10 Uses for Coconut Oil That You Haven’t Tried

10 Unusual Uses for Coconut Oil

A google search for “uses for coconut oil” bombards you with intimidatingly lengthy lists for this multi-purpose substance. Most likely, if you have coconut oil in your cupboard, you eagerly sing its praises to whoever (whomever? Whatever.) will listen.

Just in case your coconut oil creativity is running low, here are some unusual uses for the beloved traditional fat:

 Shaving with Coconut Oil

It’s January. I don’t have a boyfriend. Therefore, my legs will not see a razor until spring. But when shorts season demands it, I shave with coconut oil.

shave legs with coconut oilTo shave legs with coconut oil, keep a small container of it the shower. In the shower, use a damp washcloth to remove most of the water from your legs. Coat them with a thin layer of coconut oil (this works best when you can prop your legs out of the shower spray). I use about 1 tsp. per leg – a little does go a long way. And I haven’t had any issues with a clogged shower from the oil. Shave away, and don’t forget to rinse the razor often because the coconut oil can clog the blades.

Once out of the shower, pat your legs dry. The coconut oil residue should leave your legs soft and moisturized, but you can massage on more coconut oil as a moisturizer, if you want. It makes your legs super glowy!

Eat it Frozen

Yes, if these Coconut Oil Berry Delights sound weird. But trust me, they are delicious and the easiest way to get extra coconut oil in your diet. I make mine with raspberries or blueberries and honey. Yum-o! They taste like sherbet ice cubes.

Oil Pulling

Advocates of oil pulling, the process of swishing oil in your mouth, profess its powerful detoxing results. Some report that oil pulling has cured chronic diseases. Plus, it makes your breath fresh and teeth white. This oil pulling video will tell you everything you need to know about how to oil pull.

Coconut Oil Whipped Moisturizer

It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die! I add Sweet Orange essential oil to this recipe for whipped coconut oil moisturizer for fragrance. Use after bathing and keep a small container on your nightstand to massage onto dry hands.

Coconut Oil Toothpaste

Coconut oil toothpasteI’ve been brushing with homemade toothpaste for months now, and I’m a convert. Here’s my recipe: mix coconut oil and baking soda into a paste. Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil and mineral drops, if desired. Done.



Coconut Oil Chocolate Cups

Healthy chocolate cups, without refined sugar and dairy!

It may seem like a job for Martha Stewart, but these homemade chocolate cups are surprisingly simple to prepare! You only need cocoa powder, coconut oil and raw honey or pure maple syrup. Fill with berries, ice cream, pudding and more!



Coconut Oil French Fries

Want to indulge in french fries? There’s no need to poison your body with toxic, refined vegetable oils! Try these Coconut Oil French Fries. Plus, because coconut oil is so stable, you can strain out the oil after frying and re-use it. It’s safe and healthy.

Coconut Oil Deodorant

Trade in your chemical-laden deodorant for a natural, moisturizing version made with coconut oil. It’s economical, simple, and perfect for sensitive skin!

Coconut Oil Mayonnaise

Here’s another way to substitute coconut oil for rancid, PUFA-laden vegetable oils. As a bonus, this Coconut Oil Mayonnaise contains immunity-boosting probiotics!

Coconut Oil Makeup Remover

Simply warm about a teaspoon of coconut oil between your finger tips, then massage onto your face to dissolve makeup. Be gentle while coaxing off mascara. Wet a washcloth with hot water, then wring out thoroughly. Place it over your face and then gently massage away the last traces of mascara. Repeat by wetting/wringing/wiping with the washcloth again, if necessary.

uses for coconut oil


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Unusual uses for coconut oil… that you haven't tried yet!       how to shave with coconut oil for silky legs

 Are you a coconut oil fanatic like me? Do you have a favorite and/or unusual use for coconut oil? 

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  1. Lori says

    I have been using coconut oil for the last three months to shave my legs and wash my face. I have made a sugar scrub using coconut oil and I love it. My skin is healthier now than when I used store bought face products and by using coconut oil to shave my legs I don’t need to shave them as often as I did with shaving cream.

      • Lori says

        I use 2 1/2 cups sugar, 1 cup melted coconut oil and 5 tbsp of a citrus juice (Preferably fresh squeezed). I normally use lime or lemon juice or a combo of both.

            • says

              I make a vanilla chai sugar scrub with coconut oil; I don’t have a large container so I use:
              1/2 cup each brown and white sugar
              1-3 chai tea bags (opened)
              1/2 tsp. cinnamon
              1/2 tsp. honey
              1/3 cup melted coconut oil
              1/2 tsp. vanilla

              Just mix the dry ingredients, add the warmed oil and mix! I keep it in a jar in the bathroom.

