filter with an additional faucet filter for fluoride and arsenic?
    I so appreciate your insights along your inspiring journey! I love to see a lady taking initiative with her health, your posts have really provided motivation and guidance for me. Thanks!

  20. Hello Lauren just wanted to thank you for this post, as every other post on this blog very helpful 🙂 I also wanted to ask about the opinions anyone had about an ozone filter, I know it´s probably not as good as the one you recommend, but is it safe?

  21. Lemon AND acv burn my belly, even very diluted amounts….I have been trying this for years but can not do it without the burning. I have even tried drinking a glass of plain water first, then the diluted lemon water….help!
    thank you ❤️

  22. Hi Lauren! First of all I want to thank you for all these interesting posts. I want to know if it is ok a water filter that I am interested in, is Pimeg waterfall, it eliminates chlorine, fluoride, and some other particles, adding minerals… Just want to know if it’s reliable and a good option, I’m trying to avoid the most chemicals I can. Thanks and congratulations for your blog, it is allways a pleasure to read you.

  23. I am a loyal reader of your blog and really appreciate all the information you provide. I am searching for a water purifier and I need one that filters fluoride especially. You recommend the berkey so I am wondering if you have ever tested it make sure it filters out fluoride. I recently listened to a report from board certified nutritionist and traditional naturopath David Getoff who tested the berkey and did not find that it removed fluoride. What is your opinion on this? I was just about to purchase the berkey when I came across this report. I really don’t want to buy one and then test the water myself if I don’t have to.

  24. Hi 🙂 Great blog! I was wondering about something I read about drinking lemon water in the morning. The person said it contained psoralen which made your skin photosensitive, so you should only drink it in the evening. I was just wondering your opinion about this. Do you think there is something in that?

  25. I have a question…if you do the lemon water I have heard that should be done first thing before you do anything else. Oil pulling I have heard the same thing, that it should be done before ingesting anything. If you do both how would you do it?

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