    • Kitty says

      I have a pool and I had started to put coconut oil on myself to keep the clorine from drying my skin so badly. While I dont go out there in the heat of the day, I did notice I was turning brown and then read somewhere that it was a good sunscreen. I havent given it the test (out in the heat of the day), mostly because I am one of those that burns so easily. I sure dont want to fry…lol…but I may try it this yr. Would be nice to know because it makes your skin look so nice. I am now 58 and sure dont want to look like a wrinkled old prune…lol

      • says

        Hi Kitty,
        Me too! I swim 5 miles a week. And you personally know how drying the chlorine in the pool is to skin. So, I keep a container of coconut oil in my shower bag. When I shower after my swim I leave the covered container on the shower floor in the bottom drain so it’s partially sitting in the hot water. This softens and melts it a little. After my shower, I then apply it all over my body while still wet and pat myself dry with my towel. It’s amazing! No dry or itchy skin for me! And, as a result I always have soft, supple skin! :)

  2. Daphne says

    There is no better feminine lubricant in the world! Coconut oil feels great, taste great, smells great…and it eats candida (that’s what causes yeast infections)! It is simply purfect…

  3. says

    I love to use coconut oil to condition my hair. I use all natural shampoo (if I wash my hair at all) and then I follow up with some coconut oil when I’m out of the shower. It keeps my hair super soft and helps with all my fly-aways.

    I also use it to deep condition. I melt a few tablespoons (or as much as 1/4 cup if my hair feels really dry..or needs a cut badly due to split ends) and rub it all over my dry hair until it’s coated. I love to do it before a bath and let the steam and coconut oil do it’s magic. (also I take long baths, like an hour or so…that’s the trouble with reading in the bath, you lose track of time!) Then I wash it out and I have soft hair for days!

    • Louise says

      It’s great for fine hair! When my 6-year-old’s hair gets fy-aways after brushing, I just melt a littl eoil on my hands and wipe them down her hair. She thinks it’s “so weird, Mom” but at least it keeps her from looking like she put her finger in an outlet! :)

    • Leah says

      Does coconut oil go bad.? I bought a big thing of it at Costco and less than a month later it smells like rotten eggs. Is there a specific way of storing to prevent this? thanks.

      • Jesse says

        It is a very stable oil, but it is recommended that you make sure that the lid stays on tight, so the air doesn’t get to it. I would sooner believe that it’s the brand that you bought. I personally buy it from Tropical Traditions. They have some of the best coconut oil!

      • Annie says

        We have purchased Costco’s coconut oil dozens of times, but here are a few tips to help prevent any rancidity. I melt mine on very low heat, just to liquefy it, right after we bring it home. Then I store it and use it from glass jars to prevent any contamination from the plastic. Also, never double dip. Make sure the utensils you put into the oil are clean so no contaminants can get in. Hope that helps!

  4. Cassie says

    I have heard that it helps rid children of thrush, we also use it on our kids bottoms to prevent diaper rashes.

    We use it on steamed veggies, and I’ve heard a little coconut oil with honey helps curb cravings.

  5. Kitty says

    I have diabetes and my scalp gets pretty itchy sometimes, and the hair gets dry and straightens. I rub coconut oil into my scalp using my fingertips and let it sit on my scalp while I soak in a hot bath. after I wash my hair, it’s soft and curly. it lasts a week usually.

    • chelsey says

      If you add melalueca and lavender essential oils to the coconut oil, it will heal your scalp issues! I have had horrible scalp issues this winter, and this helped sooo much.

    • Stephen J Ayers says

      Kitty, Have you heard of Nizoral shampoo? That plus coconut oil has done wonders for my scalp. Read into it, its really amazing stuff.

  6. Linda says

    Eye doctor suggested using over the counter nighttime ointments for my chronic dry eye…..I read the labels, reluctantly tried one for a couple nights. Sticky, icky residue in the morning and still needed eyedrops during the day. Decided to try coconut oil instead. A tiny scoop with my pinky finger dropped in after liquefying on my finger. No icky residue the next day, eyes felt fresh, and after a few nights I didn’t need anything even during the day. Amazing!

    • Jill says

      I am so excited to hear this! I rubbed a bit along my lash line the other day and thought that it may be a more natural solution than the chemical gel my eye dr recommended.

    • tiffani says

      really? i’ve had chronically dry eyes for years and have also tried that night time otc eye gel and hated it. it didn’t bother your eyes at all?

      • Amydmomma says

        Tiffani- The coconut oil does give a little blurred vision, but it soon clears up. I have been using it as a moisturizer too and my lashes are longer and thicker. It can also relieve pink eye symptoms. I just found that out last week with my youngest. :(

    • Penny says

      Hi Linda
      Thanks for the important information
      can you please tell me what exactly the coconut oil are using for your dry eyes

  7. says

    Well folks, I use organic cocao butter as an internal pessary!! Actually this product has been used for years and years for this purpose. I’m unable to use any hormonal pessaries and this really works for me!

  8. Monique says

    where can I buy large amounts of coconut oil?
    I always see it in the store but small amount are very pricey..
    look forward to your reply..

  9. Tricia says

    Thank you so much!! I am going to try the oil pulling.. I don’t know if I can do the coconut oil, just don’t like it… What is another raw organic oil that you would recommend.. Any thoughts from everyone??? Thanks!

    • jessica says

      a lot of the websites i’ve read suggest sesame seed oil (raw, untoasted, etc) or sunflower seed seed oil. people use first cold pressed evoo as well. i decided to try this not too long ago and bought sesame seed oill. haven’t tried it yet but may try it with coconut oil as well :)

  10. says

    What fantastic suggestions, thank you!!! I typically use Nutiva but recently tried Dr. Bronner’s coconut oil and it is the most delicious I have ever tried. My family and I ate most of it by the spoonful right out of the jar but I also use it in cooking.

  11. says

    This is so informative! I would never have thought to use coconut oil for shaving. I also use baking soda to brush my teeth but will now use a paste of baking soda and coconut oil as you suggest. I will make the coconut berry delights later on today 😀

    • says

      I just made the toothpaste and used it, yum! I also washed my hair with honey and now I have coconut oil in it. I’ll let it sit overnight and go swimming in the morning. I love how my hair feels! Between good quality toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, anti-frizz and maybe body wash and shaving gel, I just saved a ton of money! Thanks!

  12. Robin says

    Been making my own personal care products from coconut oil for more than 5 years. Here’s a tip for shaving: half coconut oil, half glycerine (I use the kind from the craft store for dyi soap making), melt together and pour into some small food storage containers. Easy to pop out in the bath/shower and then it stores without making a mess with the lid on. BTW – I gave some to my daughter-in-law only to find out later my son used it all!

      • Sarah says

        My understanding is that glycerine coats your teeth and then they can’t remineralize, but I would think that using it on your legs or hair would be fine.

  13. says

    WOW!! all the tips on the comments are great!

    I use coconut oil to cook and have made my own toothpaste with it. I couldn’t get used to it, so I am using up my store bought toothpaste so that when it’s gone I will have no option but to use my homemade coconut one. One got to do what one got to do to do the right thing.

    • Janie O says

      Have you tried Natures’s Gate toothpaste? I get it online at “Swansons” for 3.19. I like the peppermint and the other sweeter mint one.

  14. Sarah says

    I couldn’t find the toothpaste recipe on your site and the link didn’t work. i am very interested to try this one out. All the other ideas sound really good too.

    • says

      Yep, kinda hard to find, but I just made it. baking soda and coconut oil, peppermint (I used natural baking flavor) and a few drops of minerals ( I used trace mineral research liquid-super awesome)

  15. says

    There’s a newly released e-book on amazon.com we’ve discovered called, “The Coconut Oil Health & Beauty Book” by M.D. Fry, PhD. We’ve reviewed many books on the topic of coconut oil, this one, however, is particularly simple, practical and one of the more compete books we’ve recently found.on coconut uses.

  16. Michelle says

    Alzheimer’s runs in my family so I swallow down 2 Tbs daily for brain health. On top of my many other uses of it, most of them have been described above.


  17. says

    Using coconut oil in your fench fries might be a little expensive!

    Why not try this instead:

    Chop up some sweet potatoes into fries. Lightly cover in coconut oil and bake in the oven on a med-high heat for about 20 – 30 mins or until crispy.

    Delicious and healthy! :)

  18. says

    I LOVE using it for my hair. Super simple, and works better than anything I’ve tried! Coat hair in coconut oil. Cover with shower cap (I usually just clip my hair up instead). Add heat with hair dryer (optional) for ~15 minutes, or without heat for 30+ minutes. Rinse out with warm water, shampoo (twice if necessary) and condition as usual.

    I’ve tried many diy hair treatments but like this one best because the results are great and when using egg, I had a hard time rinsing it out with cool water, and ended up with cooked egg in my hair (gross!!) and olive oil doesn’t rinse out well, and even after a couple shampoos I felt greasy.

  19. says

    THANK YOU all for sharing your tips, suggestions, and secrets for using coconut oil! I know I have learned a lot from your comments and I’m sure everybody else has, too! Keep ’em coming!

    You guys are awesome. Just thought you should know :)

  20. Karen says

    I am going to try it as a makeup remover and wrinkle cream.

    The BEST use for coconut oil is with popcorn! Melt enough to cover the kernels, let pop in a pot on the stove, no need to shake the pot, when popping slows to every couple of seconds, it’s done. Add fine sea salt if you like.

    This is better than ANY move popcorn.

  21. says

    Thanks for these additional tips!

    Coconut oil has been my salvation of simplicity. It moisturizes my body, pops popcorn, serves well with salt as a face/body scrub (lasted a year so far…crazy) and melts well with olive oil for my plantain salve. Seriously. Rules.

  22. tennille says

    I use coconut by ingesting 2 tablespoons a day for candida overgrowth (chronic). I also use it for yeast infections. Works AMAZING! It is also good for fungal skin infections on animals as well as ear mites….. again, works amazing! I love the toothpaste and lotion ideas!

  23. Gerri says

    I am a big fan and do most of the things mentioned Try keeping nasal passages moist use a cue tip carefully or your finger. May ward off infections in any case it can’t hurt.gerri

  24. JennN says

    Just started the oil pulling 3 days ago! Makes my mouth feel nice and clean, and is really helping with allergies and sinus drainage!!!

  25. Elizabeth Lopez says

    Thank you SO, SO much for posting coconut oil recipes!!! I have diabetes, high cholesterol, among other things and I’m trying to lower numbers with coconut oil. It works, but it’s not enough b/c I’m not consuming enough for someone my weight and height. I cook with Coconut oil, but as far as eating straight out of the jar, I don’t like the taste straight out and its very inconvenient. I can’t take it with me wherever I go. If I make chocolates, the Rasberry Delights you posted, among other things, I am very sure my health will improve by consuming these treats!! I am very thankful I found your site!

    • Shannon says

      Hi Elizabeth- If you’re looking for something to eat straight from the jar, try coconut butter. Its only ingredient is coconut and it is sooo delicious! I especially recommend Artisana brand which tastes the best. Nutiva might be easier to find (they call it “Coconut Manna”), and it’s tasty, too. Both brands are raw and organic.

  26. Cheryl says

    I make popcorn using organic popcorn and coconut oil. Sprinkle with sea salt and you have a healthy nutritious treat that tastes fantastic!

  27. says

    My doberman gets very itchy, flaky skin in the winter. I tried everything and then – coconut oil!
    I put about half a tablespoon, melted, all over his kibble, once a day. And then I massage it into his skin, on really itchy spots.


  28. Pamela Ray says

    v.c.o has become my life saver.It is good for so many things.My dogs have not had fleas since I give them coconut oil and they love it.I have Fibromyalgia and it has helped with my pain.My hair grew out fast, my nails are healthier, I use it for makeup remover, for dry heels ,and I bake my fries in the oven and dab a small amount of v.c.o. on baking sheet and the fries get crispy .I also used to use tons of butter on my popcorn.I replaced that with coconut oil because it is a healthy option.A nurse tried to tell me my cholesterol was too high because of v.c.o. I have heard it will make it look too high, but that coconut oil is healthy although it will raise your cholesterol levels.Anyone else have this problem?

  29. says

    Brilliant explanation on the coconut oil usages. I LOVE using it for my hair. Super simple, and works better than anything I’ve tried! Cooking with virgin coconut oil/edible coconut oil tastes the food yum.. So nice. Thank you for sharing the information.

  30. Natalie says

    I’ve been looking at a lot of different DIY toothpaste recipes and ideas but I can’t figure out how it’s stored- do you just keep it in a small container and dip out of it? How long does it last? or do you mix it up each time? Love all the ideas and hope to use more coconut oil today!

    • says

      Yep, that’s exactly what I do! I have a small jar in my medicine cabinet and just dip my toothbrush in. I make a new small batch every week or two. I’ve never had a batch spoil.

  31. Sarita says

    My daughter loves to play in the snow ( we live in Colorado) but she gets her cheeks wind burned every time! At first I would just rub coconut oil on her red cheeks, now i make sure she puts it on before going outside… It’s a miracle cure-it-all!! Love C.O. for most everything, from cooking, to cosmetic uses! I even used a dab on a creacky door the other day! Worked like a charm…

  32. says

    Hello there!
    Just wanted to THANK YOU for this lovely and helpful post! It is just great!
    I am a Holistic Nutritionist.
    Every morning when I wake up, I drink my wonderful green tea w/stevia and a little unsweetened soymilk. Then comes my treat! Ezequiel bread toast with spreaded coconut oil (as if it were butter) and cover that with quite a lot of sprinkled cinnamon. it tastes fantastic and cinnamon is so good for diabetcs and to balance our hormones.

  33. Telula says

    I use it instead of vaseline to keep the inside of my nose moist. And it’s also used as a lube in the bedroom 😉

  34. says

    I use it for: cooking, oil pulling, making homemade moisturizing cream, making homemade toothpaste, making homemade soaps, making homemade body care products, making homemade healing salves, making homemade deodorant, making a homemade Vaseline alternative, making a homemade chocolate sauce that hardens when poured over ice cream, making homemade chocolate bars… I just love to eat it out of the container :-)

  35. Harriet says

    I enjoy using the small and large sizes of glass jar/chrome lid candles from Bath and Body Works. When used up I wash the jar and lid (making sure to carefully dry under both sides of the silicone thing eternally stuck to the inside of the lid) and use these to store my VCO in the kitchen and bath. I have another glass jar of it just for my hair. when I want to do an overnight conditioning I put the jar on one of those electric coffee warming pads until it melts then apply to my hair. I whip it (using it solid with regular hand mixer) for the jar on my bathroom counter.

    Frying chicken chunks in a mixture of just more olive oil than coconut oil gives them a light browning, not dark, and a pleasant ‘Island’ taste.

    I keep a small plastic bottle with a flip top in my shower that I filled with melted coconut oil. We live in a climate where the oil will be solid 48 weeks of the year almost. So I put the bottle on the floor of the shower to melt while I shower. It is good for shaving, but also after gently washing the ‘nether regions’ one can apply a bit of the oil to keep things soft and moisturized, not to mention healthy. Especially necessary as one ages or if one gets yeast infections easily.

    Like another, I put a small amount in my eyes at bedtime for the dry, itchy redness, and on lids/under eyes as a moisturizer.

    I also get mine at Costco–best price even over online mail order.

  36. Amy says

    If you have cold hands and feet, mix a little cayenne pepper into coconut oil and massage some into your hands and feet. It improves circulation. I’ve also read that eating 1 tablespoon a day will raise your body temp and improve circulation. I’ve been putting it in my smoothie for 5 days now… hopefully it’s helping with lots of things.

  37. J says

    Yes… We have discussed the lubricant properties of coconut oil…
    I love it in a body scrub with ground coffee and sugar!

  38. Cassie says

    One use I haven’t read anywhere is on toast! I get part of my daily dose of VCO just by putting it on my toast instead of butter. Super yummy!

  39. april v says

    I have tinea versicolor and the medicine is drying my skin out. I heard vco has antifungal properties so I’m using it as a moisturizer!

  40. Jenny says

    Coconut oil is great for dogs- given in their food and used on their skin. It can help with wound healing for both dogs and humans. I use it to heal my tattoos!

  41. says

    Definitely agree with the coconut oil + coffee recommendation. When I drink coffee, I blend about a half tablespoon into it with an immersion blender, and I find I am much more energized without feeling jittery. Also, it’s tastes so much like a treat although it’s just coconut oil and black coffee.

  42. bj says

    For the person who said that their oil smelled like rotten eggs… that should not happen. Take it back to the place you purchased it. The oil is very stable and lasts for an extremely long time unrefrigerated.

  43. Patty says

    I love coconut for almost everything. I have found out the hard way though that is is NOT very septic friendly. Once it reaches the cooler temps, it will solidify… need I say more. I No longer use it in the shower . For kitchen use, just like any other oil , everything gets wiped and dishpan water gets dumped elsewhere, not down the pipes.

  44. Samantha says

    I used coconut oil in lieu of the very pricey oils out there marketed for women during pregnancy to reduce/prevent stretch marks and I don’t have a single mark on me!! I would take about a dime size amount in the beginning, and towards the end when I was really big I was using about a dollar size amount, and rubbed that all over my belly before bed every night. I couldn’t believe how well it worked!! I use it for cooking, moisturizing, shaving, etc. it has replaced so many products! I love coconut oil!!!

    • says

      Yes, me too! I get mine from Tropical Traditions. It’s organic and the folks there are wonderful to order from. I can’t say enough about doing business with these folks! I’ve been a member of their Healthy Buying Club for years and get my Gold Label Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in the gallon container. It’s all hand processed, the old fashion way. Buying it in bulk like this saves a lot of money! I use a lot of it over the course of the year.

  45. bj says

    I use 2 tbl of coconut oil in my smoothie in the morning… except for the morning it got to hot and started a fire and while I was carrying my tiny pot outside since I didn’t have a lit that would put out the fire, I accidentally spilled some and it melted my robe.

  46. Nikki G says

    We have done many of these in the comments and done of your suggested. I love it for cracked nipples when breast feeding and we use it mixed with 12 drops of peppermint essential oil for bug repellant. And I have been waiting for sun to use as a sunscreen for me and my son. Thanks for the tips!

  47. Jaap Beets says

    I used unrefined coconutoil to overcome Lyme disease (the variation we know in the Netherlands). It was succesfull, what I cannot say about the penicilline I’ve got .

  48. Theresa H. says

    Here is where I purchase my coconut oil, based out of MN
    http://www.wildernessfamilynaturals.com I buy the supreme expeller pressed coconut oil since most of my family does not care for the smell or flavor of coconut, this way I know I can use it for all sorts of things without any fuss 😉 The 5 gallon pail is a great deal and will keep for a very long time as long as it is stored properly. Thanks for your coconut oil use tips, sure gonna give some a try!

  49. Theresa H. says

    Just a word of caution about using the oil to shave legs or use in shower, it does solidify, so too much of a good thing down the drain may or can cause a problem, not sure. You can run hot water and it should rinse right down, but just an FYI. I know it probably doesn’t take much for shaving, but for those new to the coconut oil world they don’t.

    • Bridgette says

      Yes. Coconut oil is safe to use all the time with cloth dipes. It is the only butt “solution” I use on my daughter. I even put some in the wipe solution for her cloth wipes!

  50. Kitty says

    When I was told to buy something for dry eyes, I went to store and started reading the ingredients. It was all petrochemicals! The eye absorbs things really fast, and I thought why would I want to put that stuff in my eyes…didnt buy it. Instead bought some natural stuff. Gonna try the coconut oil now

  51. Daphne says

    I love the thought of using coconut oil in the shower, I’m just concerned about it clogging the drain over time. Have you had that problem?

  52. Bill says

    I’m wondering about the coconut oil pills and softgels I see advertised. Any experience with any of those?


  53. Renee says

    When using CO for skin or as a face moisturizer does it matter if its expeller pressed or the expensive ones? Just wondering if the really cheap ones would clog pores on your face? Walmart sells a 31.5 oz container for around $6, so for all recipes for hair, & skin thought this might be a cheaper way to go and save the more expensive ones for ingesting.

    • Stephanie says

      I read somewhere that its ok to use the refined on your skin, while the unrefined is still more beneficial, the refined is sufficient for hair and skin. But I highly recommend spending the extra couple bucks and getting the better stuff. When I bought my very first jar, I too opted for the cheap Walmart option, I will NEVER do that again. I was new to coconut oil so I didn’t know much about it. I brought it home and as soon as it melted (same day) it turned a yellow color. I had no idea that wasn’t normal. About a week into using it, it started to smell funny, at that point I looked up how to tell if it was bad well just being yellow meant it was bad when I brought it home! (It was a solid white when I bought it so there’s no way to tell in the store) Who knows how long those jars have been sitting on those shelves! I was pretty disgusted to learn Id been using rancid oil for over a week! I’ll never buy anything now except virgin cold pressed unrefined CO from the health food store! It’s worth the extra $8!

  54. Maggie says

    I use it on sunburns, my hands, my feet, whatever needs moisturizing and that includes my goats’ udders. They get red and sore right after kidding, sometimes during the winter, or if they are producing heavily. I just massage it onto their udders and within 24 hours, they feel better and udders are more pliable and soft. I like that it has antibacterial properties, too, since I don’t like to use the chemical teat dips, which dry them out and which the kids don’t find tasty at all! :) In fact, I am switching over entirely to coconut oil post milking….

  55. Lauren says

    I do all of these with coconut oil and have for a while! Wonderful list! There are so many uses for coconut oiil!

  56. says

    When I first tried Extra Virgin Coconut Oil I was pleasantly surprised. It was very tasteful and had subtle refreshing smell. I use the some package on my skin.

  57. says

    I love coconut oil and it’s many uses. I really liked the post and only have one suggestion. I see some of Allie Brosh’s artwork at the end and it is uncredited. She writes and does that crazy wonderful art at Hyperbole and a Half.

  58. says

    I loooovvvee coconut oil. I too use it for everything. Living in the tropics it’s the best way to keep sand fleas from biting me on the beach, and has been used this way by locals for decades. It’s a great disinfectant so I rub it all over my skin to prevent infections like staph. I’ve also heard it can work as sunblock but have yet to experiment.

  59. Debbie says

    I use it to suntan – remove make-up – skin moisturizer for face and body (put on when skin slightly damp) – I cook with it – put it in my porridge – smoothies – I use it in my hair for treatments and moisturizing – I use it on my lips – I put it on any arm rashes I tend to get in the summer….I drink the water and jelly of the coconut – Coconut is like gold to people in North America but it is an everyday thing for islanders :) your welcome!

  60. Carol says

    I have dry eyes and have used all the OTC stuff that costs so much. I just started using the cocnut oil in my eyes and it has taken away my, otherwise, severe dry eyes. My eye doc has been trying to get this under control with all kinds of meds but cocnut oil did the trick. I put a very small amount on a spoon and hold over a cup of hot water. The steam melts the oil right away but does not make it too hot for using a dropper to put it in my eyes. Very easy and way better than the eye goop I have used. Much cheaper too!!

  61. Luann says

    I have used coconut oil for many purposes as already mentioned above. However I found one more healing use. I had a large pill get stuck in my throat causing burning, pain, and hoarseness. I took a tablespoon of coconut oil as needed for about three hours. After that time, it was like nothing happened, completely healed! Now when I need to take any large pill, I first coat my throat with coconut oil and then drink a glass of H2O while swishing down the pill which glides on down! Wonderful!

  62. Danielle says

    Someone may have mentioned this already (I didn’t read through *all* the comments), but I ADORE coconut oil for the oil cleansing method. Works much better than any other oil I’ve tried and leaves my skin soft and looking significantly less red. It gives my face a more healthy glow. Heather Dessinger, aka Mommypotamus, has offered the best advice in my opinion for the OCM in her DIY Organic Beauty ebook (no, I’m not getting a kickback for saying this – I just really loved her suggestions and tips!).

    I also use coconut oil as a deodorant, and it’s pretty awesome. I pat on some baking soda after I apply it to my underarms and boom, I’m good to go for the day. I too discovered how incredible this oil can be for shaving legs – but sort of by accident! You get really creative when you run out of soap and only have coconut oil within reach when you’re in the shower.

    Coconut oil is just totally utilitarian and I am constantly amazed by how beneficial it is for my body.

  63. Kate says

    I can’t imagine putting coconut oil in your eyes. After a few days of using it as an under-eye moisturizing cream, I developed an allergic-type reaction. The eyelids got very puffy and itchy and it took a week or two to get back to normal. Even when used on my face, avoiding the eye area entirely, I had the eyelid reaction. Because of this I no longer use coconut oil on my face. This may be an individual response, but I would urge caution before putting *any* product into the eyes.

    • Elizabeth says

      Sounds like you are allergic to it, Kate. I moisturize my face with coconut oil year round, especially around my eyes, and even use it to clear raw red rashes I get on my eyelids. It always clears the rashes up right away and leaves my aging, hypothyroid skin soft and pretty. I love it!!!

  64. Alex says

    Has anyone noticed a rash right after shaving with coconut oil? I’ve done it twice so far and my legs are on fire for about a day after. Could I be allergic to it? I used a new razor blade each time too. I use coconut oil in my coffee and cooking and oil pulling and as moisturizer without problems. What’s going on?

    • Elizabeth says

      You might have a skin sensitivity. I shave all the time with Tropical Traditions coconut liquid soap (only ingredient is organic saponified coconut oil) and never have a problem. I also wash my hair, dishes and fruits and veggies with it, and also use it as a lid scrub for my blepharitis. I use coconut OIL as a moisturizer for my hair, face and body, as well using it for cooking and on food (wonderful on sweet potatoes with a little pink Himalayan salt!) Love coconut oil!!!

  65. Marisol says

    Just came across your site today and I love it Lauren!!! I am 22 years old and I am trying to find and use all natural alternatives to everything I use on a daily basis. I am also helping my entire family switch over to natural alternatives as well. I read through all the comments as well, very interesting and informative! Thanks so much for sharing everyone !!!

  66. Kat says

    I have been using organic, cold-pressed c.o. in my coffee and for “oil-pulling.” Now, I am addicted to c.o. in my coffee!! I am going to try all the tips I’ve read in the comments, and I thank you all for sharing- especially those of you that had a negative experience. We should know everything. I am 65 and am often told that I look thirty years younger and I want to keep it that way!! I WILL be using the c.o. as a make-up remover, as well as a personal lubricant. Thank you all! Coconut oil is a blessing!

  67. Anne says

    My shih-tzu gets yeast infections on his skin and in his ears. We are doing homeopathic therapy which is working great for detoxing and healing him but I have to clean his skin daily and even the best non-toxic shampoos or soap does not remove that gummy junk from his fur. I massage the coconut oil into his skin and between his toes and the gummy stuff comes right off. Plus, he loves the smell and the taste of it. My homeopathic vet is really excited that I told her about this little ‘cleansing’ method that I discovered.

  68. CIndy says

    I have used coconut oil for years and years. I am an esthetician as well as a colon hydrotherapist and MT. I could not begin to list all the times I have suggested different uses and benefits of coconut oil in all those modalities. So I will list a few I haven’t seen yet.
    1. Fatty oil like coconut will slow the absorption rate of an essential oil. So the higher phenol oils like peppermint and oregano etc wont burn so much topically if you cut them with coconut oil. It also works great if you get essential oils on an area that you dont want it, it will stop irritation fast.
    2. I suggest using coconut oil all the time for candida to my colonic clients, also for internal parasites.
    3. I like to make a small poultice out of coconut oil and pure stevia extract for eczema and any wound healing needs. Both alone are good for this but mixed together work wonders.

  69. says

    If you have a Bountiful Baskets nearby you will find not fresh (organic if you choose) vegetables and fruits and so much more, but they have great coconut oil offerings frequently. If you don’t have one – you might want to start one. It’s great.

  70. Ana says

    Are we talking about the same coconut oil when we specify for eating and using onto the hair? because I have one that’s not for eating but to use on skin, etc.

  71. Kim says

    :) I oil pull and brush my teeth with coconut oil and used to spit in the sink. Never again! We had a terrrrrible clog! 100% clogged – zero water went down the drain. I think a clog in the tub/shower would be so much worse! Juuuust a warning! *Now I spit in the trash can and would shave using… paper towels I suppose. :)

  72. Dee says

    God is so wonderful to mankind, if we do take time too indulge in the well oiled dishes he has and will provide!!! Giving Thanks this Day!!! & Everyday. I use VCO for curing cradle cap, babies dry skin, nipple care,& cooking etc… Love it!!! :-) Glad to read and be enlightened! Thanks !!

  73. Cassie says

    Also great for burns. I keep a jar of CO in my cupboard next to my stove. Just apply and let be for a few minutes. It relieves the pain quickly and no blisters or scares.

  74. says

    What really great ideas! Thanks for sharing. I use extra virgin coconut oil every day in my coffee and I also rub it on my elbows, arms, legs and knees for my psoriasis. I told my doctor about it and she was amazed that my psoriasis has decreased. I have Psoriatic Arthritis and this helps my skin and my joints.

  75. says

    Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve visited this web
    site before but after looking at many of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
    Regardless, I’m certainly delighted I discovered it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking
    back regularly!

  76. Tiffany says

    This may be a little tmi… but my husband and I use coconut oil as lubricant during sex. It works great!

  77. says

    Hello there, You have done an incredible job. I will certainly digg it
    and personally recommend to my friends. I’m sure they’ll be benefited from this web site.

  78. Dorothy, Ireland says

    Hi. I am 51 and have been fighting “Middle-Age Spread” for the last three years. Yesterday, I asked my local health shop what they would recommend and they suggested VCO as it increases metabolism, curbs the appetite, increases energy and burns fat . I have been eating it out of the jar (one Tblsp at a time three times a day) and already (24 hours later) I feel less heavy and less bloated.

  79. Dorothy, Ireland says

    Hi again, I forgot to say that my health shop also told me that coconut oil regulates the thyroid gland….and, five days later, I feel about two stone lighter. The unwanted bulk seems to be melting away! Yay!

  80. says

    You can buy coconut oil at iherb. New customers can use ongoing coupon code TAW742 to receive $5 off any order and $10 off $40+ Only 1 Coupon Code per household. However, if you are roommates as opposed to family members, you can use a coupon code as long as you use a different shipping address and a different credit/debit card.IHerb ship to over 150 countries http://www.iherb.com/Coconut-Oil?rcode=TAW742

  81. Spoonie says

    I use it as a moisturizer for dry feet. After a couple weeks I noticed all of my plantar warts were gone, all 19 of them. They had just vanished. No pain or any discomfort at all and so totally unexpected!

    I then tried it on my son’s hands. He is sensory defensive and didn’t like it. I could only do it a few times, but his warts are gone too.

  82. Spoonie says

    I buy food-grade in bulk locally at a shop that sells supplies for candles and soaps etc. $3/pound and no shipping.

  83. says

    These are unusual indeed. :) To be honest, I expected tips which I already know (since I’m a huge fan of coconut oil), but this post really surprised me. There are tons of new and useful information for me, so thanks!

  84. Leslie says

    I use it to remove my eye makeup and I apply a little on my lips before I apply my lipstick. Lipstick lasts alot longer I must say

  85. Marcie Hill says

    I use a mix of 1 part witch hazel and 1 part coconut oil as a makeup remover (not as greasy as coconut oil alone) and it works Perfectly! I used to buy the expensive name brand remover and I’ve saved so much money. Great tips, thanks!

  86. Hailey Marie says

    i use it as an eye makeup remover and it’s wonderful! also for one summer i put it on my eyelashes every night ( i had itty bitty baby eyelashes ) & now they’re way longer!

  87. Kirill says

    We have all had sunburns. They are just the worst, aren’t they? they say use aloe, Russians use sour cream, Sour Cream is a mess and I’m not sure how effective it is, and Aloe leaves your skin all sticky and you still suffer for days or weeks using it. dont get me started on conventional burns. Coconut Oil is a game changer, however. Your sunburn will stop hurting in a day or 2. Yea, it’s that good. It moisturises skin and feeds it with nutrition, helping it heal quick. Not to mention antibacterial qualities will keep the wound sterile.

    I had a horrible burn when using a vaporizer. For those of you that don’t know what it is, it’s a device that heats up herbs and makes them release their essential oils through a vapor that you inhale. goes strait into the bloodstream without any smoke. It is popular with cannabis users but also for those that want to enjoy the health benefits of other herbs. Rosemary for example, has a nice taste and has a nice calming effect, helps your immune system too. add some lavender and you’re good to go after a stressful day, and it tastes amazing.

    anyway so my vape has a removable glass piece that, as you can imagine gets VERY hot. it ended up on my arm for a good 5 seconds. That was long enough to leave a nasty burn. the whole thing outlined my flesh that started to puff up. Now normally shit like this hurts for weeks and can leave a scar. I rubbed some coconut oil on it and ran it under cold water. the coconut oil hardened on my burn. the cold took the sting away and after 30 min, I didn’t even feel it anymore. after the oil melted, it stung a little but that’s it, I kept it moist with oil and the next day it barely hurt. healed up after that. this stuff is amazing for burns.

  88. says

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